The Fairfax Rating System

The Fairfax Rating System:

+: higher tier of the rank.

-: lower tier of the rank.


Z: What I assume is the Realm of Higher Beingsbeyond any and all comprehension.

X: The realm of Angels, True daemons, and gods.

SSS: Run. Just RUN. Capable of damaging/destroying realms themselves. You do not wish to see this ever! Trust me…

Entry 2

Entry 2:

Well then my inquisitive reader you are now more knowledgeable on the 3 classifications of beings then the entirety of the Siegtier Academy. Congratulations. Now that you have the basic knowledge you need to understand the various beings inhabiting our 13 realms we can get into the good stuff. Races and creatures! Now I won’t be so arrogant as to say that this Bestiary will contain every race or creature in all the realms. I will be so arrogant as to say I got Damn near all of them though.

Elementals an Introduction

Elementals an Introduction:

Elementals make up the classification with the fewest races.

Elementals are… different… In the sum total of all my travels they were the most difficult classification of beings I had ever encountered. They are mysterious, difficult to find, and needlessly cryptic in everything they do. Hell I was able to find out more about the angels. THE. ANGELS. Than many elementals.

Spring Break, the NEW new schdule, and new story Ideas

Sooooooooooooooo…. i was gone for quite some time… a week really… but hey i was distracted there were midterms and no game no life vol. 4 came out…

anyway i have given this schedule thing some serious thought and realized something, with my spotty internet, motivation, and attention span any schedule i set will eventually be broken. soooooo to solve that i will post whenever the mood strikes me… RELEASES AT RANDOM BABY!!!

Life, Delays, Views, and Comments….

So serious talk time. it seems like every time i start to get down to some serious chapter writing something gets in the way, be it school, work, or technical problems… something springs up to stop my creative flow. because of that i have leaned back and examined what i might be doing wrong, and well, i noticed that i am over-stressing on the currant popularity, lack of comments, and lowering rating of the story so far. this is a problem since the story hasn’t even been out for a week, in essence i am trying too hard and the stress is eating me alive.

Immortals an Introduction

Immortals an Introduction:

The name immortal itself is a bit of a misnomer as it implies that Immortals are beings incapable of death. That is an outright false belief immortals can die, it is just slightly more… difficult… and vexing to kill one compared to a mortal, I should know I have had to fight and yes even kill many in my time researching them in the field. No what truly sets immortals apart from other beings is that they do not have a life span. Well that’s not quite accurate, what I mean is that an immortals life span is infinite, they will continue living until something successfully kills them.

Mortals an introduction

Mortals an introduction:

What is there to say? We mortals are an uninteresting bunch next to the other 2 classifications. We have a set average life-span for every race, regardless of how different those may be between races. The majority of mortals are unable to directly manipulate, or even sense, Aspects. And Mortals are the most prevalent and populous of the known 13 realms. In fact we are the only classification to be present in any great numbers in all 13 realms in some form or fashion.

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Chapter 8: Strength is what you make of it… Ash

Chapter 8: Strength is what you make of it…                       Ash

(Ash are you alright?) Shade asked. (You have seemed strange since we dealt with the mortals… like your always tired… and you seem to be moving far slower than you usually do.)

“I’m fine Shade, I just didn’t expect that directly manipulating my power would take so much out of me…” Ash replied

About Ash, The Dragon Race, And Stuff In General…… An Informational Post

ok i know some of you have read these few chapters and been like “wow Ash can be kinda dumb sometimes…” well to a point your right, he like all people can have moments of stupidity, but for many issues he has had so far it how he has acted has been based on ignorance not stupidity. Ash was a noble and was raised as such, which means he didn’t get out much. he has plenty of intelligence, it just applys to things he has been exposed to. for example: betrayal of close family and government he’s fine he accepts it and moves on to how to get revenge. there was no surprise there, no hesitation because for the character this is a situation that he would be familiar with and prepared for as a high noble of his race. how to act around peasant mortals when any one with skill now has a decent chance of killing you is not something a immortal noble dragon lord (in-training for most of his life) would realistically prepare for so…. yeah Ash my do Weird shit sometimes… accept that and move on.

Chapter 7: The Past That Haunts You… Griever

Chapter 7: The Past That Haunts You…                     Griever

Griever couldn’t look away. All he could do was watch as his life as he knew it came to an end right before his eyes.

After being beaten all day he could only feel dread as night came. With the coming of night the beatings stop. When night descends what they called the ‘SHOW’ began.

Chapter 1: A Beginning To All Things… Ash

Chapter 1: A Beginning To All Things…          Ash
“Shade!” at the sound of her name the black catkal jumped off Ash’s shoulder toward their opponent. She flew through the thirty feet of air like an arrow, and hit the chest of the warrior with a force far greater than what any mortal creature should be capable of.