B.D. Intermission 1

POV: Magna Blackwing

There was a unique sort of trepidation overcoming me as I watched my first clutch begin to hatch, I was nervous but also excited. I couldn’t wait to greet my precious little young ones as they came into the world, a part of me was reminded of the time when I first hatched surrounded by my siblings and how strange the world had seemed as compared to the ancestral memories that had been shown to me within my egg. Now here I was looking forward to seeing how my own children would react to just that situation, I vaguely wondered if my own mother had felt this way as she waited for my siblings and I to hatch. I suppose this is what it means to have one’s life come full circle… it’s not an unpleasant feeling…

It started with a single crack, then one by one all five of the eggs in my clutch began to hatch. I watched containing my urge to rush over and tear apart the shells of the eggs myself as the cracks grew wider and spread across each of the eggs. Then like a miracle a small black and silver form broke free and gave a small cute roar, my first born had broken free of her eggy prison. With a few chirps of encouragement from my first born my other children began to break out of their eggs as well, I watched with delight as my children entered the world.

The second to hatch was as silver as his father, the third was blacker than midnight and had unique and beautiful silver patterns marking his dark scales, the fourth was as energetic and dark scaled as I remembered being as a chick showing she took more than a little after me, and the fifth was a small grey scaled chick who was quieter than I thought he should be. I loved them all instantly, with the love I felt for them now making the emotions I felt towards the eggs I had cared for in these many years seem insignificant. My children were alive, healthy and strong, none of them had failed to break free from the bonds of their eggs. I was so incredibly proud.

Watching them gather around my first born and greet each other for the first time outside of their egg spaces I could no longer contain myself. “Hello children, I’m your mother…”




POV: Carlton

I looked up and found out the rumors were true, its scales were dark enough to cast a shadow on the night sky itself.

“By the gods… It’s the Blackwing…” The solder beside me fell to his knees and stared as that figure in the sky struck him dumb.

“We’re dead, we’re all dead…” Another murmured softly under his breath.

“Why? Why would he come here?” My aid asked as he too gazed up in terror.

I couldn’t answer that question, hell I didn’t even know myself so how could I? All I knew was that the lord’s wizard had said a great threat was approaching and so the lord dispatched all his forces to man the fort’s walls. If I had known that the “great threat” that was spoken of was actually the Blackwing dragon I would be miles from here on horseback with all the coins I could carry that wouldn’t weigh me down on the road.

Looking along the wall and seeing countless others in similar states of shock a thought resounded in my head. If we are all just standing still like this then won’t we all die? …No, I don’t want to die!!! Not yet!!! “Man your stations!!!” I found myself roaring. “Archers ready your bows! Casters ready your spells! Even if you lot are fine with standing here and doing nothing while you wait to die, I will not let you bring me down with you!!!”

A small shout rung out followed by another and another until finally everyone on the fort’s defensive wall’s and towers were shouting there defiance at the monster growing closer in the sky. For a moment the moral of the troops and the vigor of the moment got to me, I found myself thinking that we could win, that we could kill the monster and become heroes! That was when the black fire began falling from the night sky like rain and from the strange dark light it cast I could make out the hulking forms approaching on the ground. Gods above… Those are draconians… hundreds of them…

As the first embers of black flame began to burn away at both flesh and stone around me I found myself wishing that today had never come, that I was still trying to fondle that handsome cook and his tight ass while I drank the night away at the Silver Boar. I’m really going to die here, aren’t I?




