Black Blood…. What i decided to do with it….

Sooooo….. Yeah, B.B. is a story that kinda got pushed on the back burner…. Plus in my opinion it isn’t my best story, but i still want to finish it and not drop it….

what Fans should know about B.B.

sooooooooooooooooooooo………………………. i have just read through the comments on RR……………. and honestly everyone is theorizing in the wrong direction on so many things, so i decided to step in. Here is AaronDragon’s “helpful B.B Theorist’s guide” for all those hints and tips you’ll need to understand what the fuck just happened, why it matters, and what could potentially become a major plot point or twist in my story. Careful there be some serious spoilers ahead.

fighting writers-block and life……… and losing…………

so the combination of school, hobbies, and burning out on writing in general is starting to get to me, i’m starting to see making a chapter as more of a chore than an actual fun thing to do, so imma take a step back and look at my story from a new perspective. i’ll reread it, maybe restructure its future plot, and in general NOT write everyday to the point that i start resenting the story itself. i almost hit that point yesterday when i thought that i had to release a chapter today….. wasn’t pretty…. luckily for my fans and the story itself i cooled down and watched Angel Beats again, had some feels again, and now feel that humanity is inherently good again….. and that i should be an organ donner………… but anyway doing that yesterday made me release that doing something crazy like dropping the project would be a serious dick move, so i decided not to. though i do think i should take some time away from the story periodically so i don’t go insane again.

My rant about cruelty in B.B.

Once again i remind readers that Alt is NOT a good person……….. he is NOT a hero, and though not out-in-out EVIL he skirts the line pretty damn close. Alt is NOT mentally stable yet as a character, and even if he were he does NOT view the people inhabiting his new world as anything more than pieces in a game, NPCs, tools to be used either for or against him. he is a CRUEL character and always will be, his softer side is reserved for those he deems as “family” or “friend” that’s it.
in a previous chapter he thought that everyone besides those he cared for could fall into the Void. for those unable to grasp the full meaning of that let me explain: Alt is utterly TERRIFIED of the Void, it is quite literally the WORST thing he can even comprehend. for him to say the rest of the world could fall into it for all he cared was the equivalent of……… i got nothing, there is literally NOTHING i have that is bad enough to compare it to in IRL or any other reference i could pull from. think of it as worse than the worst thing you can think of then multiply THAT by infinity and that is what Alt thinks of the Void as………… and he sent an ENTIRE WORLD there because he cared that little about them in general……
Some characters are noble, righteous, good, and honorable. hell there are even a few like that in this story (some who have been introduced already, hint hint) that are MAJOR characters, Alt isn’t one of them. he is concerned with only himself. and those he cares for, that’s it.
so yeah Alt= not a good person. and he only gets worse (better?) as the story continues.
if you didn’t catch it not many people in this entire WORLD are goody-goodys. most are what many would consider twisted, and the good guys are the EXCEPTION not the rule. torture, death, and cruelty are GOING to be a part of this story. sure there is going to be comedy, and light moments because nothing can be ALL dark and twisted all the time, but remember people this world, the MC, and most of the people he will meet are going to be cruel. only the strong can afford to give kindness to others in this world, and not many of the strong are ever inherently kind.
read B.B. at your own risk………..

Chapter 16

Finally! Without having my days filled with painful and unending “lessons” I have the time! Finally I can begin my opining move! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sat in my comfortable arm chair/mini throne overlooking my new office, which I had upgraded with an attached fully equipped alchemy lab, from its place behind my heavy black elm desk table. Yan sat beside me in her much smaller, but still elegant, chair. She was going over and sorting all the paper work for me, stuff like schemes, plots, construction plans, documentation, work forms, and all sorts of legal documentation needed for me to put my plan into motion.
“Yan is everything in order?” (Alt)
Yan looked up at me from her paper work, she gave me the “our plans are progressing flawlessly” smile I have come to expect from her. Truly Yan was a blessing Sally sent to me in the form of a woman, she did EVERYTHING I could want of her, and did it well. Yan is probably smarter than I am, no she WAS smarter than I am. The woman is capable of memorizing and keeping multiple plans, plots, schemes, orders, and the next round of scriptures for her holy texts organized and ready for retrieval in her mind. I’m almost positive she has the closest thing to perfect memory a person can have without it being photographic. I even tried testing it by asking her questions about what I have said or what she has seen, she only got two wrong. Those two were from YEARS before the question was asked to her.
Needless to say Yan became my right hand in all things not combat related, immediately…….
“Yes, Alt. From Till’s reports on the movements of the various underworld factions, the support she has been able to gather, and the resistance she has dealt with, we are progressing within my estimates. Have you perfected the merchandise you decided to deal in initially?” (Yan)
I smiled as I thought back on my long talks with Lizote on perfecting my alchemy. Apparently I was a natural, something that she said is due in equal parts to my hold over memories of biology and chemistry, and my natural ingenuity and curiosity. I was still far from her level, but I was a passable master alchemist now, and really that was more than I need at this point.
Yes……… I still have plenty of time to improve if need be. For now I have all the skills I’ll need to begin building my empire and starting a monopoly on the one thing every race will want. Drugs………
“Yes: addictive products, pleasure products, healing and restorative products, even mana generating products, and of course many products which combine or mix these effects. I have also personally trained a large retinue of completely loyal servants in the creation of these items, so production should no longer be as large an issue as we initially thought.” (Alt)
Yan looked at me with her calculating expression, the one she uses when she is adjusting her plans and thoughts to new information.
“You are sure these servants are loyal? Unquestionably loyal? The leakage of our production process could be a major problem if left unchecked long enough, a disloyal servant would be in the perfect position to make this a reality. Or they could be tortured for information…” (Yan)
“It’s fine. Not even a Phantus noble could break them now, I gave them the serum that Lizote created. It was one of the most useful things she has ever taught me, now Phantus blood will have no effects on them other than its above average taste. And after the training I gave them they won’t be able to ever even form concepts that may go against me. Torture would be less than useless on them as well, they would just endure until they had confirmed I have abandoned them, THEN they would kill themselves.” (Alt)
Yan’s eyes widened, and there was the barest hint of horror in them as well.
“…….. Lord Alt, did you do THAT to them? All of them?”
“Yes. They will always be unquestionably loyal to me, no one else. Even a direct order or torture session from someone like mom or Lizote won’t change that, I’ve tested it, and they provide a decent amount of faith as well. It was worth the time spent.” (Alt)
They really can’t even consider an alternative to total adherence to me anymore, they will be loyal……… though I must say, I scare MYSELF sometimes with what I’m willing to do and capable of for my goals……..
I had put my new personal servants through my specially designed training program, the one even mom thought was genius, but also one of the cruelest and most evil things ever to be devised. She couldn’t have been prouder when I told her about it.

The process was simple really, even elegant in its simplicity, but I think only someone like me could even THINK of it, let alone calculate all the countless necessary variables to pull it off. I based it off the Void. Basically I warded and enspelled a few rooms to alter the flow of time. A process that took me five years of hard research to even adapt into a usable format, and I still wasn’t happy with it, as the intricate works were easy to see and undo from the outside.
The person placed inside experiences the passage of time at an accelerated ratio of:
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000    to 1, basically an eternity for every minute that passes on the outside. A person placed inside is tortured with the cruelest method of all, time. It rewrites who they are, what they believe in, and their very identity. If the process is successful they usually go from insane to sane repeatedly within the first minute, after that is just calm. They become empty shells filled only with a consciousness and will.
That is when I incorporate periodic visits over the course of an hour to build within them a need for my attention and contact. They easily accept me as their new reason to live, and the attachment that they build for my very presence easily grows as I’m essential their only form of contact in that place. I become what they use to keep themselves happy, what they use to keep whatever sort of will they have left alive and in some semblance of sanity. Essentially I become the linchpin to their very existence. It turns to total worship and submission after I tell them about their new purpose and give them the potion that makes them immune to my blood’s nastier effects.
Needless to say these servants won’t turn against me. They are unable to even contemplate it without confessing to me and then attempting to kill themselves for the mere thought. It has only happened once, and even then it was a minor thought of them considering prioritizing their hunger over attending my temple early. It was hard to stop her from killing herself as all the servants who have gone through the “training” process can die suddenly at will, they say that they just try not living anymore. It makes for a useful tool in a servant, but I quickly gave them rules limiting the use of that ability, no point in having them if they just die after the first minor perceived offense to me.
I find them to be over-all a more than adequate replacement to my no-blood-slaves-or-my-soul-corrupts problem. The only issues are that few are able to withstand the “training” process. Out of the initial 5,000 slaves and servants I was allowed, only 37 were able to survive the process. The others became braindead or just totally blank during the process, some mom and Lizote were able to save and give new identities they could embody, the others became test subjects to my drugs other projects of mine. Many of the deaths occurred before I refined the process, but the last ten were all converted without problem, so I see that as improvement on my part.

