the triumphant return of a laptop and filling a graveyard…

so here we are folks, my laptop is back (though a lot slower than before) and i can start writing again. i’ve been working on the next D.I. chapter and i’ve got about half of it written out now (2000ish words),  but imma take a break from it a bit to try something….. secret…. you all might get to read that soon since i’ll be looking for some feedback on it…

i’m going to try and get the chapter out by sunday, but it’s taking longer to write than most. I blame Hanna, it’s hard to write quality guilt and madness… especially from the female POV……..

in some DPP housekeeping news, i have a graveyard now! it’s where all my lower priority or dropped projects can be found now.

Mady is also working on making her own art page and is constantly cleaning and improving the site, so there are probably all sorts of little things that have and will change in the site.

Xagnam is now my first editor, still looking for another editor and a few PR’s, if interested comment, PR me through RRL, flag me down in discord, or use some very clever smoke signals…. basically just let me know so i can consider you….

and that’s it, i’ll be posting again soon with a chapter so thanks for your patience!!!!

AaronDragon Out….

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