Chapter 1: The Ebony Tome, and Nixyartial

soooo……… this is chapter 1….. that i totally finished before going to sleep which i am now regretting…..


now here’s what you need to know, 1) Ark and the Arkieal of last chapter are VERY different people….. 2) Ark really has no idea what he is doing with anything magic related right now… oh and he is also only like 7 years old mentally and physical so cut the kid a break for making a few mistakes with stuff even if he was a powerful and knowledgeable arch-magus in his past life…..

Prologue: The final moments of Arkieal Ebon

Hello all!!! it’s me everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) ADD OCD author, AaronDragon!!! i have once again started a new story, one that i hope all of you will enjoy!!!


oh, btw this is the longest prologue i have ever written, mainly because i wanted to jump right into the main story next chapter….. so yaaaaay!!!! lots of stuff for you all to read right out the gate!!! dont hold future chapters to this ones length since chapters and side stories may be longer than this,  but more than likely they will be shorter……..