Sure they could have all just had stronger wills, but I like to think of it as my own improvement….
Yan looked at me and just nodded, she would factor the new servants’ loyalty into her plans now and in the future. Yan was always dependable and adaptable like this, I wish I could process information half as well as she must….
“Can Till confirm the loyalty of her currant little gang? The last ones had to have Fera recondition them, and I don’t want every person to be utterly loyal in our organization, just not outright hostile or an upfront problem. We can’t just recondition EVERYONE who joins us, THAT would make creating intentional information leaks so much harder, and invite assaults from rivals who were unable to secure an inside-man in our organization. In other words: cause lots of needless trouble….” (Alt)
Yan smiled again.
“Yes, she says that they are sufficiently loyal to our money, and the protection we can provide them. They should be at the same level as the other groups we have let through without ‘processing’, and should be just enough to push our numbers into our target range to begin major operations. Essentially all we need to do is get these documents approved for your new property acquisitions and we can begin carving out the “Underworld Empire” you desired Alt.” (Yan)
I smiled. Everything was going perfectly. I have never desired total world domination, it never seems to be a reachable goal, and even if it were to be realized I can’t imagine it to be much more than boring management of an overly large kingdom until I die and everything collapses. That path has too much responsibility for others, and too much pandering to warring factions who used to be warring nations for my taste.
No, it is much easier and much more my style to just control my own slice of this world, make it powerful, and play the game of dominion against all those others with their own slices.
I’ll win of course, but where is the fun of crushing ALL resistance? Much better to quell them momentarily and allow them to rebuild and try again, instead of freeing up room for a new unknown to rise and potentially defeat me…………… Plus it will be SO MUCH FUN watching them try to beat me, especially when I can end them at any time…….. They’ll be SUCH fun toys, and I have ETERNITY to play with them…..…..
“Good, see to it that they are processed under entirely different personas. I want NOTHING linked back to me directly yet, so just do the usual Yan. I’ll go see to the pets while you’re gone. ……..Oh! And inform me when Fera’s next report on the Arcane’s position on the upcoming conference, comes in. I want to be completely informed about the nation and people who think they can go to war against this kingdom….” (Alt)
“Yes, lord Alt.” (Yan)
Yan gathered her papers, bowed, and left my office. She really was the perfect right hand/assistant/secretary, the woman was damn near limitless in her fields and did NOT accept failure as an option in her work. I think Yan could probably take on ruling the ENTIRE world if that was the path I had chosen, sure it may end up killing her, but she would see to it that she would only die AFTER her job was done.
Oh look, another reason to not take over the world. I LIKE Yan, no way in hell I let THAT happen to her………  
I got up, left my office and then my upgraded room, and started walking towards the kennel.
Damn even if she wasn’t family I don’t think I can ever AFFORD to lose Yan……… the woman is like the perfect vice-everything I could ever ask for. And those tits……. And ass…… and everything really……… deciding to convert Yan was probably the best decision I have ever made. It’s just a shame Till doesn’t think that far ahead, sure she’s a good fighter and her instincts are unbelievable, but when she’s always around Yan she just seems…….. like dumb muscle……. Oh well, when she gets more free time to devote to more instinctual combat practice and some of her…. Other talents……. I’m sure she will be just as helpful as Yan is. Plus she is just so damn CHARISMATIC, I’m sure she has a bright future ahead. And Fera is just…….. Fera. I don’t think Fera is unable to do ANYTHING really…….. she seems to be proficient at a bit of everything, and her devotion is at a WHOLE new level now…………. She is spreading this faith of hers at an unreal rate………. If I give her another decade the entire kingdom will probably be worshiping the {Ascendant Angel}……………

I looked at the walled of and barred stalls that lined the entire long-house style building that was the kennel. It was where animals, beasts, monsters, and some slaves or servants were kept. It was also were I kept my two pets. They were the pieces that I chose to serve me in any way I might need. I had trained them to be totally loyal, dedicated, and deadly. I planned for them, and their future sisters, to be my eyes, ears, arms, and blades out in the world. They would be spies, assassins, soldiers, slaves, ad anything else I might need them to be, and they would see that purpose as the greatest blessing and gift they could ever or would ever receive.
They were my trump cards against this worlds stacked deck. I had no illusions to how cruel and deadly this world truly was compared to what I can recall from my memory fragments. This world treated the strong torturing, enslaving, violating, and basically just doing all sorts of bad stuff to the weak as the fucking NORM. You were either one of the strong, served the strong, or were dead here. I had no intention of ever being the latter two.
“Philas, Carmen come here. Now.” (Alt)
Two of the closest stalls barred doors opened and the two women stepped out. They both walked slowly towards where I stood, then knelt at my feet where they kissed the ground before me. They were ready, well they had been ready for a while now, but now I NEEDED them.
Carmen was an attractive caramel-blonde that I had found starving in an alley out on one of my weekly guarded walks outside. Like any responsible prince, I took what I found back home and begged mom to let me keep it. After a month of food, rest, and care Carmen’s figure filled out to a respectable degree. She didn’t have as much as mom, or anywhere near Yan, up top, but she did have an amazing ass. One of the best I had ever seen, really. She was of average Vampeerus height of around 5’5, 5’6, and had a pretty face. She was also the second and last pet I made after Philas.
Philas had changed a lot since we had first met, not in appearance, but in mentality. It had taken quite a long time to train her to this level, whatever mom did to her a few years ago REALLY fucked her up. She was afraid of EVERYTHING except me, and even when I would hurt her she would rather be around me than left alone ANYWHERE. After I had made the first time-flux room, I stuck her in because she was just starting to annoy me. I actually forgot about her in there for a day until I picked up Carmen to test the thing, she was an utterly blank slate. Nothing in here except for the knowledge of how to live, so I started over her training again. Turns out all that time alone did something to her, she had the learning capacity of…… me to the power of Yan multiplied by Lizote….. If we were at our best……. It took her an hour, a FUCKING HOUR to relearn our language both in its written and spoken form. When I left her in the library to do other stuff, she just read books. When I came back in three hours she had read them all, she didn’t retain everything, but she did learn a FUCKTON.
After the testing and refining of the time-flux room, I put Philas back in with Carmen, after she had gone through the same process as Philas after the initial testing of the room, to ensure their loyalty. They were FAR more adaptive to it and didn’t show any signs of going insane at all, but still grew the attachment I needed from them to ensure their total loyalty.
I then had them learn to do the instinctual form of combat, they did it in a day……. In one day they were capable of equaling Fera, and even winning when they fought together…..
I put them back through the whole time-extension-torture-loyalty-training thing for a week after THAT little shock. They also got some of the anti-Phantus potion. And I had Aunt Lizote train their mental defenses……. I was fairly paranoid, and somewhat scared of what I had made turning against me at some point. They were THAT impressive. Only AFTER the detailed mental examination, the one that laid to bare their entire being, showed that they looked at me with nothing less than the most absolute of ABSOLUTE loyalty and devotion, I relaxed.
Then I immediately thought of what useful tools they could be. I also began to plan to make more like them, but so far there have been no successes, and mom has stopped giving me new servants or slaves to test since: “Toys that you just break and throw away aren’t appreciated.” And that: “If you want more acquire them yourself.” Those that I have been able to afford on my rather large allowance, or I have had Fera and Till quietly abduct haven’t reacted the same way as these two either. Since then I have stopped trying until I can narrow down some of the variables to increase the success rate.
………..But these two on their own are enough right now. I need to extend my reach and influence. My new empire will do that for me over time, but I don’t want to wait. Bad surprises spring up on those that do stuff like that, Game of Thrones taught me that much at least………
I looked down at my two pets and raised Philas’ head by her chin, this way we met eye to eye.
“Philly I need you to go to a new place. The closest human kingdom. I need you to assimilate into it. Blend in by pretending to be human, sell yourself as some influential nobles slave, take over a portion of its underworld, or seduce the entire fucking royal court…. I don’t care, but you WILL get in. you will gather any and all information I might deem useful or relevant, and you will relay that to me or Yan via your mind-crystal implant. You are not allowed to die or fail. Am I understood?” (Alt)
Philly just looked at me with calm devotion.
“Yes, you are understood. Your will shall be done master. Neither death nor damnation shall sway me.” (Philas)
I smiled as I released her and took a step back.
Ahhh…. Funny that the pets made their own creed and motto…. I like it, makes ‘em sound all serious and deadly, like they’re from some ancient assassin order from some game or movie… or a cult….. Could be a cult too……
“Good. You may go now, make any and all preparations you need to quickly then leave immediately.”
I looked down at Carmen as Philly got up and left the kennels. The entire time she has not looked up, nor stopped kissing the ground before my feet. She didn’t see a need, I hadn’t addressed her.
“Carmen, I need you to do something else for me, I need you to become the figurehead of my new empire……………………” (Alt)

Black Blood: AaronDragon’s Q&A Corner…..

alright so people are obviously confused about all the details and stuff in the Black Blood story. one thing i am NOT going to do is make a companion release series to explain all of that. so here is what we are gonna do. leave a comment with a question below, and if it’s not a spoiler, i’ll probably answer it. there, problem solved.


Chapter 15

“My angel are you still able to continue? Would you like to stop here?” (Fera)
“Of course little Alty can still continue, he’s still conscious right? Remember you can’t go easy on him, otherwise it will cripple his growth. That would hurt little Alty a LOT more in the future.” (mom)
I looked at Fera standing over me and heard mom telling her to start this all over again as I tried not to cry like a bitch from all this pain. I think my legs and waist are facing the wrong direction, but I can’t look far enough down to check without intense pain shooting through my neck.
I thought back to how this little daily hell of mine became part of my new routine.

