Chapter 2: So I’m a Vampire now…

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I woke up with a strange taste in my mouth, for a minute I wondered why I had fallen out on the couch instead of my far comfier bed upstairs. As my mind began working through the post-sleep fog of confusion clouding my thoughts I got up and headed up the stairs to my bathroom for a shower. I felt a little disoriented and even a little dizzy, it felt like my body was lighter and on top of that everything seemed more bright and vivid for some reason. It was like the world had suddenly become super high definition and I had lost some serious weight overnight.

Stumbling up the steps and into my room, I moved past my bed and the hemp woven hamper that blocked the way to my bathroom. A quick look around my room reminded me that I really needed to clean up my desk and I should really add something to the bare walls to replace the band posters I had taken down. Shaking my head and still warding off my grogginess I stripped out of my clothes, tossed them into the hamper, then opened the door to my bathroom.

I turned the water on in the shower and left the water to warm while I searched for my ever elusive toothbrush. Finding my target in out of its stand and next to the side mirrored cabinet where its partner the minty flavored toothpaste was kept I shook my head. I really should replace this thing soon, it’s always been too small for the stand and I always end up forgetting where I put it instead.  I thought as I rinsed off the toothbrush and added a glob of minty paste on it. Maybe I’ll remember to stop by a store this weekend, well that is if I can remember to after picking out a costume.

As I was thinking back to when Tom and Max were telling me about the costume party Max was holding in a few weeks the memories of yesterday came rushing back to me. Shit! I got mugged, I got mugged on my birthday no less! I grimaced and then looked up in the mirror expecting to see bruises on my neck where that psycho had grabbed me. Wait, what the hell!?

I dropped my toothbrush in shock, the person I saw in the mirror was not the one I expected to see. I expected to see the lanky thin guy of average height with the messy brown hair and green eyes, instead I saw someone who looked sort of like that guy but very different at the same time. The first difference I noticed was my face, it was more defined now with all of my features being more clear and pronounced in a way that complemented each other nicely. My hair now looked more like it had a deliberate style to it now instead of the wild mess that it normally was, it was still a bit messy looking but now it seemed messy in a way that looked good and usually required product. I glanced down and saw that my scrawny frame had somehow gotten some definition and muscle tone as well, I didn’t suddenly gain a lot of muscles and chiseled washboard abs but I did have something there now where there wasn’t before. I also seemed about two inches taller than I remembered being, I had finally pushed me past that 5’9 deadlock I had been stuck in for the last two years.

Most surprising of all were the elongated canines that I could only see as fangs and the deepest purple eyes I had ever seen. Hell the fangs alone were strange and they seemed to be retracting into a more normal, though still fairly large and sharp, size as I watched. The eyes which I just couldn’t see as my own slowly bleed into a green color that was only slightly brighter and clearer than what I remembered, when the eyes stopped changing color they were that new green with small flicks of the earlier purple color dancing in the iris when you looked deep enough into them. I found myself trapped by those eyes as I studied them, I couldn’t look away and my mind became strange. I only came back to myself when the mirror fogged up and I noticed that steam had filled the bathroom.

I shook my head to clear the last of the strangeness from my mind, it had been a sensation that felt like whatever had happened to me last night with that psycho guy only many times stronger. As my mind cleared I felt two conflicting emotions surge through me, terror mixed with no small amount of panic waring with excitement at these new changes I was seeing. Ok, I know turning eighteen is supposed to be a big deal, but this is ridiculous. So Alex the question now is how did I become model level attractive, grow retractable fangs, and gain color shifting eyes. I thought with growing excitement. One option immediately comes to mind, but that would be crazy. Then again…

I’m sure that most people wouldn’t normally consider what I was right now, but then again most people don’t get choked by a psycho, end up confused and in pain at their own house, then wake up looking like I did now with the addition of fangs. I could’ve tried to find a more scientific or logical explanation but instead the most likely option in my mind was based of pop-culture. In my defense what I was seeing sure seemed to fit with that pop-culture option, it fit almost to a tee.

“No don’t jump to conclusions, I need more proof before into seriously considering the vamp idea.” I noticed that the shower was still running at full blast at its hottest setting. “But first a shower…”




“Yep, I think this is enough proof…” I looked at my bed which I knew had to weigh at least twice as much as I did, I had been holding it up with one hand for the least five minutes. I felt like I could keep going like this for hours without even getting tired, there was no scientific reason I could think of to explain this so that left me with the first conclusion I had come to. “Alright, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve become a vampire.”