POV: Magna Blackwing

I was watching my children as they hunted on their own for the first time today, as I watched I felt both worried and hopeful. Many chicks wouldn’t succeed on their first hunt, in fact usually some will die, but I couldn’t help but think my children would prove to be different from that norm. My children unlike the other hatchlings didn’t compete amongst each other for dominance, in fact they instead worked together as if it were the only natural thing to do. They had even begun to pick out names for themselves, though that was only after the constant urging of my third born. As I watched my children stalk a young mammoth from afar I couldn’t help myself from smiling. My children are so much more mature and advanced compared to other hatchlings, they are even picking out their names within their first hatching year… It’s a shame that my second and fifth born are destined to go on to other clans, but at least the children who will stay hold great promise as well. But really, having a twin-element and a god-blessed in the same clutch… I must have some of the greatest luck in Gaia…

With a mood that couldn’t be darkened I watched as my fourth born led the children’s prey into their trap. This may even be worth taking that Silverwing brat into my harem over… If his seed is capable of producing another clutch like this I might even have to seriously consider taking him as my official mate…




POV: Carlton

The air was filled with pained screams and cries of terror, everything seemed to be burning from the monsters black fire, and the black scaled draconians were everywhere. Looking up at the castle where the monster perched and roared at the sky I felt a new wave of dragon fear wash over my body. Why? If it’s so powerful why did it even come here? What has this territory ever done to the Blackwing, what could it hope to gain from all this?

I had killed two draconians, one by skill and one by sheer dumb luck, but it had come at a cost. I could barely stand and moving sent pain throughout my body, but still I moved forward. I had only one chance of surviving the hell that the city had descended to, but that chance was resting in the castle treasury. Shame for me to get to that transport scroll I’ll need to get into the same castle that the huge evil dragon is standing on…

Mustering up my courage as I limped closer to the once symbol of the Mussel territory’s grandeur I gripped the broken blade in my hand all the tighter. Enduring through the pain I grit my teeth so hard I felt a few of them crack.  I… Will… Not… Die… Here!!!




POV: Magna Blackwing

My children had each discovered their names in the past two years, it is both incredibly impressive and shocking that my children had discovered their names so soon.

My first born had named herself Selaria and had chosen to remain in the Blackwing clan as I had predicted she would. She had a shocking capability for leadership as well as mastery of both her light and dark magic

My second born had chosen the name Ralmar, he was the fastest flyer of my children and quite gifted in light magic. I still find myself displeased by his eventual leaving to join the Silverwing clan as the clan laws dictate, but my son seemed to accept this law with grace.

My third born had discovered the name Nox from a time before his egg space and ancestral memories, he would remain a part of the Blackwing clan. Nox could use dark magic but he was not truly gifted with any sort of magic, instead he had a power far greater than magic to rely on in the form of two cursed eyes. I wasn’t sure what powers his cursed eyes contained yet but I was hoping the powers would manifest soon.

My fourth born had picked the name Elizabeth and would remain in the Blackwing clan, she would also likely be following in my footsteps to become one of the central pillars of the clan. She had a talent in dark magic that was rarely seen and a gift for interaction and manipulations that was alarming even to me.

My fifth born had found the name Umbra and he unlike the other children had decided to become clanless and serve in the council. His gift was in time magic and though he seemed to detest using it for violence his magic was perfectly suited to administrative and organizational tasks.

I had given birth to an amazing clutch the likes of which was usually only seen in legends or prophecies, but after consulting with both the clan elders and the united council of dragon lords there were no prophecies tied to my children. My children had no prophesized fate and as such their future was free for them to forge themselves, with such potential and a free fate my children had truly been blessed. And I, as their mother, have been blessed as well… Perhaps my chances at becoming clan matriarch have not passed me by yet…

Watching with pride as my children spared with each other as the practiced the use of their powers and magic I thought of what their futures might hold. They will surely become a force to be reckoned with… Maybe they will even lead the dragon clans to new heights that before were unimaginable…




POV: Carlton

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I mean I had heard the rumors but I had never thought the Blackwing dragon could actually take on a human form. I watched as the Blackwing dragon, now appearing as a young man in his late teens wearing a strange hooded robe that wasn’t all that unlike what a mage might wear, and a whole host of draconians that were following behind him stepped past the corpses of the territories greatest warriors and casters. Even the lord’s grand wizard was dead, his corpse being eaten by some sort of… creature…

“Really, if they couldn’t handle an attack of this level then they shouldn’t have ever even bothered to search for a grand core let alone keep one for so long…” the Blackwing spoke in a clear magnetic voice as he kicked a corpse out of his way. “Now where would they be keeping it? Search this place and leave nothing unturned. Oh, and don’t come back to me unless one of you have the core…”

But the grand wizard was a rank S… how could he be defeated so quickly, so easily…? I looked on terrified as most of the draconians began to leave in different directions. How am I ever going to make it to the treasury like this?

