Black Blood

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The multiverse is a big place, and it is also constantly in flux. As such sometimes mistakes occur, impossibilities that should have never come into existence. An aspect of corruption born naturally of a mortal and a divine, a Void that is a singularity instead of a duality, a being that came to be before existence ever was, a forgotten that is not damned, the possibilities are infinite and limitless, and thus so are the possible mistakes in this grand multiverse. But are not mistakes more entertaining to watch?

When being reincarnated there are some things that you just can’t control.

Losing most of your memories is not a great start.

Pissing off your patron goddess is not a good follow up.

Rounding that out with reincarnating as something not exactly… human…

Needless to say this guy is in for an interesting life.

Categories: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Harem , Horror , Mature (torture, gore, violence, sexual content, and other mature stuff.), Romance , Slice of Life , Supernatural , Tragedy , Original Status: Inactive (2017)

Project Length: 4-5 Arks. Currently written: 2 Arks

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