Chapter 17: Ending a threat

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The first thing I noticed when I awoke was how different things were now, my senses had changed and my connection with Instinct also seemed different than it was before. I could feel Instinct like before, but now the bond was stronger and Instinct felt more separate. It was like before she was just a different part of myself, but now she was an individual separate from me except for our connection and a line of power that I sensed her drawing through me. I actually felt things were better this way, I hadn’t even noticed how cramped and limiting things were until now.


I was absorbing more power now as Instinct channeled power through me, and new information just seemed to appear inside me. I had knowledge about various things that seemed obvious to me now, and with my new senses I could perceive power in new ways. I didn’t just sense mana and animus now, I could also sense the lesser powers that made up the two. I could even vaguely sense the hints of greater powers beyond mana and animus, but from what little I perceived I knew there was no way for me to do anything with them.


Everything was different now, but things were still the same. I was still me, now I was just more me without any of Instinct inside of me.


These were some of the thoughts I contemplated most of the day, but they weren’t the only things I considered. As I watched Hanna make the final contract with my guests I considered what I would do and what changes I would be making in and for my dungeon, and after talking to Hanna and Instinct about various laws and rules I knew there were going to be a lot of things to do. I was looking forward to it, I thought the changes would be fun and having more of the seven races visit my dungeon would be very interesting.


Even when the explorers left my dungeon I was still excited, today would also be the day I woke up Ulisus and took the next step in saving him. I was sure Hanna would be really happy having this as her reward and I wanted to talk with Ulisus and learn more about him and male humans that Hanna apparently couldn’t tell me. It would still take time until I could completely save him like Hanna seemed to want, I would need to understand humans much better before I could make a new body for Ulisus after all. I didn’t think that would be a problem though, I would just need to use some of my guests to learn how a human works and how they are made.


As I waited for the mites to finish moving Ulisus to the entrance of the dungeon like Instinct suggested, I happily watched over Hanna while talking with Instinct. She was really going to enjoy this surprise, I was sure of it.



As I lead Hanna, Ralt, and Loria to the entrance for Hanna’s surprise reward I talked with them and realized something very important.


“Ralt, what do you call the other mites when they don’t have names?” (Waynor)


“They are just my kin or battle-kin, Lord Waynor…” (Ralt)


I understood that, but I also understood that with the level of intelligence I had given the mites they should also be aware of and crave their own identities. Since today I myself had come to understand the importance of an identity tied to nothing but yourself, I thought it might be good for the mites to have that too. I couldn’t name them all and I wouldn’t even if I could since it didn’t seem fun, but they should still have some way to distinguish individuality.


“I think all the mites should have some way to call themselves individually…” (Waynor)


Ralt stopped moving and seemed to be shocked, Hanna and Loria kept up with me though. I had heard from Loria it would be more of a surprise for Hanna if we took some time to get to the entrance instead of porting directly there, that was why we only ported to the end of the second floor and were walking the rest of the way. When he s


“Lord Waynor… Are you saying you will name all of my kin? Every mite having a name…” (Ralt)


“No I don’t think my lord meant that Ralt, it would be quite difficult to name every mite. Perhaps Lord Waynor will gave a name to each hive, but a name for each mite would probably be too much for even him.” (Loria)


“Wait, I get that being named is a big deal and takes power and whatnot, but why couldn’t Waynor just name everyone? Sure it might take some time, but shouldn’t it be possible?” (Hanna)


…Hmm I guess I could do that if I wanted, but there are so many mites and it would require so much power that it would take a very long time…  I don’t want to spend that much time or power on something as small as naming creations…


Loria smiled and nodded at Hanna.


“It is possible Hanna, but doing something like that defeats one of the main purpose of having a name. Being named is a status for us, it’s like being of high nobility or something similar. If too many creations are named, especially too many of the same species, then that status would lose its meaning and the various enhancements bearing a name would bestow on one would be lessened. Generically less than ten creations of the same species are given names by a dungeon to maintain order and value to name bestowals, and even with Aide Instinct here that number doesn’t change much.” (Loria)


I looked at Loria and once again felt pride, she was undoubtedly my best creature yet and far surpassed even the two muses Instinct made. I wasn’t entirely sure how or why she had all the knowledge she did, especially when I only had vague feelings on some of the things she seemed to know as facts, but I assumed that it had to do with some of the lesser power types she has been collecting and refining within her stored mana. Now that I could sense all these forms of power I could tell that some of them had rather strange effects and felt some could even bestow information onto their holders, Loria seemed to prove that feeling was right as well.


