Sorta Back, Sorta Not…

So yeah, i kinda dropped off the face of the planet there for a while… Just had a lot of stuff going on that made me to busy to write. Actually i still have a lot of stuff going on and am kinda too busy to write, but fuck it who needs quality sleep anyway!

so basically I’m back to writing, and after careful consideration of my now far decreased time and ability to write I’m committing to only one serious project and a new stress relief Light Novelish story.

So I’ll leave it to you fans and readers what serious project i spend the next few months working on (October-December is D.I.’s time) and will leave the options in the site’s poll.

Oh, and another bit of news: I’m keeping chapter updates on RRL for my free stuff and i’m going to leave DPP for news updates and any publication stuff i decide to do… So if you’re wondering if there’s a new chapter of something out or not go to RRL and if you’re wondering whether or not i’ve finally kicked the bucket or what i’m doing stay here on DPP.

That’s all for now.

AaronDragon Out

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3 thoughts on “Sorta Back, Sorta Not…”

  1. Glad to see one of my favorite authors is still kicking lol. Honestly write whatever you want. I recommend you write something different from DI, because while working on that you probably wont want to do something in the same genre. Or maybe Im wrong and the things you wanted to do with DI’s genre but cant now that the setting is somewhat set, you could do on another story. Depends on what you think will make you feel more motivated and inclined to keep writing whatever fictions you will be working on.

    Ps.: Love DI, amongst THE best dungeon stories out there. First one I ever really grew to love in the genre. Stay safe and dont die, bye.

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