I looked at what USED to be Aunt Lizote’s guest quarters. Now it looked like some mad chemist moved in and was filled with beakers, burners, syringes, pots, tubes, and other equipment I have never seen before. Some of glowed with magic power.
Wow…… Lizote is going to find some way to blow up the palace and kill us all…….. Where’d she even PUT the bed anyway?…………….. WAIT! Where’s Tessa?!?!?!? She isn’t buried under all this stuff right?!?!?!?
“No my little Tessa is off at preschool since she can actually attend for more than a week before becoming a broken down, crying, mess rocking in the corner. Though I do wish she would ACTUALLY talk to the people there….” (Lizote)
“HEY!!! Those kids were fucking TERRIFING!!! I even hit one with a fucking lose SUPPORT BEAM from the playset in the yard, and it just got back up moaning for blood…. And there were SO many…… even the teacher couldn’t keep them back…… then when she went under from the tide of child-zombie-monsters………” (Alt)
I shivered a little from the memory…
“Wow… yeah, that does look pretty bad now that I see it…….. Good job surviving that Alty!” (Lizote)
Lizote shot back her signature fake/real smile that even Empathic Acts couldn’t sense anything from.
“How do you do that anyway? Shouldn’t I be immune from ALL sorts of mental effects and stuff because of my blood?” (Alt)
Lizote just chuckled and shook her head.
“Ah, poor sweet ignorant Alty. You just fell into the trap that lead to countless Phantus deaths in the past. Your blood protects you from DIRECT manipulation sure, I wouldn’t be able to say… make you my mind-slave and have you dance for my amusement or something, but as long as I don’t attempt to rewrite or change your mentality in any way, I have full access. Your memories, thoughts, dreams I can see them all, I just can’t CHANGE anything about them. How was it that screen the goddess gave you put it…. Oh yes! ‘Mental manipulation’, well I’m not actually MANIPULATING you, just viewing.” (Lizote)
Oh ok…. That kind makes sense, need to keep that in mind for the future too…….. WAIT DID SHE JUST-….
“DID YOU JUST SAY ‘SCREEN’ AND ‘GODDESS’!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” (Alt)
Lizote turned and looked at me, once again she showed the rare “Serious-Lizote-Mode” and grabbed me gently by my shoulder. She looked me dead in the eyes.
“Altorus when I said I know ALL of your secrets, I meant I know ALL your secrets. The Void, the fragments of memories from your old world, the goddess Hellatia, the goddess you named Sally, that you’re part divine, what you plan to do in this world, what you think of those around you, ALL of it. Now there are parts I don’t understand, especially the parts about the Void and your old world, but the longer I’m around you the more my understanding grows based off your own. For example: I may never understand more about the Void other than I NEVER wish to experience it myself, because you yourself don’t understand very much about it more than that.” (Lizote)
My eyes widened in shock, I mean I knew she knew a lot about me, but this woman knew EVERYTHING! Lizote probably knew things about me that not even I consciously knew about myself. It was fucking terrifying thinking, no KNOWING, that she had access to everything that made me, ME. All the good and bad. All the little regrets and evils I tried to forget or hide away. I think I tried to take a step back, to escape her, but Lizote’s hand stopped me from moving away.
NO, NO, NO!!!!             NO!!!!!!!!!!
Lizote just made a pained face and started hugging me. I tried to struggle out of it, but she was obviously much stronger then I was. Even if the hug wasn’t tight, I had no way to break away from it.
“That is what makes me and my family so deadly Alty, others may be able to HURT you, but a powerful Tepestia can DESTROY you from the inside out. We don’t even NEED to manipulate minds, not really. All we need to do is show someone the things about themselves they hide away, the things that they can’t handle about themselves. The things the mind hides for them so they can go on living. Really if you think about it, my family’s tendency towards mental manipulation is more a kindness compared to what some of us could do. But I swear to you Altorus, I SWEAR on all I am that I won’t do that to you. I told you that all your secrets were safe with me, even the ones you keep from yourself. You are safe with me, and I accept ALL of you.” (Lizote)
I wasn’t sure what was happening, my emotions were all over the place. I was scared, angry, violated, happy, grateful, confused, but most of all I just wanted her to stop. I wasn’t even sure what I wanted her to stop doing at this point, hugging me? Reading my mind? Trying to understand me? I didn’t know, and that just scared me more. I’M the one who should master my mind, not the other way around, but right now I DIDN’T feel in control.
Even when I was insane, if I’m even SANE now, I was the one in complete control…… I HATE this feeling. FUCK!!!! WHY AM I SO RELIEVED!!!!!!!!!! SALLY DAMNIT I SHOULDN’T CARE IF ANYONE ACCEPTS ME!!!!!!! I don’t NEED anyone’s acceptance!!!
“But you have it. You don’t have to fear me, and you don’t have to try and fight all these feelings. No one can completely master their mind, not even someone like me. Altorus, your mind is one of the strongest I have ever experienced, but don’t try force it into submission in an attempt to find what it hides from you. No one should know that, even I am trying to block it out.” (Lizote)
I let Lizote hug me. There were some serious emotions floating around, and I think she even teared up a bit, but I REFUSED to cry. It was bad enough that I was internally going through the mood-swings of a pregnant-teenage-agnsty-sappy novel-heroine, but I WOULD NOT stoup so low as the emotional hug crying cliché. NEVER. It would compromise my manhood……
I just wanted to give this woman some of my fucking blood……………… how did it end up like this? Fuck….. Well I guess we should clear out all this…….. stuff…… between us while we are here. Get it over with quick Alt. just like ripping of a Band-Aid, or relocating a joint. It’ll be painful but just get it over fast and move on.

So we talked. I learned some stuff about Lizote she felt she should share, you know, since she now knew EVERYTHING about me. I learned things like how much she REALLY loved mom, how her childhood was like hell times ten with extra torture, how she felt so much weaker than those that were around her in the old days, how she had to adapt to her lack of power with knowledge and tricks, how she made friends with mom for their mutual survival. And most of all I learned that Lizote really, really, REALLY hated her Mother. After hearing about what the Ancestor of the Tepestia family did to her as a kid, I understood THAT completely….
Basically Lizote and I had a nice touching family bonding moment. I think it was the moment that I REALLY accepted Lizote as a member of my fucked up vampire family. It was beautiful, touching, and truly Disney-ish……
Then she had to go and drain me of more blood than I ever thought was possible to lose at once. I mean I was literally on the edge of blacking out a few times. She just took SO MUCH, for HOURS.
That was when I learned something about my Aunt Lizote she didn’t tell me herself. While she tends to not lie DIRECTLY to those she cares about unless she is playing some sort of prank, she has no problem HIDING the COMPLETE truth…
Here I thought she only need a little for ONE potion, and truthfully she did. She just didn’t mention all the OTHER things she WANTED to save my blood for…… apparently Phantus blood is a very rare and powerful reagent for all sorts of shit.
At least while I was being her personal little blood factory, she was teaching me about alchemy. Well when I was coherent enough to understand her.
“Ah! It’s done! Ok I have to go give this to your mother now Alty, just take those four books with you, I’ll teach you more after you’ve read them. I, no WE, have been waiting a long time for THIS!!!” (Lizote)
Lizote was really excited, and hugging the potion she just made from my blood, and a shitton of other things I couldn’t even dream of keeping track of, like it was the greatest thing to ever be made since iced-coffee. It would’ve been cute, if I didn’t know she was most likely talking about something that she would be using to SOMEHOW impregnate my mom with the two’s dream baby. Somehow I just could NOT see that as cute. Go figure.
“So that’s the potion mom has to drink to get pregnant? I guess I should say congratulations….” (Alt)
Lizote just started giggling.
“Than you Alty! But no Natasha won’t be drinking this….. This potion has to go somewhere else to work. Anyway enjoy your alchemy reading! I got to go help Natasha apply this niiiiiiiiicccccce and DEEP to make SURE it takes!” (Lizote)
Lizote just kinda vanished from the room, and the door swayed open widely. I took the books with me as I left and headed back to my room.
…………………………………….WAIT!!!!!! Did she mean that the potion has to go…………….. and then to help mom that would mean…………………………. Oh…. No wonder she was so excited… damn I wish I was old enough to enjoy watching that… I wonder if I can get a servant to record it on a crystal? Hmmmm…..

After two days and reading all four of the books, I gained a new ability. And I also got some really interesting news.
{ Alchemic Arts: your knowledge on the principles of alchemy have given you the ability to automatically recall known recipes, and memorize any new recipes you may learn. This ability will also give you insight to reagents and what their effects are if prepared a certain way. }
Perfect….. With this I can start on my pet project…. And I have unlimited access to one of the best reagents in this world. It’s almost not fair, like I’m cheating somehow……… MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
“Alty!!!!!” (mom)
I don’t know where she came from, but suddenly mom was hugging me. I was preparing for the inevitable blackout via tit-suffocation, when mom spun me around and tossed me in the air. Now I’m not fond of heights, and when a VERY strong VERY excited Vampeerus tosses you in the air, you tend to go pretty high pretty fast. Luckily for my fear my room had a ceiling. Unluckily for my back there was a strong, reinforced rooms ceiling in the path of my continued flight.
My landing wasn’t very soft either, but at least the floor was carpeted. And wouldn’t launch me into the air suddenly. Or suffocate me…… now that I think about it, mom might accidentally KILL me before we even get married…….
“Oh, Alty-Walty are you Ok?!?!? Mommy’s sorry, but she is just so HAPPY!!! I’m PREGNANT ALTY!!! You’re going to have TWIN SISTERS!!!!! Aren’t you just so excited!?!?!?!” (mom)
I listened to my spin crack and pop back into alignment as I watched mom rush up to where I was lying, only to lose herself in her own little world. I was happy for the woman, really I was, but I wish she would learn how to NOT almost kill me when something like this happens.
“I was nerves when Lizzy said that the growth would be accelerated so that the birth would happen in five months instead of the typical twelve, but after we had the maternity mage to look me over, and she said that I had healthy twin girls I knew everything was fine. Lizzy has never messed up her alchemy before, and there is no way she would EVER mess THIS up. I must have just had all those hormones that Lizzy talked about when she was carrying Tessa. Oh, we need to go think of names! I’ll be right back Alty!” (mom)
Mom did her teleportation trick, and I just looked up at the new me-sized crater in my ceiling.
Sally I hope those hormones of hers don’t really get me killed. Mom seems a bit… unaware of things now. More than usual. But hey, I’m getting little sisters. And they’re twins. And not actually related to me, and they probably have BOTH mom and Lizote’s genes. And I’m in the perfect position to corru-…. Guide them onto the right path as a good, kind, loving, and gentle older brother. This could be awesome…….
After my next lesson with Aunt Lizote on alchemy I figured I should start brushing up on my actual combat ability. I mean at this point, I was entirely dependent on sneak attacks, and if that failed and I was on my own I was totally screwed. So with that in mind, I made one of the dumbest choices in my life so far. I went to ask mom to teach me to fight.