…I can’t use many of the lesser powers though, they’re just to insignificant for me to really grasp or wield… They all just fuse together and make mana or animus when I try absorbing them… Though some…


It was interesting having my new level off senses and knowledge, I understood so much more about the powers that made up everything but with that understanding came more questions and confusion than before. I knew that mana and animus were made up of lots of different forces and powers, and I also knew that by changing or moving those lesser powers I could convert one into the other though some amount of power would always be lost in that conversion. I understood that there were also powers greater than mana and animus that were beyond me, I could sense these greater powers everywhere but at the same time they were nowhere and simply felt beyond me. I was beginning to even become familiar with and recognize some of the lesser powers after sensing them enough, though I had no names for them. But even with that knowledge and perception I knew very little about why things were like this or what all these powers were, all I knew was that they were there, always would be there, and that I could use some of them.


I had lost focus on what was being said as we moved towards the dungeons entrance, it didn’t seem important anymore. I would bestow the hives themselves names and link these hive names to the leading hive mothers of those hives, then I would tell the mites to find designations for individuals. That seemed like it would solve the issue, and that way I won’t have to name too many mites, though I’ll have to ask Instinct to help.


I was glad that I was able to solve things so quickly and simply before it could become a problem for the mites or the future guests. As we began to approach the passage into the entrance floor I decided that I had thought enough about various things for today, the rest of my focus for the day would simply be used on Hanna’s reward.


“…Than why not just convert monsters from the outside then? That would help with the name problem right?” (Hanna)


“Accepting random outsiders into my lord’s dungeon isn’t that easy either, Hanna…” (Loria)


“Yes bringing in sub-standard outsiders could sully the splendor of the dungeon and our lord and master’s honor. It’s better to just not take that risk…” (Ralt)


I hoped that Ulisus’ soul was in the right condition, if not it might take a bit more power than Instinct and I expected. It would be a shame to have to put off all the things I would do with my dungeon now just because of something like that, though taking a few days to consider things with Instinct while absorbing power might be fine as well…



We were all gathered around the sealed Ulisus, and I could tell everyone was excited. Even Instinct had projected her will so that she was here, I couldn’t see it since she didn’t make her will visible like I did but I could sense exactly where she was so that didn’t really matter. Hanna had been fidgety and nervous ever since she saw her brother here, and even now that hadn’t changed.


“Now Instinct and I will wake up Ulisus and take the next steps in saving him. Hanna, this is another reward for you being a good girl and doing such a good job with handling the explorer guests we had.” (Waynor)


“So you’re really doing this now? I can really be with my brother again? Talk to him again?” (Hanna)


Hanna was crying, but I think this was one of those strange times that the tears didn’t mean sadness that she told me about before. I didn’t understand it very well, but I think it meant Hanna was really happy now so I felt it was a good thing. With this reward I felt Hanna would be even closer to following me with the loyalty of my other creatures, I thought it might be possible for her to reach that point in just a few more years if I could give a few her more rewards like this one in that time.


“Yes.” (Waynor)


“T-Thank you… Thank you so much Waynor!” (Hanna)


Hanna started shaking and crying more while smiling, Loria stepped up beside her and began patting her back.


“Isn’t this great Hanna? You get to be together with your brother again, I know how much you’ve wanted that…” (Loria)


“Good for you Lady Hanna, I am glad you will be reunited with your kin soon.” (Ralt)


Hanna started to wipe at her face with her hands and when she took her hands away she had the biggest smile I had ever seen her make.


