D.I. V 2: Prologue

POV: Logan Metia

I couldn’t believe what I had heard, it was just so unrealistic and unbelievable that my mind seemed to just refuse to process the information. Rubbing at the bridge of my nose I tried to contain my urge to either sigh or break out into laughter, a royal prince was supposed to remain resplendent and composed at all times after all. “Could you…? Could you just go through the report again?”

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Hello all, AaronDragon here to drop off that promised extra chapter. It’s a bit smaller than my norm, but still caps out at over 2000 words… I didnt want to go into too much too fast since i want the begining of volume 2 to be about Waynor building up and improving the dungeon and new mine, but i also wanted to shed a little more light on Waynor’s new mindset.

Side Story, Hanna: Demons of the mind and the curse of Humanity

So this came out MUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHH longer than i originally thought…. I also had to do a LOOOT of scraping and rewriting to get things to the point i was happy with.

….Yeah, interesting chapter to write….

anyway this is a low point for Hanna, and a good way to see how much Instinct has really changed as a character…


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Chapter 17: Ending a threat

So here’s Chapter 17….. meh….. yeah not much for me to say about this chapter…..

anyway, some good news is that there is only one more chapter to ark 2 of D.I. and imma try scrounging up the time to work on it later on this weekend…..

Chapter 15: Changes of Condition…

Originally released 16-08-2016

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“Wow, you really have gotten better at your acting Feris… I don’t think anyone has even noticed anything different about you at all.” (Nora)

Side Story, Instinct: Of muses and man…..

Originally released 04-08-2016

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Waynor had left not long ago to port the “Guests” back to the entrance and watch over the negotiations between them and Hanna, Unfortunately with his leaving someone else came here. Someone that I was not particularly fond of and now had more than a few questions for.

Chapter 13: The end of the Tour…

Originally released 31-07-2016

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As I watched Erica knock Feris unconscious for the fourth time since she tied him to the back of one of these insect creatures I turned to guild master Johana. Johana seemed to be cautiously suspicious of this dungeon and everything that was in it, and honestly I was beginning to think that her suspicions were justified. My conversation with the monster called Ralt reminded me just what sort of place was and what sort of things normally lived in it, this was a dungeon and no matter how nice this one may seem dungeon’s weren’t places for people to live.

Chapter 11: Entering the gardens of bliss

Originally released 27-06-2016

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When Waynor returned I felt immense relief, all while he was with the explorers I was worried that they would somehow harm him. I knew rationally that there was no real way to harm Waynor when he was just a disembodied will like this, but the worry was still there. If something happened to Waynor, I……

Chapter 9: A valiant attempt to lose one’s job, and a party unlike any other …..

Originally released 08-06-2016

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Johana Yanzya

I really didn’t know what to think when I meet with the young mercenary leader called Vera, but if what she was saying now was true then this was too big a chance to pass up.

“So just at the border with the elven territory there is a new dungeon, one that has been confirmed to talk?” (Johana)