A Numbers Game


Gods can be cruel, but those they watch over are usually worse. When an entire galaxy is nothing more than a game for a few bored Gods to amuse themselves with, a game they made but never explained the rules or goal to, Earth and humanity with it become nothing more than the next players to amuse them. Too bad Humanity is by far the weakest species of intelligent life playing these gods game….

In a galaxy where you can live forever if you can just keep your Lives count high enough. Where you can pay a Reaper to get you more Lives at the cost of some credits and someone else’s future. Where an Analyst could know your every secret better than you do. And where the gods themselves encourage carnage and destruction merely for its entertainment value….

This story follows the lives of 33 and 6 who are both from a race that was created to be humanity’s personal army of enhanced and genetically superior slave solders. spoiler: that didn’t quite work out as humanity had planned…..

(Author note: this is just one of many projects of mine, so the releases will be random, and may not happen for weeks or months at a time or they could be daily back to back and have two or more chapters uploaded in a day. depends entirely on my mood and what i feel like writing at that time. also this is my first attempt at writing Sci-Fi, so be easy on me ok? thanks!  Oh and those of you who are fans of my other fiction B.B….. yeah this is more serious and a lot less funny. but hey that means no capitalization to put emphasis on things an insane vampire thinks of as important, so there is that……)

Categories:  Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Harem , Horror ,

Mature (caution this story is mature and dark… i.e: Torture, death, rape(though no NTR), mutilation, betrayal, and all sorts of other bad stuff is going to go down. don’t read this if you cant handle this stuff. you were warned) ,

Romance , Sci-Fi , Supernatural , Tragedy , Reader Interactive , Original ,

Status: Delayed (Unknown)- Unknown amount

Project Length:  Unknown amount probably around 50ish chapters. Currently Written: 1 Chapter, three parts

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