“Yeah…” (Hanna)


“Remember this Hanna, Waynor is the one who’s bringing your brother back to you from certain death…” (Instinct)


“I know, you haven’t ever let me forget that. I really am grateful, even to you Instinct… You’re going to bring my brother back to me! I can’t even put into words how much this means to me…” (Hanna)


“Good… Well I guess we should just start now, right Waynor?” (Instinct)


I was sure Instinct and I had enough power to make this work, and I understood what we would need to do as well as Instinct did perhaps even more now with my new senses.


“Yes, let’s begin now…” (Waynor)


I reached out with power and felt that power begin to intermingle with Instinct’s own power, her power felt familiar but it was very different from mine. Instincts power was less defined then mine, her mana and animus had very little lesser powers contained within them. It was like her power was the bare minimum of what it took to be mana and animus and mine was full of all sorts of other lesser powers reinforcing it beyond that minimum. It was interesting and I could feel Instinct’s surprise and pride in me when she felt my own power with hers, even when she used my power before or when she channels her own through me I guess she never noticed but now she could.


I released the stone seal that had encapsulated Ulisus and watched as he suddenly opened his eyes and began gasping and moaning. Hanna gasped and made a move to go to Ullisus before Loria and Ralt held her back, that was good it would be hard enough to do this without Hanna’s own soul energy obscuring things.


…It’s there, but it’s not quite separate enough from his body for us to do anything with it yet… There’s nothing to do until it separates more, I guess…


Souls were very complex, but ever since I awoke earlier today I understood them well. A soul could hold on to things like memory and personality even when the mind could not if a person trained it too, a soul could be made to do all sorts of other things as well but without the power to manipulate or use souls those things were beyond a soul. The energy behind a soul and the powers that made one up were lesser powers that helped to make up parts of animus, and luckily they were also powers that both Instinct and I could manipulate as well. We would have to be careful since we couldn’t do anything to Ulisus’ body, but his soul was something we could do things to. Once his soul separated enough from his physical body then Instinct and I would be able to manipulate it, and once we had his soul we could begin the next step.


I watched as Ulisus’ body slowly lost more blood and more of his soul slowly separated from the vessel of that body. I Ignored Hanna and let Loria explain what we were trying to do to save Ulisus, for some reason I felt that Loria should understand what we were doing well enough to calm Hanna down.


…This is taking longer than I thought it would… This won’t work if he actually dies, but since I haven’t gained power from a death he probably hasn’t actually died yet… Maybe his soul won’t separate enough from his body for Instinct and I to do anything until Ulisus is dead? That would mean I couldn’t save him, and Hanna would be sad… That’s not a very good reward for her at all…


I waited with Instinct and my power utterly surrounding Ulisus and his emerging soul, it took time but I was patient and just waited maintaining total focus on Ulisus’ soul. Once I felt the soul with my power and was able to actually touch it with my power Instinct and I acted, we carefully drew out his soul from his body. The soul struggled for a moment before settling and we began to weave it into the body at certain points.


It was a simple but delicate process, Ulisus’ soul was acting as his mind as well as the strings that guided his body and vessel. It made his body nothing more than flesh while keeping him alive, and gods could not lay claim to simple flesh. As I waited for the claim the gods held over his body fade I considered what I would need to do to make this work, I wouldn’t have much time as once Ulisus was more alive than dead the gods’ claims over him as one of their seven races would resurface and block my access once again.


I had focused so much that I couldn’t notice anything else, even Instinct faded away into the background with my only reminder of her existence being our merged power which I was wielding. The exact moment the last of the claims blocking me faded away into nothingness I began to work.


I didn’t know everything about what made a human healthy and well especially on their insides, but Instinct and Hanna had told me a lot. The first thing I did was replace and fill Ulisus with blood, then I began merging and healing the wounds and scars inside of his body. Ulisus’ body jerked and spasmed as I violently forced his souls vessel back to a state where it could live on, there was screaming and crying and all sorts of other noises but I didn’t let any of them distract me.


The blood is good now, he should have enough now and it won’t leak out anymore. The Heart is beating harder now, a little more and it should be fine… Oops, that was too much, gotta get it to stop leaking now too… Ok, now should be the brain right? I don’t know if this part is supposed to be brown, but let’s give it some power just to be safe… Alright, next is?


