Still Kicking… Light Project launch…

Not dead yet…

Anyway, I’ve decided to just casually work on a light project for a while. A nice and easy no pressure light project.

I’m still thinking about working on D.I. in October, but I’ve decided to take a nice and slow approach to writing that particular story… I’d rather it take a decade to write D.I. than to drop it.

So yeah, i think i’ll keep myself to only this story for the foreseeable future, and maybe if it goes well and i get far enough into it i feel comfortable i’ll try writing something else.

But yeah, i’ve really slowed down writing a lot with my new job and what not, but now that i’ve sort of settled into the pace of things i’ll try to get back into writing again…

now since that’s all that i had to say i’ll leave you with the synopsis of my new Light Project:

How AaronDragon would describe it:

Like if Fate/Stay Night had the summoned heroes forced to work together, was set in a fantasy world, and the summoned heroes were considered the final secret weapons in a holy war that has the fate of the world hanging in the balance. And the main character has powers over monster (among other things) evolution…

Actual Synopsis:

A mortal soul, it is a strange and unique thing. The beings that govern worlds do not have souls, however they do appreciate them. That is why it is so strange that one would send its messengers out to reap them in an unprecedented harvest of death.

Mortals were forced to band together under the banner of mankind. Humans, Beastkin, Demons, Elves, and Dwarves united under the existential threat that is a rampant god. All those who did not bow to the god and choose to serve it that is.

Now only a third of Gaia remains under the control of mortals, and that third shrinks every year in the face of the rampant god’s forces. Now mankind turns to the past for hope, six souls were promised to them by the true god. The six souls of Gaia’s greatest champions.

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