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Hello all, AaronDragon here

This site was created to house works of original fiction and art, as well as any and all content related to these works. Dark Palace Productions is meant to be a site to promote content in a safe environment, and as such, we would like to ask you to be respectful (i.e.: no flamewars in the comments section) and considerate of those using the site and the works on the site. Dark Palace Productions is always looking to expand its horizons and as such encourages Creators of all types to post and join us as part of the team. To join contact me or another registered member see the rest of this page.

Dark Palace Productions is a largely non-profit site, and while support and pledges on Patreon are appreciated and help Creators like me, AaronDragon, greatly no one is obligated to make one. That said, however, please disable Ad-blocker as all ads are non-intrusive and help generate some profit for this site.

Any Creators (Authors, Artists, etc…) who wish to post content here will be held to the agreement found here on this page. Any content found in violation of this agreement will be removed, and the Creator of such content will face suitable consequences for their posting of said content.

Dark Palace as well as I, AaronDragon, welcome any and all to this site and hope that you stay with us for a long time to come.

Thank you, and my you enjoy what you find here!

Creator and Member Agreement

I acknowledge that by utilizing this site and it’s associated sites and services that Dark Palace Productions has the right to distribute, remove, edit, and censor any and all content submitted. I acknowledge that I will have to abide by the rules and regulations set by Dark Palace Productions and that failure to do so may result in the removal of my content from the site. Lastly, I acknowledge that the failure to do any of the things listed prior or in Dark Palace Productions’ rules and regulations may result in the removal of my content from this site and any of its associated sites or partners.

All of AaronDragon’s works are copyright and their content is the property of the author, any content removed from the site and distributed without the author’s consent and approval is done so illegally.

Dark Palace Production thanks you for using/joining us and hope for our future and continued success!

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All members and users will not alter and/or edit another’s content without express permission of that Creator or an authorized moderator.
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  7. Enjoy the site!

Any violations of these rules and regulations will result in consequences ranging from warnings to removal of all of one’s content posted on this site and removal from the Dark Palace Productions team.

Do you have the creativity to produce works of fiction and/or art? Would you like to help your favorite Creators here at Dark Palace Productions in a more concrete way?

We here at Dark Palace Productions would be happy to welcome you to our fold!

Join the team and share your creations and skills with us and the world at large!

If you are interested contact me, AaronDragon, at: darkpalaceproductions@gmail.com

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Copyrighted works:

Black Blood © 2016 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

A Numbers Game © 2016 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Dungeon Instinct © 2016 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Legends of Zyantra: Immortals © 2016 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Ebon Soul © 2016 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Oathbound Icon © 2016 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Fallen Lord © 2016 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Alex Mavros Chronicles © 2016 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Light of Shadows © 2016 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Grimm Lord © 2017 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Garden of Ark © 2017 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Black Dungeon © 2017 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Legends of Eternia © 2017 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

Slime Puppeteer © 2017 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

GodsFall (Ash Drake Series) © 2017 A. L. Tolson(AaronDragon)

The owner and members of this website: darkpalaceproductions.com do not take or hold any legal responsibility regarding any media linked in the comments posted by other people on the website, the person who posts a comment holds sole responsibility for any and all content they post. Dark Palace Productions ask that you do not illegally post copyrighted media onto the site, lets not steal people…