“Of course Alty! I’m so proud of you, wanting to learn the ways of combat so early!” (mom)
Mom gave me the happy my-little-Alty-is-perfect smile. I figured if anyone was qualified to teach me about fighting it was the “Black Death’s Smile”. Plus since she was mom, she would take it easy on me. I also figured if I wanted to be able to be able to show off-…….. be a reliable older brother to my future little sisters, I should start learning now so I could practice on my own when mom was too late into the pregnancy to teach me anymore. I was a dumbass who should have noticed Lizote’s grimace when I mentioned my plan to her during our lesson.
“Now Alty I won’t be teaching you any traditional forms or techniques. I have found over my life that while those are USEFUL, once you run into anyone with any real skill, they pick up on the rhythm and flow of your style. They start predicting your moves, and you theirs, and the whole thing devolves from combat into who will make the first mistake. Usually luck plays the biggest part in things at that point, and one should never trust their life to the fickleness of luck. I have found that a far more effective, and far more dangerous form of combat is instinctual combat. Movements without any predetermined style or forms; a type combat that adapts easily to any situation, and usually is vastly superior to any other forms or styles if mastered. Another upside is EVERYONE has their own unique potential in what I call ‘Instinctual Combat’, but that is also a downside as no one is able to TEACH how another becomes an instinctual fighter. That process just comes naturally after time and frequent combat.” (mom)
I grimaced a bit, this “Instinctual combat” thing sounded perfect. No one would be able to easily predict any style or technique I use if I just didn’t USE any. And if mom says it’s better than the other types of fighting, given all the fighting and killing she’s done over her long life, I think her opinion is probably spot on. But if it can’t be taught….
“How do I become an instinctual fighter then, mom?” (Alt)
Mom gave me a really predatory smile, not the I’m-gonna-EAT-you! or the oh-gosh-he’s-soooo-CUTE-I-WANT-him! looks I’m used to, no this was a different smile. One that made my hair feel like it would start to stand up slightly, and the only hair I even HAD was on my head…….
“Oh that part is easy Alty. You fight. You fight and experience hard combat that pushes you to your limits and beyond on a regular basis. You will eventually surpass those limits, and learn how to win. Then we begin the process all over again until you get to the point you are able to adapt and react to any and all things that may involve combat. Mommy won’t lie Alty, you won’t like this, and it is going to hurt. It is going to hurt a lot. Now I would be your partner, but I don’t think I can go easy enough on you to not kill you by accident in a fight…… but your Blood-whor-……. Maid… your maid would be the perfect partner for you.” (Alt)
HA!!! Fera would never do anything to hurt me! This isn’t gonna be nearly as painful as you seem to think it will, mom!

Turns out she WILL and CAN hurt me if she is made to understand that it helps build up the skills that will keep me alive in the future…. Who knew?
I looked up at Fera and tried to show her with my eyes that no matter what mom said I was REALLY TRULY unable to continue today’s beat down session. It didn’t work.
“Do you require my assistance to stand my angel?” (Fera)
Well at least she looks sad to have to do this all the time….. that’s a victory, a hollow one, but still a victory. Now if I could juuuuuuuussssssst get feeling in my legs I can get this next round over with and hopefully lose consciousness this time…..
“Oh, Alty I should tell you, we will have to stop your combat practice for the next month as I will be busy preparing to meet with foreign dignitaries that will be here in a month’s time. Don’t worry, after they leave and your sisters are born, we can pick the practice back up.” (mom)
………… Sally thank you……………. Thank you so damn much…………….. Oh, I can feel my lower half again. Today is the last day, so might as well go down fighting….. Maybe this time I can actually connect with Fera on one of my strikes……… No, I WILL connect. Better yet I’ll WIN……
I got up and readied myself for combat. No weapons, no pads, and no rules other than win. I could totally do this, it’s not like I have lost horribly, consecutively for two months now since Fera has gotten serious…… this would be the day I win against her at her best, I know it………………………….

