Prologue: counting to 99 ….99’s Preparatory report to all young Numbers

Introductory and Preparatory report for all Numbers, revision by any Number graduating basic training and acclamation is mandatory.

This recording has been devised to increase your future safety, education, and success by your senior 99.

History tells us that there was a time when humanity wondered if they were alone in the universe, they wondered if there was life after death, and they even wondered if there were ever such things as gods.

On April 14, 2105 they got their answers.

The message was seen by every living human on earth at the time, even going so far as to temporarily awaken and heal the sleeping and impaired of the world. The message was a single line long, and read.

[I got bored of your world a while ago, so I’ve decided to sell it and start over. Good luck humanity!]

Earth was relocated to a previously unknown galaxy at 12:05 am, and humanity was contacted by yet another message shortly after. It went as follows:

[Hello humans! I’d like to introduce a few things to you all in the name of fairness, so pay attention ok? I’m God, or a god at least… the one you all knew as God, Ali, Ra, Zeus, Jupiter, Jade Emperor, Odin, Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, Kami, Zenu, and Flying-Spaghetti-Monster has sold your world and everything in it to myself and my partners. You may call us game masters, as for you that is what we shall be. You see we all have an interest in seeing who and what can amuse us, and accomplish the hidden tasks we have set. As such we have pooled our resources and devised a small game, you and the other life forms, what you would refer to as “Aliens”, will be the players. As in any other game, there are many ways to win, but only one winner. As is customary for a new species joining our game, we have awarded all of humanity with a second life, but this allowance shall only be given for twenty years as a handicap to help you as you play our game. We look forward to seeing what happens next, do try to amuse us.]

With the advent of these messages and the relocation of the plant, mass panic broke out among humanity. Many discovered that dying would only find them at their place of residence, or if they had none the closest publicly owned area, in perfect health. This however was an almost moot point due to mass rioting and revolt in most places, death became just a matter of using two bullets instead of one for many people. This panic waned with the discovery of the other four planets with intelligent and advanced life, planets that were now closer to earth than its old moon. Conflict man waged against man ended as humanity united for the first time in its recorded history to face a new enemy.

This change put humanity into contact and reach of four entirely separate forms of sentient life, life forms that you will likely encounter many times.

They are:

The Silarrae- home world: Silar- A race of telepathic, beautiful, grey skinned humanoids. Their entire culture revolves around love and romance, as these two things dictate or influence all they do, even politically. Though largely seen as promiscuous and loose do to their culture, Silarrae chose only one mate for life. Once they have found that mate they refer to as a life-partner, they commit themselves fully to them and only them. They also permanently bond their mind to that of their life-partner so that both may always know each other’s emotions and that when one dies usually so will the other, as Silarrae normally chose not to live on after their partner dies.

In general as a race of people Silarrae view matters of commerce as a way to provide for their partner and race, matters concerning the military or security as a way to protect their partner and race, and matters of politics as a way to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for their partner and race. They are the second largest and largely considered the most advanced lifeform that participates in The God’s Game, and should never be taken lightly in any situation. The Silarrae are always motivated to be with their partner and will do anything they deem necessary to do so.

The Silarrae determine the identity of their life-partners based solely on that individuals mind. As a race they find appearance to be a minor, and are attracted mainly to the complexity, depth, and emotions of another’s mind. The Silarrae seem to have a fascination with humanity due to the complexity and depth of every human mind, and how each are entirely unique of each other. Because of this they find humans and largely every facet of Humanity as a race and culture as attractive, and while this attraction is not the sole determiner that a Silarrae considers before taking a life-partner, there have been a large percentage of human/Silarrae pairs in interspecies coupling in the last century.

The Cruxi- home world: Crux- large, aggressive, and slightly reptilian mammals, the average Cruxi looks like a six foot tall lizard person. Though they have scales and elongated mussels hiding many more incisors and canines than it does molars, all Cruxi seem to exude a raw and powerful majesty, in many cases even beauty. This coupled with their pheromones that humans find nearly irresistible, make the Cruxi one of the most attractive species and race to humanity. Every Cruxi’s scales are different, though patterns and colors are almost identical to that of their family and clan.

