I’M FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes the semester is officially over now and i wont have to start the next one until late January… Praise be to Sally and Glory onto all glitterswords (A reference that may or may not make sense depending on whether i put in what i currently plan for volume 3 of D.I…) the promised time has come!!!

and now i have to search for a job!

Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!            ….Wait…… Fuck……..


anyway i have some free time now (But for how long?) so i’ll be doing some writing on Grimm Lord and some editing on D.I… I’m planning on holding off and releasing a chapter dump on my birthday (the 18th, just FYI…) that MIGHT include a prologue to D.I. volume 2… I heavily stress that MIGHT though, depends how i feel…

Oh yeah after that you might not hear from me until next year since i’ll be doing holiday stuff with family and probably working up the strength to tackle the Kingdom Hearts series again… I understand it’s been remastered this time, and i wont have to break out the handhelds this time so that’s a plus…. *sigh*…. Why do they have to keep pushing III back? 

Anyway look forward to the new year and whats to come!!!

AaronDragon Out…

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