Yo! Did ya’ll hear about all the endings?

So hey there people, long time no update (Unless you happen to use/follow the D.I. discord…. then you’re probably as in the loop as you can be without actually being me….)…..


Anyway, i’m here to say stuff is ending. What stuff you ask? well for starters i’m dropping E.S….


Why? because everything in that story that motivated me to write it can be done and done better in the others…. also if i’m going to keep my sanity imma need to cut down on all the stories…. so yeah in the next few months as i look into publishing D.I. i’ll also be looking into what i can safely drop or pass on to other writers (I’m looking at you A.N.G…. writing realistic sci-fi is WAY to much research and technical mumbo jumbo for me….). what you all should know is safe is: D.I. (duh, if i dropped that one of you crazy fans might actually track me down…..), B.B. (it’s already about half done, why not finish it? plus it’s like a prequel for all the othe multiverse stories….), L.Z:I (Sally Damnit, i WILL get around to writing this again…. eventually…. i liked so much, why wont the motivation to contine it come back? WHY SALLY, WHY!?!?!?!?!)….

annnnnnnnnddddddd that’s about it…… O.I. i’m fond of and would like to work on again (And probably will in my down time on the side….), F.L. is fun and i like writing it (Dark fantasy and medieval level politics…. like french fries and milkshakes, a match made for each other….), and this new secret project i started up on a whim is kinda fun to write too (Closest i’ll ever come to writing sci-fi again….. *Sigh* at least now i can have my A.I. opsession quenched…. T.A.I just wasn’t enough for me….)….


eventually i want to bring back Nick and my part of Throne of All, but that can wait until after i finish B.B. (which is still on the back burner, sorry B.B. fans….)


Imma keep the secret project to myself and my editors/PRs (Who currently are only Xagnam and maybe Mady if i can rope her in….) since i might make it into it’s own stand alone e-book, but i will say it’s about superheroes/supervillains and the october poll will offer you a chance at a DPP exclusive teaser….


welp, that’s about it for now…. back to writing for me, D.I.’s next chapter (Hanna’s side story) should be out by monday at the latest…. well unless something unexpected happens….

Oh and i’ll be letting you all (The Fans) choose which freebie extra chapter you want (that’ll be with the next D.I. release….), so remember to comment and let me know what you want (otherwise i’ll choose for you…)….


AaronDragon out….

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2 thoughts on “Yo! Did ya’ll hear about all the endings?”

  1. I have decided to stop reading D.I. because my memory about random stuff is pretty good and if I read it all on here it will annoy me when I go to read the published version. can’t wait till it’s out keep up the good work.

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