Fallen Lord


Robert Davis had been through a lot, his life was crumbling around him and Robert was powerless to stop it. A dead mother, a dying father, and a tumor in his head the size of a golf ball caused Robert’s life and dreams for the future to come to a screeching halt before he could even finish Fine-Arts School. When his life comes to a sudden and abrupt end, Robert gets a second chance that he never expected and didn’t ask for.

Ash’Raga is the 33rd Demon Lord of Gaia, Ash’Raga was also the sole flaw out of the 72 Demon Lords. Ash’Raga was an empty shell, a vessel without a soul to fill it and give it substance. To correct that error a compatible soul was placed into Ash’Raga and bound to the vessel of his body before Ash’Raga awakened.

Categories: Action, Adventure, Comedy (Maybe?), Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Horror, Mature (Gore/Torture/Sexual/Etc… warning), Psychological, Romance, Tragedy, Original, Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy Status: Semi-active project

Project Length: Unknown. In planing stages. currently written… um… well…

List of Demon Lords: Fallen Lord Demon Lord List

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Fan Art

Oathbreaker Concept Art Wallpaper version 1366x768
Oathbreaker Concept Art Wallpaper version 1366×768