Chapter 1.2

Bah…………………. writing these chapters takes SOOOOOOOO long………….. as many may have noticed, this is chapter 1.2 and not 2. that is going to be the style from now on, chapters are long and broken up into sub-chapters cuz DAMN am i not posting all this content at once…….. this chapter, chapter 1, will end with the next post from 6’s POV……. that is probably gonna be MUCH shorter, like four pages instead of seven, but it will still be fairly long…….

Prologue: Adding 6

so it turns out i cant just make a side project…. i love stories to much…. who knew?

….anyway this is a full project now that i’ll write along with Black Blood. which chapter i write at any given time depends largly only on how i feel, but since i read some reviews that disliked and some just plain knocked on Black Blood, i feel more like writing this right now… and thus chapter! i think imma do one more B.B. chapter then just focus on this for a bit, see if i can give it ten chapters by next Friday…. personal goal….

Prologue: Solving for 33

After this is 6’s intro and backstory POV and then we get into the main story…..




I have never had an easy time feeling. I know I have them, feelings I mean, they are there, but they are all just so faint. I can only really feel slight inclinations really. I like and dislike things, but that’s about the most I can emote. I’m not psychopathic, just largely apathetic towards everything. I find it difficult to care, so I usually just don’t.

Prologue: counting to 99 ….99’s Preparatory report to all young Numbers

Introductory and Preparatory report for all Numbers, revision by any Number graduating basic training and acclamation is mandatory.

This recording has been devised to increase your future safety, education, and success by your senior 99.

History tells us that there was a time when humanity wondered if they were alone in the universe, they wondered if there was life after death, and they even wondered if there were ever such things as gods.

Recycling projects is good for the Author…

So yeah, I’ve been having trouble writing more than a few hundred words for the next D.I. and Alex Mavros chapters, so to take my mind off things and let off some stress i’m taking up a new “Just for fun” project….

Chapter 2: So I’m a Vampire now…

welp here’s another chapter… BTW i’ve decided to make this a public project and moved this to RRL so that i can get some ratings/reviews/etc… since it’s easier over there to do that sort of thing and also build a following (I’ll add a link to the menu later on)… here is the link: THE LINK!!!!

Chapter 1: A Bloody Birthday Gift

So here’s the start of that thing i posted about earlier…. Imma probably just keep this project to DPP for a while, i want to get some feedback and reviews and whatnot to see if i should continue it…. Would be cool if people could leave their thoughts after every chapter of this i post…

anyway i hope you all enjoy this!!!

A New Idea…. A new Vampire story…..

Sooooo I was driving without the luxury of music today (Yay for the speakers finally crapping out on me!!! Sigh…. I need a new ride so badly…) and to fill the void my brain decided to come up with an entire book…

yep when AaronDragon gets bored now his brain imagines up entire f%&%ing stories… Ah, writing has ruined me forever…

Side Story, Hanna: Demons of the mind and the curse of Humanity

So this came out MUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHH longer than i originally thought…. I also had to do a LOOOT of scraping and rewriting to get things to the point i was happy with.

….Yeah, interesting chapter to write….

anyway this is a low point for Hanna, and a good way to see how much Instinct has really changed as a character…


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the triumphant return of a laptop and filling a graveyard…

so here we are folks, my laptop is back (though a lot slower than before) and i can start writing again. i’ve been working on the next D.I. chapter and i’ve got about half of it written out now (2000ish words),  but imma take a break from it a bit to try something….. secret…. you all might get to read that soon since i’ll be looking for some feedback on it…

Yo! Did ya’ll hear about all the endings?

So hey there people, long time no update (Unless you happen to use/follow the D.I. discord…. then you’re probably as in the loop as you can be without actually being me….)…..


Anyway, i’m here to say stuff is ending. What stuff you ask? well for starters i’m dropping E.S….