The Cruxi are undoubtedly the most physically powerful intelligent lifeform in The God’s Game. Their world is split between multiple kingdoms, ruled by war chiefs, that are constantly at war with each other, though they do have a council of chiefs that handle inter planetary issues. The entire Cruxi culture revolves around who or what is more powerful. They chose as many mates as they can subdue, and a Cruxi is not considered an adult until it has shed the life-blood of one of its peers.

That said, you are not likely to find a more loyal and trusted friend or war-brother/sister than a Cruxian one, excluding perhaps some of the Auxer tribes. Cruxi will literally charge head first into any danger to aid a comrade in need, and they will spare no mercy to anything that takes a comrade from them. Many of the wars that are held on their planet are based off blood feuds that were caused by one clan killing a member of another clan.

The Fujeal- home world: Fujesia- a species of shape changers, Fujeal are able to absorb the biological and chemical compositions of most fauna they come into contact with. As such they may choose to appear as almost anything they have compiled data for at any time. In their natural states however, they appear as four foot spheres of a near opaque light blue color. This body is made entirely of omnicells with a solid nucleus made of control and brain cells that is usually an inch big sphere that they hide deep in their bodies at all times, regardless of the form that body is in at the time.

The Fujeal are a rather mysterious and secretive species, and they are deemed troublesome by the other races playing The God’s Game. This is due to both their fascination with theft, imitation, and deception as forms of sport, hobbies, and in some cases signs of affection. They are also largely hated for their gift with technology as a race and their creation of the menace that is the Rilt.

They are largely nomadic in nature, and, as a race of people, have no form of central government. Since Fujeal are unable to gain any sort of nutrition in their natural forms, every Fujeal is born dying of starvation. This has lead their culture to value independence, and discard the notion of caring for their young. While Fujeal still have family units, they consist only of those few individuals that they find themselves and choose to accept into such a unit. This conversely means that Fujeal place more value on family than perhaps any other known race. A Fujeal’s family unit usually only consists of one to three other lifeforms, but will never exceed six for some reason, and almost always includes other species exclusively instead of other Fujeal. Also of note is that due to the Fujeal’s unique biology they can mate with practically anything and everything they can take the form of, whether they are in that biological form’s composition at the time or not.

Listen closely when I tell you this young Number, this is important: If you ever kill a member of a Fujeal’s family unit, be sure to kill them as well. Absolutely sure. If you didn’t then they will find you and they will kill you. They won’t care that you’re a Number, or how difficult doing so may be, they will see you dead or die trying. Remember that if you must ever target someone close to a Fujeal.

The Rilt- residences: large mobile Arc level crafts or larger- a race of sentient and self-aware A.I. that were created by the Fujeal. They are constantly self-improving, and value only their own individuality. This is ironically contrasted by the fact that they live as individual pieces of one larger hive network. Each individual Rilt can and probably will be different, and while they usually chose not to, every one of them can connect to the overall hive network of their community to alert all others in that network of information. This is rare though, and usually only happens when there is a mass threat to the network as a whole, as each Rilt would rather die as an individual then connect to their hive network since doing so strips them of their own individuality and any personality they developed as an individual for the rest of their lives.

Rilt fundamentally hate all forms of organic life for being inherently assured of their own individuality, and every hive ship of Rilt seeks to destroy everything outside of their own community, including other Rilt hive ships. As their consideration to the Fujeal as their creators, all Rilt ships declare at their creation that Fujesia will be the last planet that they cleanse.

Rilt reproduce by creating other Rilt in their own original design, and when a large enough group of Rilt wish to leave their hive network, they remain behind and create their own hive network and oftentimes their own hive ship which will grow and improve until this process repeats.

Auxer- home world: Aux- humanoids that have features, usually ears, tails, hair texture/patterns, and senses, of a canine, feline, rodentia, or usserine nature. Auxer resemble humanity in almost every way, they even had their own form of racism between Auxer tribes as humans did with skin color in the past. The only real difference is that they were added to The God’s Game far earlier in their species’ development of civilization than the other races, as such they still maintain their tribal nature and traditions even with the advancement they have reached due to exposure and trade with other races.

Auxer are rather strange as a race over all. It is to the point that each and every tribe of Auxer could even be considered a new race of people themselves. Humanity has even managed to form close relationships with the Canis tribes, though the term “pet”, “bitch”, and “puppy” have taken on new meanings as both slurs and innuendos in their culture. The other tribes maintain a neutral view towards humanity as a whole, though the Felis Tribes do seem to be more hostile towards Humanity than they are neutral.