Chapter 14

I looked around the room. There wasn’t much difference between this one and mine, the only thing it didn’t have was the open air veranda, but I think the bed might be bigger than mine. Over all, I’d put this room on the same level as mine.
And as far as I know this room is reserved…….. then again Lizote IS mom’s friend….. somehow…….
I looked at the woman who tricked mom into leaving me all alone with her. Lizote was sitting on the bed facing me with a smile. Her daughter was sitting on her lap trying to make herself smaller.
“Now let’s start this little discussion off with an oath of truth. Repeat after me Altorus. ‘I do pledge to tell no lies, nor create fallacy for as long as this oath does bind me.’…………… oh good! Now the release is when you leave this room, so you don’t have to worry so much!” (Lizote)
I looked at her. This woman was serious, she had me agree to an unbreakable oath before we even really started talking to each other.
Somehow I doubt I’ll like how this “little talk” is gonna go……..
“So what did you want to talk about Auntie Lizote?” (Alt)
Lizote just looked me directly in my eyes. After about a minute of intense staring she seemed to have found the thing she was looking for, and droped her happy-go-lucky attitude. Her face lost the easy smile and turned serious, and she noded.
“Look Alt I know that your different, thinking about things like ‘my old world’, the references you use in your mind to things I have never even heard of, the fact you seem to be capable of mature intellectual thought and seem to be aging like a human would when most Vampeerus would still be small babies at your age, that you are able to control the urges of your bloodline. All that clued me in to it. I think you’re a chosen like from the old legends, before all the major powers developed their versions of divine summing techniques and started summing these ‘Heroes’. A chosen of the divines themselves, that was not summoned, but BORN into this world to champion their will. You being a chosen is the only answer I can think of to answer those points….” (Lizote)
I just stared at Lizote open-mouthed.
“How the FUCK do you know all that about me?!?!” (Alt)
“I’m the greatest mind-manipulator to ever live besides my mother Alty, you HAVE no secrets from me. But don’t dwell on that too much Alty, I’m not your enemy just the opposite really, I’m trying to become family. Plus it’s not that hard to connect all the dots when you have lived as long as I have, hell I’m pretty sure Natasha figured most of this out about a year ago too, we just don’t really care about it that much. Now as interesting as you being a chosen is, it’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.” (Lizote)
“Well Natasha and I have lived for so long that we only bother counting centuraries now…… So yes we don’t really care about you being a chosen, besides we both were there to SEE the days when chosen were as common as ‘Heroes’ are now, so what you are isn’t really new to us…….. What I ACTUALLY wanted to talk to you about is FAR more important, and right now Natasha should be reading through the letter I left next to your dispelled marriage contract, so she should realize what I’m doing now.” (Lizote)
“I was motivated to. Now Altorus I need you to marry my daughter, but honestly I doubt my little Tessa here is ready to get engaged right now, I mean she needs to get to know you for a year at least before she will even TRY talking to you…… so all THAT can come later, I don’t even mind if she is your second, third, or even fourth wife, but she WILL be among the first five you take……………” (Lizote)
NO SECRETS from Auntie Lizote, remember? Now do try to stay focused Little Alty, this is where we get into the important stuff. I don’t need you to marry my daughter right now, but I DO need some of your blood.” (Lizote)
My face shifted to a look of utter shock, not even Empathic Acts could keep the look off my face. i did NOT see THAT coming.
“My blood? Ummmm…… you DO know what it does right? You should if you know ALL my inner thoughts and Secrets……” (Alt)
She smiled a little, a REAL smile this time though. That happy-go-lucky mask she was wearing was still nowhere to be found.
When she smiles like that, It actual makes her look amazing…….. FUCK!!! She just heard that didn’t she? LET ME THINK IN PEACE AUNTIE LIZOTE!!!! A MAN’S THOUGHTS ARE SACRED!!!!!
“Yes a “HANDSOME” and “AMAZINGLY RUGGEDLY HANDSOME” man’s thoughts are sacred little Alty. I should really let you think about all those perverted thoughts you just had featuring me, Natasha, and chocolate, privately. I’m sorry, it’s just that my talent is mostly automatic now, and actually takes MORE skill to turn off. Don’t worry little Alty, I’ll keep all your secrets until I learn how to stay out of your head, but maybe in a few years…. You…. Me….. Natasha…… Some chocolate……… Seems like it could be fun……..” (Lizote)
THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………….. Ummmmm…. Fuck she’s still reading my mind isn’t she?……………
“Sorry Auntie Lizote, but I have to go lock myself in my closet of shame for at least a day, now…………”
Lizote just gave a big sincere smile as she looked me up and down.
“No need to be shy now. Maybe….. no, DEFINITELY in the next few decades I’ll see to it THAT little fantasy comes true……….. but for now I just need your blood. No need to worry, I won’t be DRINKING it, at least not as it is now. I’m an alchemist, and I need noble Phantus blood as the last reagent for the most IMPORTANT potion I will ever make. Please little Alty, getting the blood from a WILLING Phantus would make the potion SO much stronger. I may not be ABLE to find another potentially WILLING Phantus. I’ll owe you two, no THREE Favors, bond on my very being if you would do this for me!” (Lizote)
Lizote was leaning forward and staring at me like I was her last hope. I almost expected her to bring out the “Help me  Alty-Walty! You’re my only hope!” line.
“Help me Alty-Walty! You’re my only hope!” (Lizote)
Wow…… that’s a weird-……….. Oh, mind reader… right…..
“You said you were an alchemist? I’ll give you as much of my blood as you need, if you agree to teach me alchemy as one of those three favors. Deal?” (Alt)
Lizote’s face lite up, and she practically leapt with joy. Maybe because she was tired of her seat’s constant movement, but Tessa left her mother’s lap and hid behind her on the bed.
“DEAL!!! Was that phrase so important? You agreed so quickly after you heard it….” (Lizote)
“What fan in his right mind turns down Leia’s plea? So do you need it now? How are we doing this thing, just cut a vein?” (Alt)
As I was bringing my arm to my mouth, Lizote suddenly appeared in front of me and stopped my arm from moving. Her face seemed slightly panicked.
“NO!!! No, Tessa here is to young and inexperienced to control herself, and I haven’t begun making the potion yet and I’d prefer for the blood to be as fresh as possible…. Let me set up all of my equipment here…. A DAY!!! Give me one day! I’ll be done by then!” (Lizote)
“Oh, ok then…. So when do you think you can start teaching me alchemy? All mom and Fera were able to ever tell me about were poisons……” (Alt)
Lizote calmed down and let go of my arm. She moved back a bit and looked down at me and smiled again.
“We can start next week if your mother approves of it, I plan to stay here for a year or two anyway. I’ll teach you all the basics, and even some of the more advanced rules and tricks to alchemy. I’m sure that Natasha won’t-……….” (Lizote)
Suddenly the room got really dark. It felt like the darkness was pressing down on me and crushing into my very soul. I also heard some heartbreaking crying.
I looked at the newest addition to this room, the crying mom in the corner, and felt pretty bad.
I mean sure I’m not the one who tricked her and destroyed her magically-binding-love –contract thing, but I didn’t want to sign it in the first place…..  Maybe Lizote will-……
“Oh Natasha your back! I see you found my letter and your contract, don’t worry so much. Turns out that little Alty here WANTS his own harem, so breaking that contract that bound him to you and only you WAS the best choice for my future son-in-law!!! Isn’t that wonderful!!!” (Lizote)
Wow now mom is rocking, shaking her head no, and hugging the contract to her chest. This is heartbreaking for me to watch… I HAVE to stop this.
Great now I feel like an even bigger piece of shit………. Ok time to fix this.
I gave Lizote a Please-stop-your-not-helping look, and walked up to mom. I crouched down and met mom eye to eye. I put a hand on her shoulder and made sure I had her complete attention.
“Mom, you have to stop crying. You are the Queen of this kingdom, the most powerful person I have ever formally met, and my one and only TRUE mother. The contract might not be binding anymore, but I’ll ALWAYS love you. I AM going to meet other people, and honestly I’ll probably grow to love them too, but no one will ever replace you or take your place in my heart. You know that right?” (Alt)
Mom started to nod, but she just seemed to be crying harder now.
SHIT this isn’t working, ok Alt time to bring out the nuke….. C’MON MAN YOU MADE YOUR DECISION AFTER THE FORTH TIME IN MOMMY-BATH-BONDING-BONDING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST SAY!!!! THE!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!! WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got down on one knee, I wasn’t sure if they did that here…. Hell for Vampeerus the WOMEN were supposed to do this, but I was gonna make this as special as I could for her to pull here out of this hopeless-depression-crying thing she was doing.
“Mom, if you can swear to accept me and any others I chose to love, I will marry you……… in a decade or two…….. You know AFTER Vampeerus puberty hits…… whenever THAT is, I’ll marry you. We can even have a huge wedding and announce it to the whole world if you want, but if you’ll swear this to me than I’ll be HAPPY to marry the woman I love most.” (Alt)
Moms face went from confused to happy. From happy to slightly angry, from slightly angry to Ecstatic, and from ecstatic to MANIC. She leapt from her position and hugged me tighter than my body, with it’s small endurance, could take.
“OF COURSE I SWEAR ALTY!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!! OH ALTY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Natasha)
Oh look…….. My good old friend Suffocation-by-tits is back…………. Unconsciousness here I come!!!
My last sight was Lizote joining in on our hug and smiling with real emotions.
“That’s great Natasha! And now I can even make our other dream come true! WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!!!” (Lizote)
…………………….Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………………………WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE JUST  SAY TO MOM!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Everything started to fade out…
OH SHIT!!!!! I need something to focus on if I’m not gonna talk with Sally!  OPEN STATUS!!!!
My vision went dark.

{ Name: Altorus Phantus    [abilities] [THE LIST] }
{ Race: Vampeerus (Phantu)    [traits] }
{ Age: 6 years }
{ Faith: 13 }
{ Strength: 17 } { Dexterity: 270 } { Endurance: 23 } { Survivability: 600 }
{ Intelligence: 1074 } { Wisdom: 875 } { Charm: 99,783 } { Leadership: 50 }

