Chapter 1.3

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I was staring at my room’s electric blue ceiling, trying to catch my breath again. It was hard enough to keep things quiet enough for 33 not to notice anything was wrong even when I wasn’t panting for a breath.

Wow…………. That fantasy of 33 walking in on me as I’m doing this and just ravaging me always gets the job done, huh…….. How many times did I even cum from that this time around? Four, maybe five times? Kinda got lost in the fantasy there for a while…… thank the gods I insisted that the rooms all be soundproofed……………… What time is it now anyway?

As I got up from bed, I looked around my room. It was painted in soft shades of purple and lavender, the only exception being the ceiling which was the same blue as 33’s eyes, something he both noticed and didn’t seem to care about. My room was filled with equal amounts stuffed animals, mechanical projects and parts, and more computers and tech then most could imagine. Eventually my eyes found their way to the holo-screen currently serving as my alarm and clock.

10:34, huh? So about three hours since I left 33 to his call……. I guess I should go see how that worked out………..

After a quick sniff of myself, and after noticing how much I smelled of sweat and sex, I revised my plan.

But first a shower….. Then finding another outfit that’s both comfy and helps tempt 33 with my sex appeal, every little bit helps, even if he doesn’t seem to really care…………. THEN I’ll check in on how things went………… yep, solid plan 6, shouldn’t add more than twenty minutes to the day… or night now I guess….

Thirty four minutes later, I was still looking in the mirror.

Ok…. So it’s cute, but does it match up with what I was wearing before? It would be really awkward if 33 noticed I changed and asked about that…………

I looked over to the corner of my room where I dumped all the cloths that I had already worn since they had been last washed. I couldn’t pick out what outfit I had been wearing before, and I couldn’t remember it either.

I sighed.

Well 6, you’ve said it many times, but now it may really be time to woman up and just build a cleaning bot…….. the mountain seems bigger than it ever has been in the past, and I doubt I could even take care of all that with four uses of the laundry system……. It’s just not fair, how does 33 keep all his cloths clean when he never seems to use that thing?

I sighed again.

“Well, just something to add to tomorrow’s to-do list, I guess. This look is probably fine, it’s not 33 would care anyway…….” (6)

My trusty fantasy flashed through my head again, taunting me as I thought about what 33 would think of how I looked. Showing me something that I never thought i’d actually get to experience myself, but wanted more than almost anything else.

Yeah, like that will ever happen…………… Sure………… If I ever just asked 33 for sex, he’d probably give it to me, but it wouldn’t be what I want. For him it would just be an act, he wouldn’t feel anything from it, it would be empty, meaningless, and cold………. And from what 99 told me about how the initiative “Trained” him and 32 for sexual activities, he probably wouldn’t even understand the meaning behind my asking him for that………

I felt my mood sour and saw my expression go cold and hard in the mirror. My thoughts had taken a turn to one of my

Those fucking evil people, they ruined him and 32……. Maybe even made them beyond any repair, and they never even bothered to let them consider these types of acts as anything other than just “training”……… They made sure 33 and 32 couldn’t even consider that there might ever an emotional meaning behind those sort of acts if done in a different way or by different people……

I felt my hands start to clench tighter, and tears begin to form in my eyes. Ever since 99 told me why 33 never seemed to understand or retain anything I told him about how kissing and sex were signs of affection, the thoughts of what the initiative did to him when he was just my age would make me feel like this. Like I was sick, but also infuriated. 99 told me that he had given the people involved who survived 3 special attention when he was destroying the remnants of the Numbers initiative years ago. That even 100, and the other 90’s helped to make sure these people experienced a special type of suffering, but that didn’t fix the main problem.

33 and 32 wouldn’t have cared…….. they fucking couldn’t because the initiative made them unable to, had taken that gift away from them as well when they were both just beginning to be designed. There was no reason to not just tell them, but instead the initiative didn’t and just used them………. and the other numbers couldn’t even do anything to help them……. Now 33 may never………

I wiped my face, now wasn’t the time for this. It was all in the past now, before I was even designed let alone created. 33 was here now and I should just focus on that, not how messed up his life was before. I also had to let go of how 33 didn’t seem to understand how horrible the things that happened to him and 32 really were.

No, 99 said that he was starting to understand there was some meaning to acts like that, he just won’t process anything anyone else tells him about it. That if he is given enough time, 33 will figure things out on his own and overwrite all the shit they did to him for those five years…… I can wait for him, and I wont do or ask him for anything like that until he does. I REFUSE to be like those fucking monsters at the initiative……. For now, my fingers and fantasies are more than enough….

I checked myself in the mirror to make sure there was no sign of my having cried. 33 would be concerned if he saw that I had been crying, well he would be that mildly worried which for him was as concerned as he could be.

“I look fine. No reddened eyes, tear tracks, and my outfit is both cute and probably close enough to the last one 33 won’t even notice I changed…..” (6)

I turned towards my door, casting aside all my negative thoughts. These thoughts sometimes came with some guilt from sexualizing 33 in my fantasies, but after a few years I have mostly gotten used to them. I no longer had to run to 33 to cry and apologize for something I would never tell him about me doing like I used to the first few times.

That’s it 6, no use thinking about a past that you can’t change……. Just focus on the now…… the now is all that really matters anyway…….

“……………………….and that is why you should be expecting a call from someone by the name of Vartet Bell soon.” (33)

………………………. I was only gone for a few hours 33……….. How did you even manage to do all that in such little time anyway? And if you could’ve done all this apparently at any time, why did you wait till now?………… Oh, probably because you didn’t think it was important or couldn’t bring yourself to care enough to try…….. Duh 6, this is 33 here…… Caring in general isn’t a strong suit of his…….