I put my bed back in place and then sat down on its edge looking at the digital clock on my nightstand. 3:12 am huh, mom should be home in a few hours. How the hell am I supposed to break this to her, “Hey mom, last night I ran into this crazy guy who I now think is a vampire, told that guy where we live, and woke up in the middle of the night as a vampire myself. How was work?” Yeah I can imagine that going over real well with her… I let out a sigh and fell back onto the bed, I was still trying to wrap my own head around this whole vampire thing and pretty soon I’d have to explain it to someone else. Well, might as well try and figure out what this means for me now. I reached out blindly for my phone where I had left it charging on the nightstand, since I wasn’t the least bit tired I figured now was as good a time as any to begin taking stock of things.

So vampires, what do I know? Turning on and unlocking my phone with a quick thumb swipe, I opened up a notepad app and began to list out everything I could think of about vampires. I decided to keep things simple for now and if I needed to I could add things to that list after I did some research online and on myself.

What I Know About Myself

  1. They become super model/actor level attractive.
  2. Super enhanced strength
  3. Eye weirdness that might hypnotize or trance anyone looking at them
  4. Enhanced senses, possible night vision?
  5. Unaffected by moving water? Needs further testing
  6. Have a heartbeat and breathe normally.
  7. Retractable fangs instead of upper canines

As I wrote I remembered the less than normal shower I took earlier and the distinct lack of what normally happened afterwards.

  1. Retractable claws/nails
  2. Stronger/Smoother/Softer skin, no major body hair (excluding certain places)
  3. Super regenerative Healing
  4. No need to relieve oneself, Needs further testing

I looked over the list and wondered for a moment if I had forgotten to add something, when I convinced myself I had all I knew about for sure as facts on the list I made a script break and started a new much longer list.

What I Have Heard About Vampires

  1. Eternal life/youth
  2. Ability to transform into animals
  3. Ability to transform into mist
  4. Ability to become invisible
  5. Drink blood
  6. Are nocturnal
  7. Burn up/Die in sunlight, UV light too?
  8. Can’t handle garlic
  9. Are weak to crosses
  10. Holy water is like poison to them
  11. Cant step on sacred ground
  12. Cant enter a home without permission
  13. Can transform into hideous but super powerful monster thing
  14. Can be killed with silver
  15. Cant cross living (moving) water
  16. Sexy as all hell
  17. Can hypnotize with a look
  18. Enslave humans as “Thralls”
  19. Live in covens
  20. The older they are the stronger they are
  21. Can turn others into vampires
  22. Can give irresistible commands to those they personally turn into vampires
  23. Die if they are infected by werewolves?
  24. Can manipulate shadows and darkness
  25. Can read minds
  26. Can or can’t drink from another vampire safely?
  27. Must sleep during the day
  28. Are undead?
  29. Can communicate with animals
  30. Can fly/move super fast/teleport

I looked at all I had on that list and stopped adding things, from all the movies, books, games, comics, shows, myths, legends, and folklore about vampires I couldn’t even begin to list everything about them. I figured that what I had was good enough, even if only as a touchstone to remind me about all the other bits of information on vampires that I had picked up in my life. With a sigh I glanced over to my desk where my laptop and trusty new desk computer were surrounded by countless pieces of paper, books, and various writing utensils. I really didn’t look forward to all the researching and fact checking I’d need to do, I was almost tempted to just blow it all off and play things by ear with my new situation.

I sighed again as I got up off my bed to retrieve the laptop. Even if it’s only a little, I should still see what I can find on the internet. At the very least I can do a quick google search and see what it brings up, I could use any new information I can find after all… As I waited for my laptop to go through the tedious process of booting itself up and updating itself I looked at the alarm clock on my nightstand again. This is not something I ever thought I’d be doing at 3:49 am on a Saturday… Congratulations Alex you’ve finally taken that elusive next step on the journey to becoming an emo, googling vampires alone in your room at night when sane people would be sleeping. Now I just need some guy-liner, black polish, and a deep inner torment that causes me to resent the world… I shook my head as the web browser slowly loaded on the screen in front of me. I would rather wear a speedo to school than guy-liner, and I would never paint my nails any color not even black.

