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So Basically the poll is over, You all are getting a new Waynor Chapter for Halloween… Congratulations!!!

In less awesome news I’m Kinda in a writing slump at the moment, stuff just seems to be popping up and taking my time and interest away from writing D.I. and just writing anything in general…. Imma try and combat this slump with working on a “Just For Fun” type project or two and some forced writing with background music, hopefully that’ll let me get these e-book chapters for D.I. done…. well at least it might help me get past the first page for the Waynor chapter you all picked….

So Yeah, that kinda sucks for everyone all around… Anyway some stuff that always helps pick me up and gives me more motivation to write is fan comments, so if you feel like helping me build up my elusive “creative motivation” try commenting on some of those new works, or even just old D.I. posts either here or on RRL. You’d be surprised how far a “Thanks for the chapter, looking forward to more!” or any sort of review at all goes to keeping an Author writing…

anyway that’s about it…. here are some links for some stuff: Light of Shadows  ,   Alex Mavros

AaronDragon Out…..

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