Slime Time!!!

So i’ve decided not to publicly release the tamer story of Altered World (Though you can find it’s first two chapters on my Updated Patreon Page if you want to check it out…) Instead i’m doing a Monster MC story… and what better monster to pick as a MC than a slime? (I just love those squishy formless bundles of ooze!)

So that’ll be popping up on RRL soonish, though i’m only going to update it past the RRL required first post after it has a few chapters worth of meat on it’s bones… And yes i’ve recycled on of my favorite names for this new slimy MC, dont kill me…

anyway I’m probably going to put out the next Black Dungeon chapter (Intermission 2) sometime tomorrow and then start working on that promised D.I. prologue… I’m planning for the D.I. prologue to be about 2000-3000ish words, that might be too low though as it’ll be introducing some new characters (Major political players/Rulers…).

so busy weekend for me and plenty of reading material for you guys!

AaronDragon Out…

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