Dark Palace Production’s Recommendations

Here are the links to AaronDragons RRL recommendation posts:

Here are the stories that we here at DPP enjoy, if you have a recommendation for us to try leave it below.


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Light Novels:

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  • Waldo Rabbit series: I feel so bad for Waldo, he tries so hard to be an evil dark mage….
  • Daniel Black series: Classic transported to a new world with OP powers, just done in a new and refreshing way…
  • Dark Lords Handbook: I need the hanbook…. seriously, it’s necessary for my daily life….
  • Chronicles of Eden: Two words people: Monstergirl Harem…. Nuff said….
  • Supervillainy saga: Fear me for I am Merciless, the Supervillain without mercy (TM)!!!
  • D-list supervillain: Being a supervillain can suck…. Being a hero can suck more….. Doing both?….
  • Nightlord: Vampire transported to another world…. What cold possibly go wrong?
  • Bound to the Abyss series: People can be dicks…. Stick to the summoned demons….
  • The Overworld Chronicles: To be fair, if I had half Incubus/Angel powers I’d abuse them a LOT more than this….
  • The Bathrobe Knight: Spoons… The ultimate weapon…. +50 DPS
  • The Unconventional Heroes series: Ok, so two necromancers and a bureaucrat walk into a bar….
  • Mortal Coils: Much smarter than I expected… Good job YA fiction, you’re not all about child murder and impossible love polygons now! Mostly…
  • Nice Dragons Finish Last series: “Be good or mommy will eat you…” What a good first lesson for young dragons…
  • Tome of Bill: ….Maybe THIS is where my unconscious got the name Sally from, Huh….
  • Not My Apocolypse: The series no good catholic should ever read….
  • Conquered Earth series: The Max! …What a great dog to have in post-apocalyptic earth…


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