I worked as fast as I could, and I solved the dilemma of not understanding human’s insides by just flooding Ulisus with power and willing him to heal. The few direct things I did were inelegant rushed things like closing wounds with blood leaking out of them and making the heart beat stronger by force, I also forced Ulisus’ skeleton back into place in a few places but the cracks and rends on it I left alone.

When I had just started on the ribs I felt my power just dissipate inside of Ulisus. When I reached back out to him my power wouldn’t touch him, the gods’ claims had resurfaced as his soul returned to the restored vessel. Ulisus’ body was no longer soulless flesh to the gods but once more a human of the seven races and as such my ability to influence him with power directly was gone. I felt fairly confident that he would survive now, though he seemed to be rolling and moaning in what I assumed was pain.


I pulled up my menu to check how much power I’d used for this, and was shocked by the sheer amount of power I had lost.


[ Name: Waynor ]

[ Titles: “Icon of Patience”, “Self-Named Dungeon”, “The One Who Endures” ]

[ Rank: 1 ]            [ Dominion Level: 0 ]

[ Territory: N/A ]              [ Dungeon Views: {invaders (threat)} {overview} ]

[ Power: { Mana: 4,096} { Animus: 7,832} ]

[ Class: ??? ]       [ State: Flawless core]

[ levels: 1 ]          [ Floors: 16 ]       [ Entrance/Exits: 1 ]

[ Inhabitants: {???: 1} {humans: 1} {Mites: 1,000,000+ (Hive Mothers: 13) (Warrior Mites: 4,539)} {Elementals: (Wisps: 123,421)} {Fae: (Pixies: 49,206) (Muses: 3)} {Plants: (Corrupted plants: 1,000,000+) (Carnivious vines: 64) (flower soldiers: 58,692) (parasitic seeders: 123)} ]

[ Traps: {Spike: 23} {Pitfall: 2304} {Arrow: 2580} {Wall: 921} {Ceiling: 451} {Fire: 652} {Poison: 737} {Acid: 402} {Maze: 4 } {Magic: 41,390} {Original design: 2,133} ]

[ Creation Options: {Mana: (Expansion) (Building) (Decoration) (Design) (Trap Creation) (Core Growth) (Rune Creation) (Core Restoration) }                    {Animus: (Dungeon Lord Creation) (Inhabitant Creation) (Soulstone Creation/Granting) (Name Bestowal) (Mutation/Evolution Management) (Core Growth) (Core Restoration} ]

[ Destruction Options: {Mana: (Magic) (Deconstruction) (Siphoning) (Absorption) (Portation) (Teleportation) (Automatic Item/Magic Recycling)}          {Animus: (Siphoning) (Absorption) (Remodification/Recreation) (Automatic Life Recycling)} ]

[ Unique Ability Options: (Adaptive Database) (Adaptive Power Comprehension) (Adaptive Omni-Language Processes) (Dimensional Mastery) (Mana/Animus Conversion) (Over-Bestowal) (Absolute Contract) (Memory Processing Orb) ]

[ Stored/Owned Bosses: {Dungeon lord (Unknown): 1} {Muse: 3} ]

[ Listed Known Creations: {∞} ]


…Even without the claims of the gods it seems altering one of the seven races is quite costly…


I watched as Hanna rushed over to her brother and supported him so that he could sit up in the bottom half of the transparent stone coffin he had been sealed in, she was crying and smiling again.


“Ulisus? Ulisus can you hear me? Are you alright? Ulisus!” (Hanna)


Ulisus gave a wet cough before a smile appeared on his face.


“I’m alright little sister, but if you worry me to death-…” (Ulisus)


Hanna wrapped her arms around Ulisus and pulled him into her holding him tightly and laughing as tears rolled down her face. It was a strangely beautiful scene and quite enjoyed witnessing it, but I didn’t feel it nearly made up for all the power I had lost.


I turned away and left Hanna to enjoy her reward and turned my attention to Instinct, I opened the connection between us and could feel tension and nervousness from her.




…Waynor, you trust that I mean the best for you in everything I do, right? (Instinct)


That was a strange thing to ask, how could I not trust Instinct? She existed to solely aid me in whatever I needed, there was no way I could not trust her knowing that. Instinct may have changed since I awoke earlier, but I actually enjoyed and approved of those changes and knew that her purpose hadn’t changed.


