MadelynBlack’s Art

September 2016

I am Dark Palace Production first Artist and technical nerd. In April 2016, AaronDragon posted a request on Royal Road Legends for a cover for Black Blood and I took this chance to try and make the cover. Fast forward a few months and I am a full-fledged member. Here at Dark Palace Productions, I hope to promote my art, by using this site as my referring page for commissions and as a clear introduction to who I am.

As an artist, I am quite a noob as I started to draw seriously not even a year ago. However, with every project I do, I am growing more and getting my drawing tablet has been an incredible boost to my drawing skills.


I have been inspired a lot by anime and manga. Most of my old drawings are copies of different manga or anime. However, I tend to focus a bit more anatomy making it hard for me to actually drawing original manga characters.

May 2017

A lot of things happened, but I am still drawing. I have been focussing a lot on developing my own skills. I’ve had a few tries on continuing working on making stories and visual novels, which all didn’t make it. Nevertheless, I have combined a lot of story and plotlines, and I’m planning to soon release a Webcomic, so you might be interested in that. It’s called The Demon Lord’s Plan and it will be released here on DPP, Webtoon, Tapastic and maybe some where else.


Creating art takes a lot of time and effort. In order to make it a bit easier, I’ve decided to do commissions. However, if you just contact me and I am in a good mood chances are I will work for free. After giving a little explanation I can estimate the amount of time needed and price. Paying will be easy, you can choose to support me one month on Parteon and take the commission offer or you can just transfer it to my paypal account.

Do you like my art? Please support me!


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You can also find me on Discord by MadelynBlack#7600

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