Prologue 4: A year of learning and two children

so here’s the fourth chapter of the prologue chapters…. only 1ish more to go before i get back to D.I. and then get into the actual main story for this instead of just the set up…

blah, i’ll edit and clean this some other time…. probably…..



Prologue 3: Two Demon Lords Awake on Gaia

So here is the third part of the prologue for F.L…. only one more part left before we get into the real story…. Yay…..

anyway i’ll edit this and stuff later on…

hope you enjoy!!!


“We understand that you both must be confused, and we are here-…”


Fallen Lord Demon Lord List

So this is the current list of the 72 Demon Lords in F.L., if you have any name suggestions please leave them in a comment below…



Demon Lord list:

  1. Ba’al-Alive, Awake
  2. Samical-Alive, Awake
  3. Morphaelle-Alive, Awake
  4. Balthiyal-Alive, Awake
  5. Demios-Dead
  6. Tel’rule-Alive, Sealed
  7. Gralmortas-Alive, Awake
  8. Irati-Alive, Awake
  9. Magin’Dola-Alive, Awake
  10. Loresia-Alive, Awake
  11. Icarew-Dead

Prologue: A Heroic Sacrifice

Hey there all, AaronDragon Here with the prologue of a new story for your reading pleasure…. Tomorrow i’m going to see if i can squeeze in chapter 1 for this and chapter 17 for D.I., it’ll be tough as i gotta go to a family party (I am NOT letting my cousin give me sicknesses by means of soda this time, last week was not fun…..)