When is AaronDragon working on a project?

The Status will be updated whenever AaronDragon changes the project he is working on, or needs to move up/push back writing a project. The status will be maintained by AaronDragon so that it is as accurate as possible, thus allowing fans and readers to remain informed on what projects are active and when they can expect chapter releases.

This is merely a indication to give my readers an idea of what I’ll be doing and when, and is by no means something that is strictly binding or definite. I write and post for free and for fun, and as such will work on what I choose to at the times I chose to. I’ll try my best to keep what is displayed on the status as accurate as possible and change it when what I am working on changes, but remember that I am not obligated to write at all let alone what YOU as a reader may want me to write and/or at what speed you want me to write with… The only ones who could ever realistically claim to have such rights are my patrons, and even then my only obligation to them is for me to not stop writing and to keep producing the content that they enjoy.

I ask that you as readers respect this, and please not give me grief about what I am writing currently or why i’m not working on some other project. Thank you…

You can find the status of the projects on their own page.

AaronDragon, are you going to drop ____? 

So a lot of people are concerned that I’m either “Not serious enough about ___ fiction”, “Not committed enough about ____ fiction”, or that I’ll “Drop ____ fiction because of this hiatus”. Let me once again, and for the LAST TIME say that I’m very committed to writing my stories, I’m super serious about them, and that I don’t plan to drop any of them until they’re complete (Or i get utterly fed up with them….).

And because I know that you all won’t believe me on just that since I’ve said that Sally knows how many times now and it still gets brought up, I’ve added this to every project’s own page.

On the pages is shown how many Arks/Volumes I have planned for a fiction, and when that fiction is planned to end if I have planned that far for them yet. If anything changes then I’ll change this page. If I for some reason drop a fiction than I will change this page to reflect that, but I don’t see that as very likely since I’ve basically planned the fictions out this far and to not write what I’ve already spent so much time planning out seems kinda stupid to me. So now that you have this, PLEASE stop questioning me at every turn about my commitment/seriousness/dropping of fictions…. It’s starting to annoy me when I’ve already addressed those concerns but some of you keep bringing them up…..

What about Thorne of All?

Sadly, it has been dropped due to internal breakdown/lack of communication between Authors…..

Feel free to ask anything you’d like about any of the stories, and if I feel that the answer to that question is not a spoiler to that story I will respond with an answer. 

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