Auxer have adapted a mix of Cruxian, Fujealian, and Silarraeian technology into their own unique form of technology that seems to incorporate only the good from all three while leaving behind much of the flaws. This feat, though it took near three hundred years to accomplish, has earned Auxer the respect of all the other races of The God’s Game. Their technology and their policy to unite, even with past enemies, to overcome outside threats to their Race or Aux itself has proven the Auxer to be just as capable as Humanity is, and they should not be underestimated due to their humble beginnings.

Here is the basic history you will need to know to be successful as both a Number, and a player in The Gods Game. Listen closely, and memorize everything. Believe me when I say that while this history may seem to be irrelevant, it will likely save your life at least once when you become active. Learn from the past of others so you do not make the same mistakes they did.

The first contact Humanity had with intelligent life other than humans resulted in the year long war between Humanity and the Silarrae. It took a year only due to the Silarrae Empire’s reluctance to damage earth, or kill humans. Humanity eventually lost, thus earth and the Human Federation were made into subject vassals to the Silarrae Empire. This may have been the best outcome possible for humanity however, as the Silarrae were benevolent rulers, and allowed humanity to largely govern itself as long as it swore loyalty to the empire and payed a minor royalty tax on goods traded between planets.

The only real change they issued to humanity, was the reform of some laws to a standard that adhered to their culture more than humanity’s. Laws involving: public nudity, censorship, singular marriage, and prostitution were repealed and removed as they were seen as foolish, unenlightened, and at times even taboo to the Silarraeian people. Though initially these changes were heavily opposed, within twenty years they were seen as the norm for the majority of humanity.

With the help and technological support of the Silarrae Empire Humanity began its incorporation into the galaxy of The God’s Game. Humanity began to forge relations with the other races of The God’s Game, and within fifty years they began to rely on themselves again more than the Silarrae Empire. Humans began to explore, terraform, colonize, and populate planets to grow the Federations territory and resources. And within the next two centuries the Human Federation had purchased itself out from under the Silarrae Empire’s influence, though the hints of Silarrae culture still lingered in Humanity as laws or customs.

Within that time Humanity also gained an understanding of the ways of The God’s Game as well. Humanity discovered that in every race there was one percent of the population that was special, humans included. These special people were able to see information on any object they focused on, an ability that proved to be near invaluable in any occupation or field.

But this amazing ability was over shadowed by another discovery, one that changed Humanity on a fundamental level. Humans learned that Lives, could be given to another, though any one person could only ever hold five at any time. This fact lead to the discovery of a way to achieve one of Humanity’s longest and dearest desires, Immortality. Suddenly someone was able to live forever as long as they had extra Lives, as death would only take them back to the state they felt most comfortable in, which for most everyone was when they were young and healthy. Unfortunately for many Lives could only ever be given be a willing donner, that is they only ever can in most cases. Much like those special people that could see information, there were people who could forcible take Lives from anyone.

These two things will primarily concern a Number like you only in the form of Reapers and Analysts.

Here is what you will need to know. It is only the basics though, so don’t assume you are an expert on these types of people because of this. That is how a Number, 87, died before, and no one here wants a repeat of his loss.

Analysts- those with ability to gain information on an object by focusing on it. Analysts are able to learn just about anything and everything about their surroundings, but that power is not absolute. If they attempt to analyze something that is attempting to conceal information or resist analysis in some way, they must put more focus and time into their analysis. This could be due to a person’s natural defense to this ability, a person actively trying to hide things about themselves, an object or system made to hide something about itself or within itself, or any number of other reasons. Due to these factors an Analyst’s analysis of something may be only partial or even reveal nothing at all.

Analysts are also the only ones able to determine whether another person is an Analyst. This has resulted in many frauds, and many false Analyst claims being made annually, however these problems are minor and don’t concern someone like you. As a Number, you will only ever have to deal with dangerous rouge Analysts. This means that you will need to focus on honing your focus and ability to conceal information about yourself, but that training will come later on for you.

The next part is far more important to you as a Number, so pay close attention.