Chapter 13

Fera, Yan, and Till were made to wait in another room, apparently mom only wanted “the closest of family” to be here. I think she was including her yet to arrive best friend, but renouncing the girls all at the same time. I not sure I would  put Fera, Yan, and Till at the same level as mom, but at least they were family to ME. In a weird, lusty, cant wait till I get older type of way sure, but FAMILY none the less.
I have no idea what I was expecting when I first heard mom talking about Queen Lizote Tepestia, but THIS wasn’t it.
She strolled up to us as if this was HER palace and WE were her guests. Her family… or… just her daughter really… trailed along behind her. It was like the poor girl was just being pulled along by her mother’s wake.
I looked out at the woman that walked into the greeting hall, and was shocked by how much she looked like mom. Sure she didn’t have moms…… assets….. but other than that she looked like mom if she was made based on a different color palate. Where mom was black: black hair, eyes, clothes, and aura. This woman was pale white. The only way I could describe the effect of seeing them hug each other was, eerie. It was like watching mom hug her own ghost.
“Its sooooo good to see you again Natasha! How long has it been since we last met? 2, 3 years?” (Lizote)
The women broke away from their hug and smiled as they began to talk.
She even sounds like mom…….. That’s just fucking creepy. I thought mom said Lizote was her FRIEND not her fucking twin SISTER!!!!
“Lizzie it has been a while, but the constant letters don’t make it seem like it’s been THAT long. Then again I admit I have been slightly preoccupied with something lately….” (mom)
“Yes I remember reading about this “Amazingly Perfect in every way” son of yours. I assume this……..” (Lizote)
Lizote trailed off when she looked at me, her expression turned from friendly excitement to shock. From shock to awe. From awe to desire. And from desire back to the happy friendly excitement look she had before, only this time she seemed to be slightly MORE excited.
I quickly constructed the empty front to conceal my true thoughts just as mom had taught me. The Tepestia family’s gift for telepathy and mind reading, and sometimes even control for the noble portion of the bloodline, was not something I was willing to test out. While mom might not have anything to fear because of some deal she worked out with Lizote, I didn’t have the same assurances.
“My, my. Natasha you don’t seem to have entirely exaggerated about your son in the letters you sent me. He truly is an…. impressive….. child, I almost couldn’t even tell he was a male. Even his scent just seems alluring, if I wasn’t a direct descendant I doubt I would’ve picked up on the underlying scent of male in it. And to be able to construct a  proficient mental shield at his age is unheard of…….” (Lizote)
Ok is it weird she’s talking about me like I’m not even here?
“Yes my son is just naturally superior, he is not even limited by his gender. He has already shown that he is proficient in matters of state craft, torture, resource management, calculation, and manipulation. He has even begun to attempt combat training.” (mom)
Mom was giving the “everything I do is naturally better than you” smile again. I couldn’t help but look at queen Lizote’s daughter and think that our parents were doing some type of competition using us. Like who’s kid is better or who was the better mother…
I looked over my apparent competition in this match of theirs. She was like a smaller softer version of her mother, only she seemed shy instead of constantly exuding the aura of charisma and outgoing nature her mother gave off. She hasn’t even tried to speak once, it’s like she is actively TRYING to go unnoticed. I guess she most just be REALLY shy….
She’s kinda cute, not as much as I am though……….. I did not just think that! I DID NOT JUST THINK THAT!!!! You’re not cute to yourself Alt, you exude a manly charm so high only you can perceive it! And sometimes so high even YOU have trouble finding it! YES THAT MUST BE IT!!!!!    HA!!!!! HA HA!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
“Yes that is very impressive. Very impressive indeed….” (Lizote)
Mom’s smile just kept getting bigger, but for some reason I had a feeling that Lizote was happy for an entirely different reason….
“Isn’t he though? Of course my Little Alt has always been perfect, but I raised him to be even more perfect than perfection itself!” (mom)
“Yes he shall make my Tessa a PERFECT husband.” (Lizote)
“……………………..What?” (mom)
Mom’s face just kinda froze in between pride and shock. Meanwhile Lizote gave the shiteating grin hungry wolves probably have when they find a deer who managed to break all of its legs.
I don’t look like this when I smile while torturing people right? No that can’t be I’m too beautiful to ever ma-………….. HANDSOME!!!!! TO AMAZINGLY RUGGEDLY HANDSOME!!!!!! to ever make an expression like that. Get it together Alt, you’ll end up one of those weirdos who needs to take a mirror with them everywhere just to stare at themselves if this keeps up…. Although………… NO BAD ALT!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T GO THERE, DON’T EVEN THINK THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom still hadn’t moved or reacted in any way. It was like her operating system or whatever really HAD crashed at this point.
I think she just gave mom an error……….. I wonder if divines can reboot a living thing like a computer when it crashes. Huh……. Something to ask Sally later if I can remember…………
“Oh yes, remember our deal, the one we both sealed our lives and the lives of all in our kingdoms on? Your first child would wed mine. You remember that don’t you Natasha?” (Lizote)
Mom had a look of fear that I had never seen on her face before, but then sudden confidence replaced it.
“HAH! Nice try Lizzie, but we made that oath to unite our bloodlines, and little Alty isn’t of my blood! Plus he’s already engaged to be married and his future wife will not allow him to take another!” (mom)
Now Lizote looked like a certain fictional disappearing cat I remember from some story of my old world…. It was damn near frightening……
Oh look the grin CAN get bigger….. It is also kinda sad that mom brings THAT up as a valid reason for me not to……… have…….. a………. fiancée?
“Yes that was ONE interpretation of our oath, but we never specified our first children had to be from both of our BLOODLINES now did we?” (Lizote)
I watched as mom, the woman who I had read about in history books described as certain death. The one who rules her kingdom with an iron fist wrapped with barbed wire and coated in titanium. The one who had slain an ANCESTOR ON HER OWN on MORE than one occasion, trembled and gave Lizote an almost pleading look.
“B-b-but Alty is already p-p-promised to a-a-another?” (mom)
She didn’t even have the confidence to make that sentence sound like a statement. This was just…… sad…… it’s like watching a cat toy with a mouse, no that’s to tame to describe THIS, it’s like watching MOM toy with an annoying MALE that she found……… I almost wish Lizote would just take mercy on mom and say the rest of what Empathic Acts says she’s holding back….
Lizote’s grin finally crossed over into demonic and terrifying. I almost wanted to go wait in another room with Fera and the girls……….
“Oh Natasha are you talking about that silly binding contract you wrote up? The one you kept in the warded case above your office door?” (Lizote)
Mom flinched like someone had stabbed her.
“H-h-h-h-h-how?” (mom)
“’How’ did I find out? Or did you mean ‘How’ do I know exactly where it is? Well I guess it would be more accurate to say WAS, wouldn’t it?” (Lizote)
“W-w-w-w-what?” (mom)
“Yes I came a day early to inspect the palace, you know to make sure it was safe for my little Tessa, and when I got to your office I saw that hanging up. I was sooooooo surprised. Obviously you must have forgotten our OATH to each other, that’s understandable it HAS been quite some time since we first made it, but the way the contract was made didn’t allow either party to undue it once it was signed. I took it upon myself to have some of my best contra-mages destroy the wards and enchantments making the contract a permanent seal. It was very powerful magic binding it, but not absolute. They should be done destroying all those intricate inner bindings riiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhht abooooouuuuuuuut now, just in time for Tessa and Altorus’ engagement. Isn’t that the most wonderful coincidence?” (Lizote)
Mom’s face turned to absolute horror as she heard Lizote talking. After Lizote finished speaking she suddenly collapsed and just screamed. Her own shadow ate her, a process I now recognize as moms teleporting ability.
“Heh. Ah poor Natasha, with your powers you might’ve even been able to stop it in time, that is if I had actually taken it only yesterday……………………… Now then Alty, now that your mother isn’t here to lord your very presence over me,  want to have a little chat with your Auntie Lizote?” (Lizote)
OH FUCK NO!!!! I SAW what your last “little chat” did to mom!!! No way in HELL I’m volunteering for something like THAT!!!
Lizote just looked at me and gave the scary demonic grin again.
“Oh little Alty I’m afraid that wasn’t really a question. More like a polite demand.”
Polite demand my cute little ASS!!! Lets see if I-……………… Wait…………Ummmmmmm…… didn’t I THINK that?………………… I’m fairly sure I only THOUGHT that, but if she heard it then…………. OH SHIT!!!!
“Yes Alty, your mental shield IS impressive, one of the best I’ve seen in fact, but that isn’t enough to stop ME. How do you think I was able to survive against your CLEARLY more powerful mother in the old days? Come on, I KNOW your a smart boy and you read lots of Vampeerus history, take a guess.” (Lizote)
“………………………………… Of course Auntie Lizote. I’d love to talk with you!” (Alt)
Lizote walked up to me and clapped me gently on the shoulder. Then she began walking towards the luxury guest quarters, and motioned for me to follow her.
I did.
Mom, come back soon. I can’t handle Auntie Lizote all on my own……………..

Chapter 12

I have learned a lot about myself and my new world in these past four years. Firstly this world.
This world is fucking HUGE! I mean I’m not really sure how big my old world was, but this place has 13 continents and only four of them could ever be called “small”, and even that’s only if I’m comparing them to the others. It seems that each continent is connected by something called the nexus, which if I understood mom right, is just basically a system of linked special points that had a dimension arch constructed on it to further link them. Whenever she was talking I kept thinking of something similar in my memories. Now I just wish I remembered the premise of Stargates…..
Another fun fact is that this world is filled with different sentient races and kingdoms. I mean I KNEW there were humans, and I expected elves and dwarves and other fantasy races, but this, THIS is ridiculous.
There are: the Weres, people with animal features. The Arcane, like humans, but BETTER and made of magic. Sectia, basically bug people, mom said that they are CONSTANTLY at war between tribes, and they are the only race that has THEIR OWN content all to themselves…. There were probably more than that, but I couldn’t remember all the forgotten, hidden, and extinct races, and DON’T even START on the variants for some races…..
Mom seemed to figure out I was hiding how smart I was, after she came back from doing “Mommy things”, she sat me down and gave me the classic “I know, so just confess and make it easier on yourself talk.” Turns out my vocabulary and understanding capability didn’t really surprise her much, she just said “As expected of my little Alt.” and moved past it. Apparently my having the mind of an obviously postpubescent doesn’t stop Bath-Time-Embarrassment-Hell though…. One can apparently never be “to mature to bond with family”………….. Mom thinks in a weird way……… she was more concerned about Yan and Till hanging around me than the fact her toddler son was capable of having post-graduate level conversations with her………………
Fera seemed to not change that much when she went into the final stages of my bloods effects, although she did stop having those weird pain seizures, and converted Yan and Till to her religion of me…… they even convinced mom to build a house of worship and have it recognized by the state. We now have a little temple next to the palace, and Fera and Yan are working on the “holy texts”……….. I would have been seriously freaked out if I didn’t get 10 more faith points after the temple was finished, after that I just accepted it and helped them plan to spread the word of the {Ascendant Angel}. But only for the faith points……… Yeah……..
Then was the discovery of the biggest weakness of the “Power of Cute”, it doesn’t work NEARLY as well on those young, or with low impulse control. I learned THAT little factoid when mom said I needed to start developing my supporting factions, read MINIONS, at an early age and put me into vampire preschool. Everything was fine, even if it was boring as all hell. that is until I cut myself during play time. That was when I learned even using Black Blood’s upgrade to lower its allure to the minimum and putting all my cuteness to the max wouldn’t stop a horde of vamp kids. A horde of fast moving, relentless, dead eyed, wont-fucking-stay-down, Vampeerus children.
Needless to say when Yan and Fera came to pick me up that day and saw me huddled in the corner hiding behind the teacher crying quietly and rocking, preschool came to a stop. It took a lot of explaining to stop the mass murder of children that day…. Mom was the worst out of everyone, and she still shut down the school.
It was decided that we would wait until I was old enough to attend a mixed race school before mom outsourced my education again. I argued that time down from 300 to 12, the cost of THAT little win still haunts me when I see frilly dresses or recording crystals…..
Oh and I learned to sew……….. then I made maid outfits for the girls, for purely therapeutic reasons…. For some reason a week later they changed from the classic black to storm grey…. I didn’t think too deeply about how they were now matching my eyes and hair….. or how they multiplied……
I had also gotten a lot of lessons from mom after she took over my education, and I gotta say that lady is fucking TERRIFYING! Most of the lessons were ok, but then there was “the fundamentals of torture” and “evidence removal” or “basics of training and mind breaking” that last one was where I met Philly again. When she saw me she cried and cowered behind me whimpering and wouldn’t even LOOK NEAR mom…….
I’m glad that I’m her son and not some random male she met out on the street, mom seems to hate all males on principle, I picked that up over the six years of rants featuring them as a gender in general, with the sole exception of her Alty-Walty……… I am totally fine with that, especially as it means she won’t be using her SCARY-DARKNESS-TORTURE-DEATH powers on me…………………..
Another fun discovery I made was when mom talked to me about being a Phantus Vampeerus……… Apparently our kind are usually killed on discovery because we tend to, well, go insane and attempt to enslave any and everyone around us into blood worshiping slaves…… Oh and Phantus are heavily possessive so when they reach that stage they usually attempt to conquer the world……. Yaaaay!!!!
After a quick prayer to Sally and a long chat with mom I was able to narrow down the reason for all that crazy in my bloodline. Apparently it happens because Phantus siphon a bit of soul from those that drink their blood, which eventually overwrites their own soul permanently corrupting them and driving them mad……… Sally said I have a much bigger soul than normal due to me being some sort of Demigod-Vampeerus hybrid. Apparently it draws my victims into worshiping ME and not my blood, but I wasn’t in anyway immune to the side effects. I agree with mom completely when she said I should only permanently effect people as a last resort, much easier to just make my enemies powerless and willing to die for me, THEN kill them. Problem solved………… except I have to wait for my soul to cleanse itself of their soul remnants……. Which from some experimenting I found takes about a month on average. Needless to say I paid MUCH closer attention to mom’s “basics of training and mind breaking” lessons after that………..
I will say this for learning about my bloodline, I found some hidden abilities in between all the bad news.
{ Black Blood [Ancestral]: with the sudden death of the previous Phantus Ancestor, you meet the requirements to inherit a portion of her power. Caution, you have not been chosen as the new ancestor, position increased to (eastern) recognized family head. }
{ Black Blood’s Allure: your blood is irresistible to races that feed on blood, and will crave it more than any other. Races that do not feed on blood will still crave yours, but to a far lesser degree. Increases your charm by extreme amounts.  [Now able to actively lessen its effects, permanently lowers mana pool 50%] }
{ Black Blood’s Consistency: with the consumption of your blood a creature will find it to be the best thing they have consumed. Races that feed on blood will experience feelings of extreme ecstasy, satisfaction, and happiness while also restoring them in mind and body. Other races will experience these effects, but to a lesser degree. Regular consumption over time or overconsumption of your blood will cause irreversible effects of: loyalty to the Phantus drunken from< obedience to the Phantus drunken from< devotion to the Phantus drunken from< obsession with the Phantus drunken from [< worship to the Phantus drunken from< other overriding effects chosen by the Phantus who next gives blood, if not the Phantus who has brought the target to this stage you must give more blood total compared to the previous Phantus.] Ascending in that order based on the quantity or frequency your blood was consumed. Outside of your body your blood will quickly degrade becoming highly toxic and acidic within 24 hours losing all its other effects. }
{ Black Blood’s Circulation: As this blood flows through you, you are immune to its effects as well as any other form of mental manipulation, as are those in late stages of black blood consumption. Due to the rich quality of your blood you can draw sustenance from it as long as there is some present within your body. Within your body blood is produced at an incredible rate, capable of replacing all blood present in your body within [seconds, permanently decreases mana pool by 10%]. }
{ Black Blood’s Regeneration: as long as there is blood and mana circulating within your body, you are able to recover from and regenerate any wound. Immune from [increased] disease and [increased] poison. Caution this takes place automatically and drains your blood and mana [constantly by 10%]. }
{ Black Blood’s Absolution [locked]: as long as someone has consumed your blood, you may give them one absolute order that they will do all they are able to, to follow. Caution impossible orders that can’t be followed will result in ability null. Ability resets every month for the Phantus, every year for the target. }
{ Black Blood’s Dominion [locked]: you are able to freely manipulate your blood internally and externally. You may change its inherent density, viscosity, shape, texture, type, movement, and qualities. This will merge with the Blood Magic ability learned and lower all mana costs for blood based magic. }
{ Black Blood’s Limit-Burst [locked]: you are able to enter a combat state that increases all stats by the Phantus’ highest stat. this ability currently may only be used for 1 minute. Caution without mastery, using this ability will but you into state: Blood-Rage. Exceeding suggested use time will result in loss of consciousness, and possible death. }
{ Black Blood’s Bestowal [locked]: as the Ancestor of your bloodline, you may bestow the Black Blood ability to those outside of your bloodline. This bestowed ability is not inheritable. Caution non-Phantus are prone to total madness as they are unable to handle the mental, physical, and spiritual toll of Black Blood. }

