AaronDragon’s Project Hoard

AaronDragon’s Project Hoard

Welcome to the Hoard, here all the projects and stuff AaronDragon has plans to finish but has put on hold for whatever reason (Chronological multiverse timeline, need for a break, etc…). If you see something in the Hoard that you like and want AaronDragon to pick up and start working on again then let me now with a comment or a discussion in discord (if you can flag him down). You might just convince me to pick them up and work some on them…

Some projects that are here will have estimated times when AaronDragon may be picking them up again, others will be shown to have been dropped.


Garden of Ark (Sometime alongside D.I. Volume 2)

Grimm Lord (After Black Dungeon and Slime Puppeteer)