Reapers- those able to forcibly take and hold the Lives of anyone they kill themselves. They are also not confined to any limit to the number of lives they can hold at any one time. This is offset by the fact that a reaper only ever has one Life, and can never use any of the other Lives they hold. They also stop ageing at their peak physical states, are largely unaffected by any natural illnesses or poisons, and will live until they are killed. As such they already have a certain form of immortality built into their fundamental biology, and this lack of using extra Lives is not too much of a hindrance. They also all have the fundamental need to kill those of their own race, though they are not limited to just that race in any way, and many are medically psychopathic.

Reapers work primarily as Life collectors and dealers. They really don’t care who they collect from or deal to, just as long as they are paid. This makes them often times a problem, as their abilities are always at a level above others of their own race. They also have a tendency to heal from anything that is not fatal at rate that is usually one fourth that of normal. Reapers are almost impossible to control, and just like with Analysts, they can’t be identified by non-Reapers.

This issue led to the development of a secret anti-Reaper countermeasure the Reluctant-Reaper project, which was later taken in under and absorbed into the Numbers initiative. You yourself are the Product of the Numbers initiative, a Number.

Numbers, or you in this case, are a artificially created super life form. Numbers were made by compiling a standard genetic map that was designed to create the best outcome possible out of the DNA of countless species. Every Number is slightly different, though we all share the same base genetic mapping, as each Number is made with the addition of different DNA that was deemed useful for your intended purpose to the base genetic map. We Numbers aren’t human, no matter how human we look, but a combination of every sentient lifeform humanity has encountered, countless animals, and some specific plant life. This mixture is then processed into genetic material copied millions of times, combined with its designated pair, and then all these millions of pairs are placed in an artificial womb space. On average only four fetuses survive to the birthing stage. The strongest two are chosen to actually be born, and the others are scraped for their genes and materials. Those genes and materials are then administered directly into the two remaining, who are then separated until it is determined which of the two is superior. The inferior one is scraped in the same way as before, and the superior one is improved further using more gene reinforcement, biological nano-machines, and subliminal implementation of knowledge.

Only after that process is it then named with its number. Odd for males, even for females. Descending backwards from the first success, 100. This process takes approximately one full year to complete, seeing as the gene mapping can be done beforehand. After that year they begin work on the next number immediately.

I myself was the second success. Born one year after 100.

Essentially we each are an all a new sub-species of our main species of Number. And as you have learned from your ten year acclamation and adjustment period with your fellow Numbers, we are all there is of our kind. Just us. As such we Numbers have made our own rules on top of the initiatives.

Numbers will not do harm to other Numbers.

Numbers will aid any fellow Number whenever needed.

Numbers will win The Gods Game someday.

You like every other number was made this way, raised this way, and like every other Number you are both a Reaper and an Analyst. This combination however unfortunately means our growth will halt at a random time, and then make that time our peak physical state. Mine was at age fifty six, 100’s was at sixteen, and 91’s was at age four. This can become one of your strengths as well though, so do not let it concern you, and just wait for your aging to halt. Soon you will be assigned your partner, the Number that best fits with you in every aspect of yourself, after that you will enter advanced training.

And after advanced training you will be active, and be sent out to do anything and everything that the initiative needs of you. And you will do it, whether you want to or not, because the initiative ingrained a need to support, help, and protect every Number into every one of us.

And every number has one designed to be able to kill them. And they know we would never put another Number through the pain of going against its strongest instinct and desire as they are forced to kill us, just because we didn’t like the job we have been given.
Welcome to the Numbers initiative.

Now to finish this recording up so you can move on to better things, Young Number!

As it stands now in 5078, the Human Federation is the third greatest power in The God’s Game, and is the most populous race by far. Humanity is also unfortunately the physically weakest, and the shortest lived race.

We, as Numbers are the solution to that problem. We are stronger, faster, smarter, and all around better than Humans in every way. We are their weapons, their future, and their hope.

We as Numbers will be the ones to find out how to end this God’s Game, and we will be the ones who win in that end. We will take in the glory and the prizes for our success, and with them we will forge a new future, a future where we are the new gods of our own lives, and we are controlled by no one but ourselves! We, the Numbers will decide fate! We shall be free!

………………….. All for the greater good of humanity, of course………………….

……………………………All for humankind……………………..

End of transmission………………………………….

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