Now if I could JUST figure out how to unlock them….. Especially Black Blood’s Dominion…….
I asked mom to start teaching me magic a year ago, but all she really knew how to do was Warding and enchanting. Those are useful, sure, but they take FOREVER to learn. It’s basically just coding, but you have to MEMORISE then RECORD all of that code. Basically something that I won’t be able to use for a long time now. It seems that Vampeerus don’t really USE magic since their NATURAL abilities seem to do similar things. Mom says they also tend to be MUCH more powerful, but if I REALLY wanted to learn I could when I went to the mixed race school, IT would have magic classes.
But possibly the worst thing I discovered was this.
As I looked in the mirror I saw my reflection. I was beautiful. It was horrible.
I wasn’t handsome, I didn’t have Rugged-Manly-Charm or the sexy punk-rock-star look vampires were supposed to have in movies. No I was Beautiful. Gorgeous. Cute.
My face was soft and delicate looking, my eyes were innocent looking storm grey with long lashes and PERFECTLY complimented my fine, delicate features and cheeks. My hair was a dark grey, practically charcoal, long and silky, reaching my mid-back and flowing. It framed my face in the best way, with my bangs naturally ending before they would reach my lower forehead. And my smile, BY SALLY my smile. Its no wonder I can get whatever I want with it.
Is it weird if I’m attracted to myself? NO BAD ALT! No perving out on kids…….. WAIT!!!!!! NO BAD ALT!!!!! This is YOU you’re talking about. YOU’RE A GUY DAMNIT!!!!! AND YOUR YOU!!!! YOU CANT PERV OUT ON YOURSELF ALT THAT’S FUCKING WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was going through the same old routine I always do when I look at myself from the outside. Hell half the time I have to CHECK if the Thunder-Down-Under is even still THERE!!! So today was a good day so far.
Mom has been overjoyed that her son isn’t ANYTHING like those males she hates, but I’m just kinda depressed……….. I even argued with Sally for WEEKS to change how I look, but apparently THIS apperence is PERMINTLY AFIXED to my soul now. It was also apparently Helatia who made the framework, sure my unnaturally huge charm has had a MAJOR effect, but I blame her. It’s easier that way.
Even the girls weren’t any help with this, Fera even told me straight to my face that: “My angel, you look perfect as either gender you choose to be…….”    I locked myself in the closet for a day after THAT little pep-talk.
I SWEAR I WILL BURN HELATIA’S WHOLE FUCKING RELIGION DOWN AROUND HER IF SHE DID THIS AS REVENGE FOR FUCKING WITH HER!!!!!!!! There are some lines you JUST DON’T CROSS!!!!! Never mess with a man’s appearance and dreams. That’s sacred……….
I started to tear up a little.
OH Sally, don’t cry cutie…………………….….. FUCK!!!!!!! Calm down Alt!!! the Cuteness obeys you! NOT the other way around!
I dressed myself in one of my good FORMAL dress clothes. They were basically a long dress-looking-shirt (suspiciously dress like…… I think mom is responsible for this……….) and some loose flowing long pants. All in light and dark shades of grey.
Well hopefully mom’s friend won’t misjudge my MANLINESS OF MALE MANLINESS!!!!! as me being a little girl like the other guests mom has had lately……………
I took a final look at my appearance, pulled myself out of the puddle of AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN!!!! I melted onto again, and left the walk-in closet. Meeting up with Fera, Yan, and Till (Philly was still being trained) and we went to go to the palace’s main greeting hall. Mom should only be waiting for us to arrive.
Whelp…….. Time to go greet the queen of the north.

SS 5

Zair Foaster: Heroes companion, “Bastard Bladesman”, “Swift Death”, “The Unslain”

I have been called many things, done many things I’m not proud of, but this wasn’t one of them.
{Truly impressive mortal, you slew ALL of them… I feel you dying here as your friends go on to claim all the glory and rewards for your sacrifice would be a waste.} (???)
You shouldn’t talk about shit you don’t know anything about.
I looked away from the annoying box thing and up at the woman I loved. She was crying, she shouldn’t be crying this was a good day, a day that would be remembered forever along with her and her brother. This wasn’t a day for tears, especially not for me. We all knew what it meant when we chose to follow the heroes, it’s why companions never get written into the legends.
{Why not make a deal with me? I can make sure your friends there are safe from the remnants of the Mad King’s forces. Oh and his inevitable resurgence and kingdoms betrayal…..}
WHAT! He can’t rise again! I made sure to stab him in the heart with the sacred sword! He will never plague this land again! And the kingdom-…
{Yes the “sacred sword” whoever told your little group what it does? The kingdom that sent the two summoned “heroes” out on their own to defeat a force with superior military power because they had high magic potential? Even if one was only a child and the other an untrained girl? Tell me why would they give those two such an important relic if it even exists? No that was not their intent, but the “heroes” killing the enemy’s king was a good turn of fortune for them….} (???)
I had seen all I needed, the box was right. None of this had ever made sense, I knew that from the beginning. I just didn’t have anything to lose back then so I didn’t care. That changed.
I looked up at the woman I had seen grow, fight, and BELIEVE for the last three years. The woman who I came to love, I reached out and wiped her tears.
“ZAIR!!! Zair hold on! HEAL!!!! HEAL DAMNIT!!!! HEAL!!!!!!” (???)
I just smiled, she always did try to do the impossible didn’t she? No healing magic is going to save me now…. But I can still save her and her brother….
“Nat… KACCCKKKKK!!!! KACK KACKK!!!! DAMNIT!!!…….. Nat, listen to me. The kingdom betrayed us, no, was never on our side in the first place. They sent you and Garret to die, that isn’t the sacred sword. I… KACCKK HHUUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!! KACCKKK KAACKK!!!! I think you’re just a liability to them now…. Be careful……… Garret……. Take… your…. sister… away… now…. she……… shouldn’t………… see………………. this…………………….” (Zair)
{………….impressive mortal……. Truly you are a tribute to the best of your kind. Your heart shouldn’t even beat anymore but you still power through to warn your love of danger……. Yes I think you’ll do JUST perfectly….}
Heh I was always a stubborn bastard wasn’t I?…..
As I saw Garret dragging Nattily away from where I lay dying I thought back to how I got here…..

