Chapter 8: Crafting a flowery paradise, And an affectionate muse …….

Originally released 07-06-2016

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Now that I had a far larger compendium of scenery my imagination could draw upon, I began to create new floors. Instinct was right about them costing more, it seemed that every new floor would cost 100 more animus and mana, but I still thought I had plenty of power to gain at least one whole level.

Chapter 7: Bonding amongst friends, A new Floor, And memories in a orb

Originally released 06-06-2016

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“So, just how long is it going to take you to heal my brother anyway? I mean it has been like two weeks, and as much as I appreciate you making me food, a bedroom and bathroom, a bed, a bath with water, and new things to wear…….. And I DO appreciate that stuff….. It’s just I kinda only want my brother to be ok, you know? I can do without all the luxury if it’s taking away from Ulisus getting better sooner….” (Hanna)

Chapter 6: Discovery, learning, and change, How a dungeon should be …….

Originally released 06-06-2016

quick note: Anyone who skipped the side stories because “oh there just side chapters and they’re not that important….” you might wnt to go back and read them. everything i realise is going to be important to the plot of the story, that includes and sometimes goes DOUBLE for side stories…… the only chapters that you can really skip with me are bonuses, and this story wont have those so…….. yeah, if you see an update read it no matter what sort of side story or mini chapter it is, unless of course you aren’t here for plot…. if thats the case then i dont know…… do you i guess…………..

Side Story, Ralt: Waynor’s personal mite team 8’s first sample collection mission…

Originally released 05-06-16

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Day 1

The master assigned my kin and I a very important mission. While he begins to restructure and remodel his dungeon, my master desired more samples he could add to his database without having to waste power to initially purchase them with. To this end he tasked me and my team of battle kin to temporarily depart his dungeon and secure as many samples from the outside world as we can within a week.

Side Story, Instinct: An Instinctual Discovery

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I had noticed something strange as I expanded into my 6th floor. There was another dungeon territory.

At first I pulled back out of fear, I was far too young and small at this point to risk angering or infringing on an older and larger dungeon. The knowledge I was born with informed me that dungeon battles were often an all-out live or die conflicts for dungeons, and I would not be able to accomplish my purpose if I were to die.

Chapter 5: A mite’s might, And a journey through hell

Originally released 04-06-16

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 Mite Leader (Waynor’s personal team 8)

We had been given a task by the master. We were to guard the opining of our home, to let none escape and none enter. I would lead my battle-kin in this, I would bring honor to my hive mother and to my kin who would not join us in this quest.

Chapter 4 (Part 2): Enter the dungeon

since this part came out so F!#!@#@# long i decided to just make the slaughterfest as chapter 5…… should be an interesting read as i’m thinking of having a Mite leader POV as well as Tero’s POV so that you all get both sides of the show…..


Chapter 4 (Part 1): Enter the dungeon

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Chapter 3: Of mazes, insects, and invaders

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next chapter will have multiple POVs and might be split in two depending on its length….. i’ll write it when i feel better….


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Chapter 2: Spike traps, And the gender now known as Waynor

………………… ok, now before reading this chapter you should keep in mind one thing: our MC has the maturity of an emotionally stunted and abused 14 year old. things like love, affection, the innate kindness of others, and other such positive “I grew up loved” things are a fair bit beyond what he understands at this point in the story. then add on the reincarnation as a dungeon, a basically neuter and cold existence that craves to cause the deaths of others in the majority of cases, as well as the memory loss and you get how Waynor is now. he is mostly innocent as far as most things go so lots of stuff is gonna go over his head for a while.

Chapter 1: Gifts of the past, And the birth of Instinct

ok……… wow this got reviews fast……. cool. glad to see people are taking interest, although i feel i should warn you: i will never drop the whole ellipses thing. it is a fundamental part of my writing style at this point, plus i as an Author enjoy them as they are fun…… so yeah they will never go away…… sorry.


Prologue: Death of a Blight, Birth of a precious stone

………….. *sigh* well i did it…………. man i cant wait to work on the next chapter tomorrow!!! anyway fair warning, this chapter is gonna get REALLY fucking confusing at the mid part… trust me when i say that it DOES in fact make sense… i checked 10 times and the logic and flow is there. i recomend rereading it multiple times and any fan who totally understands that clusterfuck of meta psychological philosophy there, explain it in the comments just in case………..