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Legends of Eternia


Legends of Eternia.

It was supposed to be a crippled boy’s masterpiece, a series of books that would ensure that he and his sister were remembered throughout the ages.

It was supposed to be a new dive game that would usher in a new age of entertainment, but after a series of developmental issues it was only meant to serve as an escape for a lonely orphaned boy.

It was supposed to be a mostly unknown web-series, it provided a troubled boy a secret solace as his family imploded around him.

Legends of Eternia was supposed to be many things to many people, but the one thing it wasn’t supposed to be was the one thing it really was: a trap. When the child of night crafted a new world with words it created an opening for them to enter freely, when the child of salvation devoted his entire life to escaping his world it gave them cause to act, and when the child of conquest begged and prayed for anything to take him away from his suffering it gave them the power they needed. Now the gods had access to Origin Earth and the fate of three souls will be forever tied to the three pantheons that have claimed them.

Nox, the child of night, fell into the hands of the Aesir.

Ark, the child of Salvation, came under the Olympians.

Alex, the child of conquest, fled into the arms of the deities of Maat and Isfet.

This is how it began, these are the only three souls from Origin Earth to ever be chosen by the gods. This is where there tales begin. The start of their eternal legends that shall echo throughout countless worlds.

This is what Legends of Eterina was always meant to be…


Tale of Night: Nox’s origin…

Tale of Salvation: Ark’s origin…

Tale of Conquest: Alex’s origin…