New Year… New Schedule?

Hey all, I was off for a bit longer than i thought with the holidays, my birthday, and some visits to family that lived out of state… Yeah… Anyway now i’m back and will be writing again.

So let me make this nice and short… What you all need to know is that i’m only going to be working on three stories this entire year: Dungeon Instinct, Grimm Lord, and this new thing i’m world building on (Tentative name: Avalon Saga). These are going to be the only things that i’ll be publicly releasing, though i might put out some Patreon only stuff and also do a few chapters for something else that i just don’t release.

First I’m going to be working on Grimm Lord for a while, then when i’m done reading through and editing out the 500ish pages of D.I.’s volume 1 (By Sally that’s going to be a nightmare… *Sigh…*) I’ll start writing it’s volume 2… Not exactly sure when i’ll be putting out the new project, but i’m going to try to get through a few more chapters (at least until i get to chapter 10 or so…) of Grimm Lord first.

So yeah that’s the plan…

Welp it’s like 1 am here and i need to catch some sleep so I’ll just leave off and say Happy New Year!

AaronDragon Out…

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