“Oh I almost forgot, someone bring the human who has been hiding while he watched us all this time over here, I’d like to ask him a few questions…” As I heard the Blackwing speak my heart stopped and I froze for a moment as a new wave of fear washed over me.

Turning around to flee I found myself face to face with a draconian I had never even noticed was there, its dragon like head made a vicious smile as it hissed out laughter. “You can’t be leaving yet, master wants to see you…” As its long serpentine tongue slipped out of its mouth and flicked across razor sharp teeth I felt my broken sword slip from my shaking hands.

It’s… It’s all over…




POV: Magna Blackwing

My children had almost died. I had left them alone for only a year, only one year as they learned to take on humanoid form and the slaves taught them common mortal mannerisms. The greatest lights of my life had almost been snuffed out while I was away and couldn’t protect them, as I watched my children huddle together for comfort after their close brush with death my thoughts turned dark. If things had gone just a little differently and little Nox hadn’t had his cursed eyes awaken under the stress my children would be dead right now… Damn hunters…

Shaking my head as I considered what I would have to do now I found Selaria, Ralmar, and Nox staring at the bodies of the group of dragon hunters who had attacked them. My poor children… I’ll need to find a new more secure lair for them to stay in, and I’ll need to move my treasure horde as well… I’ll also be sure to screen each slave that enters the new lair myself, even if the clan elders themselves swear that the slaves are loyal none will get close to my children without my personal inspection…

The dangers of today may have brought them close to death, but I had no doubt my children would grow stronger from this experience. I was sure that in a few centuries, maybe as soon as a few decades, there would be little left that could threaten them in Avalon, and until then I would devote myself to protecting them regardless of what may come. Nothing will hurt my children, not while I still draw breath…




POV: Carlton

“So you really don’t know where the core is?” The Blackwing’s voice was friendly and magnetic like it had been ever since he first started this hours ago.

“Hgurk! …I swear to all the gods, I really don’t know where it is! I don’t even know what a core is!!!” After coughing up more blood I clutched my stomach as the rotting pain growing inside me grew to be unbearable.

“Oh Carlton, we’ve been over this…” In a moment the symbol in his left eye faded away and the symbol on his right eye flared into being. As his right eye’s gaze swept over me I felt glorious relief as a warm sensation stripped away my pain as it had many times before. “I’m looking for the dungeon core your territory found 60 years ago. Now, I know it’s here and I know it hasn’t been used yet, but I don’t know where exactly it is in this shithole you call a castle…” With a smile on his face as he kicked against the lord’s throne where he sat the Blackwing’s voice finally gained a hint of malice. “It wasn’t in the treasury, the arcane research rooms, or anyone’s quarters. So Carlton… Where. Is. My. Dungeon. Core?”

I felt myself begin to start trembling again while tears came to my eyes, as the thoughts of the torture I was about to face once more filled my mind I gave the only answer I could. “I… I don’t know…” I was sobbing now, I just couldn’t face another round of pain again. “Please, please just stop! I don’t know! I don’t know!!!”

The Blackwing just sighed as he shook his head. “Carlton, I believe you…” For a moment I was hopeful. “And the fact you don’t know is a real shame… Oh well, I’m sure there will be someone more useful in the next group of survivors.” With a single look my body was rocked with immense pain, I looked down in horror and saw my body literally rot away until I could no longer see anything at all…

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