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Black Dungeon


Earth went through a cataclysm as gods and magic returned to the world, humanity was brought to the brink of extinction and what few humans remained gathered in small clusters and villages forced to pray to the very beings that caused their suffering for their very survival. This is the world where the human Nox was born into, Nox was born to be sacrificed to his village’s shrine and the god calling itself Loki. Nox fulfilled his duty and more when he, at Loki’s urging, took his own life for the sake of his village.

Reborn as a mighty dragon in a world governed by Loki’s sibling Nox served as Loki’s agent and pawn spreading chaos and disorder throughout the new world. As a mighty dark dragon Nox Blackwing cast aside his humanity, his innocence, and his sense of right and wrong to serve the god Loki for over 1000 years… But now Nox craves freedom. After receiving a divine ritual from Thor, Nox may finally have a way to escape Loki’s control and live freely like he has always dreamed. There’s only one problem, Loki has grown attached to having Nox as a servant and won’t let him stay free for too long.

Now beginning his newest life as a dungeon Nox must face a whole host of new problems to replace the old issues he thought he’d escaped. And to make matters worse there’s the fact that death will land him back as a piece in Loki’s never ending games looming over his head. Nox will have to overcome everything that comes his way in order to survive as a dungeon and attain an eternal life of freedom, but luckily for Nox a dungeon made from the mind and soul of a dragon is not something that is easily overcome…




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