I just looked at 33 as sat in my pride, joy and comfort. This was the command chair I had designed and customized to be the perfect mesh of technology and comfortable furniture. I could live in this chair and have slept in it many times, it was better than my own bed in a lot of ways.

“So……. You have your own clan of Cruxi, and you think they would be perfect to add on as personnel?” (6)

33 just looked at me with that handsome, perfect, but expressionless face. He didn’t even seem to notice how weird what he had just told me really was.

“Yes. They meet all our company’s necessary qualifications, and they are highly experienced.” (33)

And he doesn’t even seem the slightest bit concerned by what he’ll have to do to get them…… well I guess for 33, just helping in one war like this isn’t such a big deal…. Wow…….. I really have to learn more about my partner’s past and all the missions he did…… I never even knew he was so well connected like this, how many more connections does he have that he just doesn’t talk about or feels mater?

“And that is why you’ll be taking the Vespa and going to war?” (6)

33 just nodded at me.

“Yes. 6, it should be easy enough, at least we won’t have to track and kill people multiple times like an assassination job. I doubt it will take more than a month, Cruxi wars are usually very short.” (33)

That was true. The Gods had decided that wars, specifically any battle conducted due to war or happening on a recognized warzone, were one of the things that striped people of their special privileges and powers in this Gods game. Dying in a war was a permanent thing, no amount of extra Lives would bring you back. Analysts had a much harder time analyzing, and the information they gained was so little it was almost useless to even try. Reapers had a much reduced chance of taking Lives from those they killed, less than a two percent chance. And Numbers, well many Numbers were designed for combat and war so we were largely not bothered by these effects.

33 was just such a Number, he didn’t even use his analysis ability all that much because he said it was harder for him and he trusted his intuition and instincts more.

For us war really is easier than planning how to kill the same target multiple times…… but it is still war, and I don’t like the idea of you going into it alone, 33……

“33, don’t you think you should take me with you? You know, just so you aren’t completely alone there…. I won’t go into the actual war zone if you don’t want, I just think you shouldn’t be by yourself…” (6)

33 stepped forward and patted my head. I always did love when he would pat my head, it made me feel safe and like he really did care about me in his own limited way. It showed that he might even love me, even if it wasn’t the way I wanted him to. Ever since I was nine, this had been one of my favorite things to experience ever.

“I won’t be alone, I will be working with my old unit. And you will be able to stay in constant contact with me like always. No need to be so anxious 6, and remember you shouldn’t just try to put yourself into such dangerous situations. You aren’t designed for combat, isn’t that why you’re making the M.A.T.C.C-6?” (33)

………….. Really 33, once again you only picked up parts of a bigger picture. Can you really not think of any other reason I might want to come with you? That maybe I’d like to be by your side instead of on a completely different planet? That maybe I’m afraid for you even if you aren’t afraid for yourself? That maybe the whole reason I’ve been working on the M.A.T.C.C?

I looked up at him. He used to be so much taller than I was, but now I was five foot seven inches and 33 didn’t seem nearly as big and untouchable as he did when I was just a little kid. I wouldn’t let him do this without me like he was planning. 33 might think I couldn’t handle all that happens in war, but I could. Even if he won’t let me come with him I could still be with him in a less direct way, and this way he cant argue that I’m not safe…

“Ok 33, I’ll stay here. But you can’t turn off your transceiver while you are doing this, ok? In a warzone, there will be so many different com signals that it would be next to impossible to hone in on ours, let alone hack it. Promise me you won’t turn your transceiver off and I won’t ask to go with you anymore.” (6)

And if you don’t, I’ll stowaway on the Vespa as you leave….. No way am I letting you do this without me, 33! I am not some little kid that needs you to protect her from the horrors of war!!! I’ve seen so much already that nothing could scare me away from you!!!!…………….. I mean war!!!! That’s what I really meant, yeah….. Wow 6, now you’re even lying to yourself……. New low for me right there, so glad I didn’t say that aloud…..

33 just looked down at me. His expression didn’t change, but his eyes had a faint hint of mild surprise in them. He gave my head one last pat, then stopped.

“I never would’ve done otherwise 6, you’re my partner and I need you. You just aren’t meant for combat, so I thought it would be safer for you to stay here.” (33)

“I…… oh……. Well ok then…. I’ll just go check up on the Vespa and prep it for flight….. On my own….” (6)

I got up, turned, and began to walk out of the command center.

Stupid, stupid, Stupid!!!!! Don’t assume you know what 33 is planning 6!!! Every time you do that you end up getting it wrong, then looking like some little kid who doesn’t know what she’s doing and constantly jumps to conclusions!!!!! Just keep walking, and hopefully 33 will forget that little insecure outburst you just had…….

“6, I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning. You don’t have to prep the ship for flight right now.” (33)

“Ok, 33.” (6)

I kept walking, and I felt my face begin to burn with uncontrollable embarrassment as I left the room. As I walked into the elevator and set it to go to the garage, I leaned against the stainless reflective metal door of the elevator.

Well, at least 33 won’t care that I just made a complete fool of myself…….. time to drown my sorrow in my projects and gallons of chocolate mint ice cream……. I’ll be giving that amazing Number metabolism another workout all tonight, maybe I’ll even be able to add some to my bust……. Wait does 33 even care about bust size in a girl? ………………Oh well anything is better than these B-cups, especially if I’m supposed to stop growing soon…………………………………

i feel so bad for 6………….. poor girl has one awkward puberty period……………. then there is bein in love with someone who literally doesn’t share your same feelings……. oh and having to see all that bad death, torture, and rape stuff at a young age too……..

oh well 6 is a strong character so it’s all good……….. at least until 2 comes back into the picture…… that will be a whole new set of challenges and grief for her…… there can only be one little sister type, well at least as far as 2 sees things………

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