Why So Grimm?

Can we just get a cheer for procrastination? i understand that a few studies have been saying that those who procrastinate tend to be more creative, if that’s true than i must be one hell of a creative person… well i guess i do write original fiction so… huh…


Happy Halloween!!! Here’s a chapter!!!

Trick or treat.

Smell my feet.

Give me a chapter.

Or i’ll find you…

Hello all, AaronDragon here to drop off that promised extra chapter. It’s a bit smaller than my norm, but still caps out at over 2000 words… I didnt want to go into too much too fast since i want the begining of volume 2 to be about Waynor building up and improving the dungeon and new mine, but i also wanted to shed a little more light on Waynor’s new mindset.

Chapter 2: So I’m a Vampire now…

welp here’s another chapter… BTW i’ve decided to make this a public project and moved this to RRL so that i can get some ratings/reviews/etc… since it’s easier over there to do that sort of thing and also build a following (I’ll add a link to the menu later on)… here is the link: THE LINK!!!!

Chapter 1: A Bloody Birthday Gift

So here’s the start of that thing i posted about earlier…. Imma probably just keep this project to DPP for a while, i want to get some feedback and reviews and whatnot to see if i should continue it…. Would be cool if people could leave their thoughts after every chapter of this i post…

anyway i hope you all enjoy this!!!

Side Story, Hanna: Demons of the mind and the curse of Humanity

So this came out MUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHH longer than i originally thought…. I also had to do a LOOOT of scraping and rewriting to get things to the point i was happy with.

….Yeah, interesting chapter to write….

anyway this is a low point for Hanna, and a good way to see how much Instinct has really changed as a character…


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Prologue 4: A year of learning and two children

so here’s the fourth chapter of the prologue chapters…. only 1ish more to go before i get back to D.I. and then get into the actual main story for this instead of just the set up…

blah, i’ll edit and clean this some other time…. probably…..



Prologue 3: Two Demon Lords Awake on Gaia

So here is the third part of the prologue for F.L…. only one more part left before we get into the real story…. Yay…..

anyway i’ll edit this and stuff later on…

hope you enjoy!!!


“We understand that you both must be confused, and we are here-…”


Chapter 1: The Ebony Tome, and Nixyartial

soooo……… this is chapter 1….. that i totally finished before going to sleep which i am now regretting…..


now here’s what you need to know, 1) Ark and the Arkieal of last chapter are VERY different people….. 2) Ark really has no idea what he is doing with anything magic related right now… oh and he is also only like 7 years old mentally and physical so cut the kid a break for making a few mistakes with stuff even if he was a powerful and knowledgeable arch-magus in his past life…..

Prologue: The final moments of Arkieal Ebon

Hello all!!! it’s me everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) ADD OCD author, AaronDragon!!! i have once again started a new story, one that i hope all of you will enjoy!!!


oh, btw this is the longest prologue i have ever written, mainly because i wanted to jump right into the main story next chapter….. so yaaaaay!!!! lots of stuff for you all to read right out the gate!!! dont hold future chapters to this ones length since chapters and side stories may be longer than this,  but more than likely they will be shorter……..

Prologue: Searching for two Lornfangs…

so….. Yeah this is basically a tamer story, something that I’ve noticed there is a distinct lack of in the quality story department…… Luckily AaronDragon is here and loves himself some tamer class types….. the only thing is this won’t be a “happy, everything will go the right way, there is no badness in this wonderful world, WEEEE!!!!” type story…. nope, this one’s going to be a dark and twisted story where all sorts of bad shit will go down…. hell, you’ll get a taste of that in this very chapter….

Chapter 4 (Part 2): Enter the dungeon

since this part came out so F!#!@#@# long i decided to just make the slaughterfest as chapter 5…… should be an interesting read as i’m thinking of having a Mite leader POV as well as Tero’s POV so that you all get both sides of the show…..