Of course I trust you Instinct, why?


She sent nothing and was silent so long that I began to wonder if she would actually respond, and when she did the guilt that came through the bond was immense.


We should have told you… no, regardless of what Loria thought or did I should have told you myself… I’m sorry Waynor, but I’m sure this had to be done… He was a threat to you… A direct threat… I would never overlook something like that, not when you were the one at stake… (Instinct)


Instinct what do you-…


It happened suddenly, a significant amount of power entered my dungeon at a very high speed. I turned to try and find the source, and I saw something slam into the back of Ulisus’ head.


Ulisus’ head exploded, his soul left the now ruined vessel of his body, and I gained far more power than I did from any of the other humans who died in my dungeon. Ulisus had died, and the soul that made him up simple flowed out of my dungeon.


It was silent, no one spoke and other than Ralt moving in front of Hanna no one moved. As the body of Ulisus began to be dissolved and absorbed into the stone that once served to preserve him, I felt relief and guilt through my bond.


And now that threat to you is gone… I apologize Waynor but both Loria and I felt this was the best way, and I would do it again if it meant removing a threat to you… (Instinct)


I just watched as the body slowly disappeared into stone, an effect and price I never thought the stone would get to show when I first chose it as the sealing material. Hanna was utterly still and was just staring at something outside of my dungeon.


You ruined Hanna’s reward…


Yes… I did… (Instinct)


Hanna reached up and removed a piece of brain that was stuck to her cheek, when she looked at the bit of brain on her finger and what was left of Ulisus’ body sinking into nothing she didn’t have any expression. There weren’t even tears coming from her eyes, her face was just blank. She looked back out the entrance again, then turned around and began walking deeper into my dungeon without saying anything.


“Lord Waynor, I would like to request permission to leave the dungeon for a moment…” (Loria)


I looked at Loria, she likely had something to do with this given what Instinct had sent to me.


“You may, but when you return I would like to talk to you, Loria.” (Waynor)


Loria trembled for a moment before nodding and walking out of the dungeon. I looked to Ralt as she left.


“Guard and guide Hanna.” (Waynor)


Ralt simply bowed and began moving after Hanna.


Instinct, I don’t understand human mindsets very well yet… Tell me, did this break Hanna?


…Yes it seems so… (Instinct)


And you knew it would before this happened?


…Yes, I did. (Instinct)


So you planned for this?


Yes Loria and I did plan for Hanna to become like this are at least some state similar… (Instinct)


I see… I’d like you not to break what’s mine again without getting my permission first…


I’ll try to do so in the future, but I don’t think I can promise anything… If I think there is a threat to you, I may act without informing you again… (Instinct)


I thought about that for a moment. Instinct’s purpose was to aid me, and if she acted in secret for my own benefit then that would be a form of aiding me. I could accept that, it was a simple question of if I could trust Instinct and I already knew the answer to that.


Fine… But try to keep times without informing me to a minimum, I don’t like surprises like this…


I severed the connection between us and returned to my core room, the surprise reward I had planned for Hanna had backfired horribly today. I don’t think I would try surprise rewards anymore…





It had only been a matter of getting Erica to tie me from a tree, an act that I had a good deal of experience in already. That’s all it took to separate myself from the rest of the party without raising the least bit of suspicion in any of them.


As I brushed the remnants of Erica’s magical returning rope off of me I looked up to see Nora leaning against the tree I had just been suspended from. She tilted her head when our gazes met and she put on a mildly troubled look.


“So… Should I be concerned about how often you get tied up? You know Feris you can tell me if you have some secret preferences, I’m very accepting…” (Nora)


I couldn’t help the smile that came to my lips, Nora would be the one to make a joke about a possible fetish of mine at a time like this.


“No, nothing to be concerned with on that front, Nora…” (Feris)


She walked closer but maintained the look.


“Really? You do know I’d be happy to tie you up if I could, but given I’m like this…” (Nora)


She gestured to her body wrapped in those beautiful dress robes.


