Ebon Soul


The multiverse is a big place, and it is also constantly in flux. As such sometimes mistakes occur, impossibilities that should have never come into existence. An aspect of corruption born naturally of a mortal and a divine, a Void that is a singularity instead of a duality, a being that came to be before existence ever was, a forgotten that is not damned, the possibilities are infinite and limitless, and thus so are the possible mistakes in this grand multiverse. But are mistakes more entertaining to watch?

Arkieal Ebon was one of the greatest mages of his time. A master of multiple forms of magecraft, his name was either feared or respected by any who knew of it, which was practically everyone on the continent he lived on in the world of Eserthet. Arkieal was also an utter outsider disconnected from the world at large, and whose sole enjoyment came from teaching. The man lived the latter portion of his life with the sole goal of setting things up so that his next life would be better than the one he had lived so far.

And now at long last arch-magus Arkieal Ebon is dying. At long last Arkieal Ebon will get to live that new life he had been preparing for. At long last Arkieal Ebon’s legend can be forged anew……..


Categories:  Action, Adventure, Comedy (Slight), Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Horror, Mature (Gore/Torture/Sexual/Etc… warning), Psychological, Romance, Tragedy, Original, Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy Status:  Inactive side project

Project length: Unknown. 2 Arks currently planned out. Currently written: a few chapters…….

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Volume 1

Prologue Chapter 1