AaronDragon’s Project Graveyard

Welcome to the graveyard, here all the projects and stuff AaronDragon had started but doesn’t think he’ll continue (or at least wont continue for a good long time…) for whatever reason, but doesn’t want to delete or remove. If you see something in the graveyard that you like and want AaronDragon to pick it up again, well the best shot at that would be in trying to convince him with comments or a discussion in discord (if you can flag him down).

Some projects that are here will have estimated times when AaronDragon may be picking them up again, others will be shown to have been dropped.


Ebon Soul (Dropped)

Black Blood (Dropped)

Oathbound Icon (Dropped)

A Numbers Game (Dropped, Up for Adoption)

Legends of Zyantra: Immortals (Temporarily Dropped, Hopeful revival… Eventually…)