I never was one much for the Chivalry of the knights. No good could ever come from absolute adherence to a code that contradicts itself on multiple fronts. I was much happier being a mercenary for hire. Like that the only rules I followed were my own, never kill children or the innocent and honor my debts honestly. I had worked like this for the past four years, since I was fifteen. I taught myself how to use the sword, none of those fancy knight fencing techniques, just simple killing and disabling styles of my own design. I got very good at that.
When I meet the two heroes I was only traveling with them to make sure the kid Garret didn’t die on the road. His sister, Nattily seemed to know how to hold a sword, but that’s where her knowledge ended. I figured I could give them some pointers so they didn’t end up like all the other dumb kids who went out to “adventure” without knowing anything. They ended up following me on my next few jobs, nothing big just some bodyguard work and some bandit subjugation. I think it helped open up their eyes to the truth of this life. Kill or be killed.
Over time our little group grew fairly fond of each other, and they offered me my last job. They asked me to join them and become a hero, and I accepted. Someone had to keep these two from kicking the bucket on this ridiculous quest of theirs and ii had nothing to lose and no one to miss me. I figured it might as well be me, and who knew they might even manage to finish this impossible quest of theirs.
Over the next three years we grew even closer, meet with many people both good and bad. I feel in love with Nattily, and we picked up other trusted companions who wished to join us on our quest.
I told Nattily how I felt about her, and she seemed to feel the same. Garret already saw me as some sort of older brother after being together so long and teaching him so many things, so he was just as happy as we were. Our little family grew closer and for a month everything was perfect.
That changed when we eventually set off to sneak into the enemy’s castle and kill the Mad Demon King.
Tiskel the mage died first when he missed dispelling a protection ward.
Carla the archer went next as she covered our advance into the castle’s inner walls.
Anton held the bridge to the main tower for an hour. He was a brave man.
When we got to the throne rooms door, I knew it was my turn. Nat and Garret couldn’t kill the Mad King if they had to focus on an army breaking into the room at their flanks.
I told them that I would hold the doorway. That I would join them soon. That “No damned solider just outta training would bring me down.” I lied to my family.
When they came they stopped before me, they were probably wary after Anton’s final stand.
I wouldn’t disappoint them.
I waded into their ranks like death itself. My bastard sword took limbs and heads alike. I didn’t care if they hurt me, I didn’t notice the cuts and rends my body picked up. I didn’t care that my plated leather armor was as good as destroyed. All that mattered was that I was alive, I could still fight, and I was between them and the door. Eventually the tide of enemies ended. I had killed them all, but at the cost of my left arm, my good sword arm, and a lame leg that couldn’t support my weight. It was fine, I could still fight. I could still help my family.
I cast heal to stop the bleeding, there was no time to do anything more serious than that.
I went through the doorway and saw that things had taken a very poor turn.
Garret was gritting his teeth and holding an obviously broken arm that still held the sacred sword, and chanting “heal” to get it back into working order.
Meanwhile, Nat was holding off the Mad King in direct combat. Judging by the blood coming from her armor, she wouldn’t be able to hold out too much longer under the Mad King’s great sword.
The siblings needed a chance, and I would give it to them.
I rushed to meet the Mad King, he turned and with a flick of his sword brushed mine aside. It didn’t matter, it distracted him long enough for Nat to pull away and heal her brother. Garret was shit at healing magic, and if we had to wait for him this fight would end VERY poorly.
I fought the Mad King, and I feel I did very well considering. Yes he was just toying with me, making little cuts periodically to let me know he could kill me at any time. I didn’t care, he didn’t have anyone coming to help him anymore, Carla, Anton, and I made sure of it. Any time he gave us would only hurt him.
The siblings eventually rejoined the fight, and we might have even been winning at some point, but then the Mad King made a second sword out of magic and thrust it at Nat. she was open and wouldn’t be able to block in time, but I could.
I turned so I faced Nat directly in front of her.
I felt the sword pierce me through, but I didn’t let it fell me. I used everyone’s shock and I grabbed the sacred sword from Garret’s hand turned and Pierced the Mad kings chest with it.
I looked him in the eyes and smiled when I saw the shock in them. No one seems to keep their guard up after delivering a mortal wound…
We both fell, me towards my family, the Mad King towards his throne.
I felt Nat pick me up as I saw her and Garret crying over me.
“….. We Did it!……….” (Zair)
I felt my life start to wane.
That was when I saw the box appear…..

{You are nearing your end Zair Foaster, but I still have some use for you. You seem to have a knack for pulling off the impossible, and killing the unkillable. I have a future Demon King that is in the way of my plans, and I’d like you to remove it for me.} (???)
If you’ll take care of my family…… I’ll do anything…………..…..
{I’ll see that its done. you’ll be going to an all new world my new chosen…………..} (???)

SS 4

Tiffany: First daughter of Gerald, Herald of true ends, sacred beast of the {Ascendant Angel}, Fluffy-Cuteness-Of DOOM

I am a Destroyer.
I am Doom.
I am an unstoppable force.
A Huntress.
The daughter of Divinity.
I am a sacred beast and my destiny is to-…..
“Tiffy-Wiffy, your Papa was being mean to meeeeeeeeee…… Come here and give me FLUFF FLUFF to console me!!!!!” (Sally)
Oh! The creator needs my mighty powers!
“Yiiiiiip! COMING! I’m coming!” (Tiffany)
I looked up from the jungle realm I was roaming and hunting through and ran to meet the creator. It was hard to keep track of how to shift through all the realms of the creator’s divine plain, but I was the best at it out of everyone.
Papa Gerald doesn’t count though…….
“Papa can do everything perfectly anyway so comparing isn’t fair Yip.” (Tiffany)

I finally came to where the creator likes to stay, it was a strange place like always.
There was nothing but grey barren wasteland with countless weapons and gravestones embedded into the ground as far as the eye could see. Everything was covered in dark storm clouds and it rained constantly here. The only part that was clear was the part the creator always stayed near. It was where light shined through the clouds and the rain, weapons, and graves stopped in a circle around the big statue and throne. The statue looked like the creator, only she was in armor not her remnant and she was crying.
Whenever the creator looks at it she always seems so sad, so I don’t know why she doesn’t just move.
Papa says it reminds her of the past…. Back before the creator got a new name and new purpose, but I don’t know anything about that…. I just don’t like seeing the creator sad……
I could see the creator, she was staring at the big sword, the one that looked in perfect condition compared to all the others, and the one embedded closest to the throne. The one that shows Alty on it all the time.
“Creator!!! Yip!” (Tiffany)
The creator turned and had a big smile when she saw me. My powers are at work already. I ran up and leapt into creator’s lap, snuggled, and started to purr.
“AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNNNNN!!!! TIFFY-WIFFY YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!!!!! Your nothing like your big-meanie papa are you? No my Tiffy-Wiffy is better than mean-old Gerald isn’t she?  Oh geez you are just the cutest little puff of fluff EVER!!!!!” (Sally)
Ahhhhhhh the creator knows JUST how to pet me………. I am soooooo lucky I am the one she picked for the special duty, I get Alty AND the creator….
I looked at the sword showing Alty, but I couldn’t understand what he was doing.
That’s not how Papa explained mating…….
“Creator Yip? Why is Alty putting that hot metal thing in that female’s special place Yip? Why are the other ones holding her down Yip? Is she a prey or a mate?” (Tiffany)
The creator made a face I had never seen before. It was funny looking, like she was worried or amused, but couldn’t pick one to be. The creator is silly sometimes.
“Oh, ummm…. It’s because her blood tastes like coconut…………. Ummm…….. I don’t think you need to know more than that right now Tiffy-Wiffy. You’ll understand more when you get bound to Alty later….. Don’t tell Papa Gerald about seeing this ok?…..” (Sally)
The creator is so silly sometimes Papa has been behind her for a while now, I don’t need to tell him. He has seen what we’ve seen already……
“Oh what are you teaching my first daughter today mistress Sally?………..” (Gerald)
Oh look creator made another silly face! That one looks scared but smiley! The creator should really learn how to pick only one face to try and make….
“H-h-how long have you b-been there Ger-Ger?…….” (Sally)
“ ’tastes like coconut…’…. So how do you wish to plea?” (Gerald)
The creator turned and smiled at papa, she looks really pretty when she smiles like that….. I wish she would do it more, we all try to get her to, but none of us more than Papa. He says she needs to smile to help her forget…
“Innocent of all charges your honor!” (Sally)
Papa smiled back, but for some reason he showed all of his sharp teeth instead of retracting them…. I thought we weren’t supposed to do that to non-prey though Papa?
“I see………… I find you guilty of all charges. Your punishment will be non-fluffy-hell-mauling for two hours….” (Gerald)
Creator and papa disappeared, probably to that open field realm they like to play in. The one with all the flowers and butterflies and lack of prey.
I hope they are having fun….
I looked at the runes carved into the base of the statue.
Sally needs more fun…