Recycling projects is good for the Author…

So yeah, I’ve been having trouble writing more than a few hundred words for the next D.I. and Alex Mavros chapters, so to take my mind off things and let off some stress i’m taking up a new “Just for fun” project….

Fallen Lord Demon Lord List

So this is the current list of the 72 Demon Lords in F.L., if you have any name suggestions please leave them in a comment below…



Demon Lord list:

  1. Ba’al-Alive, Awake
  2. Samical-Alive, Awake
  3. Morphaelle-Alive, Awake
  4. Balthiyal-Alive, Awake
  5. Demios-Dead
  6. Tel’rule-Alive, Sealed
  7. Gralmortas-Alive, Awake
  8. Irati-Alive, Awake
  9. Magin’Dola-Alive, Awake
  10. Loresia-Alive, Awake
  11. Icarew-Dead

The Dark Palace Has Risen!

Aaron Dragon here:

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