Chapter 1: A Beginning To All Things… Ash

Chapter 1: A Beginning To All Things…          Ash
“Shade!” at the sound of her name the black catkal jumped off Ash’s shoulder toward their opponent. She flew through the thirty feet of air like an arrow, and hit the chest of the warrior with a force far greater than what any mortal creature should be capable of.


so a few things:

firstly there is no singular protagonist. this story will be told from multiple POVs so some parts will seemingly overlap, skip, or even seem unimportant. i the writer am here to say that every POV has a meaning even if it is only used once or if it seems unrelated to the main story.

Prologue: Ise

Prologue: Ise

[Hurry. Hurry up, faster I know I can go faster. Oh come on Ise, it’s not just your life at stake.] These were the thoughts that Ise repeated to himself over and over again.

[Damn it Ise you’ve got to go faster or the royal guard will catch us, then the whole prophecy will be ruined.]