Planning Done, Multiverse Made…

Hey all!

so i’ve FINALLY finished plotting out my stories (The chronological order, plots, etc…) and now i’ve got a realistic plan for tackling and finishing all of my projects…

basically everything that i plan to complete (Except for Dungeon Instinct…) falls neatly into my “Eternia Multiverse”. Essentially the Eternia multiverse focuses on three souls picked up by three separate pantheons and sent to new worlds for some purpose or another…

the triumphant return of a laptop and filling a graveyard…

so here we are folks, my laptop is back (though a lot slower than before) and i can start writing again. i’ve been working on the next D.I. chapter and i’ve got about half of it written out now (2000ish words),  but imma take a break from it a bit to try something….. secret…. you all might get to read that soon since i’ll be looking for some feedback on it…

copyright, D.I. publishing update, and a competition announcement…

Ok so i’ve put a copyright page up that puts in words all those fun copyright details for creating original story content….. you can find that under About DPP in the menu….

Site Cleaning and getting up to date….

So yeah it is a SERIOUS bitch moving stuff from RRL to here and i am not going to be able to do much in a day, so i figure i’ll do some periodically over the next few weeks so that my mind doesn’t go completely numb….

the older chapters will probably look a bit off from my moving them, but eventually i’ll probably end up going through them and cleaning them up and making them look all pretty and easy to read….

More Site Upgrades!!!

YAAAYYYY!!!!! i got it to use the teasers right!!!! FINALLY no more walls of text blocking up the homepage…. although that estimated reading time is a bit depressing to see…. 12 minutes huh? four hours of work translates to a 12 minute read….

Heh…. Heh heh………..  HEHAHEHAHAHEHAHAHAhahaahehehahehahahahehahe


Anyway some other minor stuff was added like the project pages, consolidating and adding stuff to the main menu up top, and an update to the schedule and project length pages…..

A new member and Flu delays…..

Sooo we have a new member here at Dark Palace Productions: MadelynBlack.

some may remember her as the person who made B.B.’s cover others may know her in the future for making D.I.’s web-novel cover…..

anyway she and her art will make a wonderful addition to the site, so feel free to wish here welcome if she decides to introduce herself….

Changes, Updates, Discussions, and Q&As….

So the Q&A page should work now by directing you to the appropriate Q&A page for whichever story…. Use the Q&As for any questions you may have as i will no longer respond to Questions asked in the RRL comment section or any other posts about story elements now that the Q&As are up and (Should… my Sally i hope they do….) work now….

Fixing Stuff…….

Ok so it recently came to my attention that the links to my RRL fictions were broken (Thanks again tomolone!)….. let me remind everyone that AaronDragon is not very technologically savvy or capable, so if you find issues and stuff please let me know since i myself probably wont notice them…..

D.I. gets it’s chapter 13 early and new features to this site…..

Ok, so i’ve decided to write chapter 13 of D.I. so that i can add a link to this site without having to post another informational post and further annoying the crap out of my readers….. i’ll put a link in the author’s note at the top and bottom of the chapter, and maybe go with a blurb about why people should come here and bookmark this site…… i figure the chapter should be out by tomorrow at the latest, imma just read some Lazy Dungeon Master to build up my motivation to write D.I…..

The Site Get’s A Makeover!!!! Dark Palace Productions Reborn!!!!

Well, i’ve changed all sorts of stuff on this site so that it functions the way I want it to now. From now on, Dark Palace Productions wont be a place were you read my fictions but it is the HOME of all of my fictions now. think of it as that nexus hub where all the fans can come together and talk, check what it is that I’m actually righting at the moment, talk with me, and check out all sorts of possible future content.