Dungeons, Dungeons, and more Dungeons!!!

Ok people, it’s coming… D.I. volume 2 prologue is going to be out either this up coming weekend or sometime next week…

I’m going to wait on getting into the chapters of volume 2 until i’ve at least read over volume 1 one more time to refresh myself (And hopefully finally get to editing that thing out while i’m at it…) and i know with all i’ve got going on in my life right now that’s going to take a while, but i figure that i can at least give you guys the prologue to torture yourselves… er… i mean: content yourselves with while you wait…

B.D. Chapter 1

POV: Nox

I looked down at the clear crystal I was rolling in my palm, every time I looked at it a smile would appear on my face. Ah, finally I have one… A legendary tier soul stone without an elemental affinity, one that was already a dungeon core at least once already… Now I just need to get to the wild continent… With a laugh I lightly tossed the crystal in the air. “Well it took three hours longer than I’d like, but I finally have a suitable dungeon core for my efforts…”

B.D. Prologue

“Hello there my little Nox, I suppose this means it’s your turn now?” It spoke in a voice that was soft and clear, like the tinkling of wind chimes.

I nodded my eyes still closed. The sacrifice wasn’t allowed to speak, papa had made it very clear that I shouldn’t talk no matter what.