“I can understand if you have to turn to other women for your unique needs. I just want you to know that I fully support you and your… Preferences…” (Nora)


“Oh, Haha… Your wit and sense of humor are in top form tonight I see.” (Feris)


I began to quickly back track heading back towards the dungeon, I saw Nora moving next to me as only a ghost could. She seemed to be walking but her feet never touched the ground and she was moving farther than her stride should have carried her, it was strange to watch but that was how many spirits tended to cover large stretches of ground quickly.


“What can I say? It’s a gift…” (Nora)


“Yeah sure, a gift…” (Feris)


We moved in quiet for a while before Nora spoke up again with a soft and far more fragile voice than I was used to hearing from her.


“Hey Feris, do you really think I could have a real body again? That I could be alive again?” (Nora)


I didn’t respond for a while, but as I moved over a fallen tree I gave my answer.


“Yes, I think there’s a real chance… If Loria will actually honor that claim even when it can be done is something I’m less sure of though. Until we know for sure one way or the other for either of those points though I’m going to end up doing whatever she asks…” (Feris)


“You’ll do it for me even if I ask you not to, won’t you?” (Nora)


“Yeah…” (Feris)


“You always were stubborn like that…” (Nora)


“Yeah…” (Feris)


It was quiet for a long time, and it wasn’t until we had made it most of the way back to where the dungeon when she spoke again.


“Feris, I love you. I think what you’re doing for my sake is more than a little stupid and I’d much rather take the risk myself rather than let you get involved at all… Still, thanks for doing this for me…” (Nora)


“I love you too, and I know you’d do the same if you were in my position…” (Feris)


“I would, wouldn’t I? I guess that just means we’re both stubborn, huh?” (Nora)


“Yeah… But I’m more stubborn than you.” (Feris)


I heard her laugh and I felt like everything was alright in that one moment.


“You wish, it’s still ten years too early for you to even be a match for my stubbornness, Feris…” (Nora)


“Sure, that’s why you used to change your mind so often back then…” (Feris)


“That was just part of my stubbornness, I would stubbornly change my mind…” (Nora)


“And stubbornly agree with people, and stubbornly establish compromises…” (Feris)


“See, I knew you would catch on eventually Feris!” (Nora)

I just shook my head fighting off the grin that was threatening to appear on my face.


Gods I missed this… Nora and my banter, our little inside jokes, the competition… how have I lived with this missing for so long?


As a real smile came to my face I began to pick up my pace, there was no way I would let myself lose this again. Not for anything…



I was crouched in the darkness, bow drawn, arrow nocked, and watching what was happening just inside the entrance of the dungeon. I saw something happen between Waynor the dungeon will and a man in a strange sort of coffin, and now the man in the clear coffin was being hugged by Hanna while she cried tears of joy. I assume that had been the healing thing Loria told us about, and now I was simply watching her carefully for the signal Loria said she would give.


“It’s him… That’s the boy who had my parents killed, even if he is older now I can tell… Ulisus Tultsven…” (Nora)


I almost let my arrow fly at that exact moment, it took a lot to hold back. Nora was hovering over my shoulder and I was certain by the hate in her voice when she spoke that she was glaring at the man hugging his sister. I would kill him for what he did to Nora, and I would kill him for the chance he could bring her in death all I needed to do was wait for Loria’s signal.


…Ulisus Tultsven, you were a man who crossed to many in your life… Now that life will meet its end at my hands…


I saw Ulisus talking seeming to almost argue with Hanna when I finally saw Loria give the signal, her head dipped once and when it came up again she looked directly at me while mouthing “Do It”.


That was all I needed, I began to gather my mana into the arrow’s tip. I wasn’t the best with a bow and I was far from being a mage, but there were still a few tricks I could do with my mana and with a bow. This was just one of the tricks that I could do with both, a mana charged arrow was an arrow that few would survive being hit by.


“Feris, you won’t miss right?” (Nora)


Her voice was hard, Nora had always been the better shot of the two of us. She had a gift with a bow that I just didn’t, and she knew that.


“I won’t if you possess me…” (Feris)


It was a simple solution to me, I might be able to make the shot from this distance but Nora defiantly would. Nora was a ghost and ghosts could possess the living, I was alive and pointing a weapon she was familiar with at the man who hurt her. Two plus two equals four.


