Dungeon Instinct’s cover and an official introdution

Everybody don’t freak out the Lord and Master of this place hasn’t disappeared yet. I just took over to rule this place aka to update everything (Cuz somebody couldn’t update their own site….)

Also, I can finally introduce myself as an official member of Dark Palace Productions. But before that I proudly present the new cover of Dungeon Instinct:

Discord, F.L., and adding stuff/Art

Ok so i set up discord servers for each of the stories so that people can go there and chat and whatnot, links in the project pages….. Why did i do this? Dunno, maybe i was bored yesterday waiting for class to start and i didnt want to start writing anything when i’d have to shut it all down in a few minutes…. So yeah that’s something to do now, i’ll probably pop by periodically between life classes and writing so if you want to scream at me to hurry up with a chapter you can do it there….