Now how should I do this? Just google “Vampire”, nah that would probably give me way too many useless hits. Maybe try Wikipedia and move on from there using its references…




I heard the door open from inside my room, it was a weird how much more nervous I was now compared to when I was looking at myself in the mirror and seeing all the changes to my body earlier. I almost didn’t want to go downstairs, I would because there was no way I was going to keep something like this a secret from mom even if I knew how to, but I wasn’t all that thrilled about telling her either. I opened the door to my room and stepped out into the hall to just stare at the steps, I could hear mom downstairs. She was probably in the kitchen finding something that could serve as a quick meal before she turned in for the day, it’s what she usually did when she had to work the late shifts.

Eventually I made my way down the steps at the end of the hall and peeked out to see that yes mom was indeed doing just that. “Hey, welcome back mom.” I said trying to mask my nervousness as I moved into the living room. I didn’t want to pop out and show just how different I looked now compared to when she had left yesterday, that was the sort of thing I’m fairly sure a mother would pick up on immediately when it came to their kid after all. I figured that the best way to handle the big reveal would be to keep the shocking surprises to a minimum, for as long as I could manage that at least. “How was work?”

“Ah, Alex, you’re up early. Work was the usual, people needed unreasonable things done within an unreasonable time table and I had the fun of getting them and our contractors to settle on a compromise that neither side thought was fair.” Her voice seemed annoyed but I knew that she really did love her work, mom always said that it let her meet all sorts of interesting people and make all sorts of new connections. “How about you, how does it feel to be eighteen now?”

“About the same as it felt being seventeen before, I doubt the fact I’m a year older now will really sink in for another few months.” I moved to sit on the couch, a partial wall blocking off the view of the living room from the kitchen. “Anyway, something strange did happen yesterday…”


“Yeah.” I cringed as I wondered how I should put this. I guess I should just do it quick, like ripping off a band aid. “I ran into this guy who sort of choked and threatened me, got me to tell him where we lived and knocked me out somehow by talking to and looking at me, then dropped me off here at home.”

The silence from the kitchen was very telling.

“Oh, and I’m also pretty sure I’m a vampire now. So yeah, that’s a bit strange right?” I chuckled awkwardly before breaking off into silence. It was kind of freaking me out how mom was being quiet and not just dismissing what I said as a prank, I figured there would be demands for proof or laughter at what she thought was a good joke instead of this quiet. It was almost like she was taking what I said seriously right off the bat. I heard her start moving and soon saw her standing at the edge of the living room. She was wearing her serious face, the one that showed she wasn’t going to accept any bullshit and if she didn’t get clear and truthful answers than someone was going to pay.

My mother wasn’t the tallest woman, but for someone who was only 5’6, looked five years younger than she actually was, and was usually smiling and joking around more often than not she could be damn intimidating when she wanted to be. I had heard from friends how lucky I was that my mom was so nice and so attractive since I was thirteen, I never really said anything back to those sorts of comments. Mom was both a great mother and a beautiful woman with her long brown hair, a slim and fit figure, light blue eyes, and caring attitude, but I could never work up the courage to tell anyone that she could also be absolutely terrifying when she got like this.

“Alex, tell me everything.”

So I did, I told her everything I could remember about yesterday after she left for work. The fact that her expression only changed when I got to the part about what the man said and somehow made me say, and how that new face she had made looked absolutely murderous, scared me shitless.

When I was done speaking mom walked over and sat next to me on the couch, she wrapped an arm around me and pulled me into a side hug. We stayed like that and were quiet for a few minutes, but eventually I just had to ask. “Why do you believe me mom? Shouldn’t you think this is a joke or a prank or something? Shouldn’t you need more proof?”

Mom just sighed and held me a bit tighter. “I believe you because you’re my son, I can see that you’re upset and confused, and believe it or not this is far from the first strange and seemingly impossible thing I’ve encountered in my life.”

I looked at her with equal amounts of shock and confusion, what could be stranger than your son becoming a vampire? “Mom?”

Mom turned and looked at me as she tightened the hug even more, I couldn’t tell what the expression she was making meant but it looked conflicted. “I’m sorry Alex, this all might’ve been avoided if I had acted a little less selfishly…” She looked down and let out a deep sigh before looking up with resolute eyes. “But I can’t go back and change things, I’m not even sure I would if I could, there are things I can do here in the present though.” She nodded once and kept looking ahead. “We’ll have to move and I’ll need to find a new job, maybe make a few calls and finally take up that offer in Mistvale. If I can get a hold of Cathy then things will be a lot easier, but first…”

Mom was thinking aloud, it was one of her habit that she worked hard to get rid of and now only popped up when she was really nervous or excited. When she turned to look at me again her eyes were serious. “Kidlet, we need to have a talk…”

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