“…Only because you offered, I’ll make this quick I swear…” (Nora)


“It’s fine, I trust you with my life so why not my body? Do it.” (Feris)


It was a strange feeling when Nora entered my body and took control, I suddenly became an observing passenger in my own body. Even so I was fine with that, Nora really was the better shot between us…





I corrected the shot Feris had lined up, at this angle it would have curved and taken out the girl in front of Ulisus instead of the ass himself. Feris really should stick to knives instead of bows, he was a decent shot but that was his limit with a bow but with a good dagger he could take on anything.


“Die…” (Nora)


I let the arrow go and watched as it flew, the slight breeze that would have had Feris’ shot kill the girl gently nudged my shot into a direct course with the back of that bastards head. When his entire head exploded from the mana loaded arrow I felt a delight that overshadowed even the feeling of a job going well back when I was alive, it was almost intoxicatingly pleasant.


I’m done now Feris… You can take over again, I’ll leave…


No, you were the one to take the shot, you should be the one to get to take the bow. I wouldn’t take that from you, not with how much you like showing off… (Feris)


I had to work not to let the smile actually show, Feris knew me so well. I really wish we could have just told each other how we felt before… before that last job…


…If just one of us was a little bit braver…


We can’t change the past Nora, trust me I’ve thought about that for years. All we can do is learn from the past and embrace the present, we’ll be brave now since we weren’t back then… (Feris)


I nodded.


You’re right, Feris… We’ll be brave now…


I stood and waited for the girl to notice me like Loria had told us too, and soon enough she did. I smiled wide and made a grand sweeping bow, when I came up from that bit of theatrics I put one finger against my smiling lips before giving a wave and turning to walk away.


I had recognized that expression, I had seen it on myself in the past. That girl was broken, emotionally dead inside or as close to it as she could get without losing all of herself. Our job was done here.


I slipped out of Feris’ body and kept pace with him as he walked back into the cover of the trees, all we would need to do is wait for Loria now.


Really, using almost all your mana in one shot… Feris, you’re as stubborn as always… Not even considering what would happen if I missed, but I guess that’s just one of the parts of him I fell in love with…


I watched the back of the man I loved and how was deadest on getting me a new body and felt the silly smile I always got when I thought about being together with him grow on my face.


My Feris the Quick… We really should have been braver in the past, huh?





It wasn’t long before I saw Loria come through the tree line.


“You both did well, I couldn’t have asked for better.” (Loria)


I just nodded.


“So the information you promised?” (Nora)


Nora’s voice was a mix of expectant and annoyed, I could tell Loria was someone she probably would never get along with. I probably wouldn’t get along with her either, but that didn’t change the fact that we needed her if we were going to have a shot at getting Nora a body and another chance at life.


“Yes you did hold up you’re end of our deal quite well… My lord will need time to store up a good deal of power to move you into a new body, but there are quite a few things that you can do to lessen the burden on my lord and increasing the chances of a successful transition…” (Loria)


She stopped talking and was making that smile I hated again, but like the good little pawn I was for her I put up with it and asked the question she was waiting for.


“And what things would those be?” (Feris)


“To move Nora’s soul into a new vessel that her soul will accept it would be helpful to have a portion of her soul’s old vessel, powdered bone would work best. I’m sure you both know where the body is buried, correct?” (Loria)


I nodded, not letting her tone or rudeness bother me.


“Then the other way would be for you both to shed any and all claim the gods may hold over you, or willingly consent to allow my lord to alter you while casting aside any faith you may hold in the gods. It would be needless effort for Lord Waynor to have to waste power in competition with whatever god feels entitled to both your souls…” (Loria)


I swallowed, casting aside the gods wouldn’t be much of a problem for me but some of the stories of curses those who did so suffered were a bit unnerving. I would still do it, I would do anything for Nora’s sake.


“Alright, is there anything else you want me to do for you, Loria” (Feris)


I saw Nora Stare hard at me out of the corner of my eye, but the fact was we were both still playing this monsters game and to make matters worse we were also playing by her rules. I had to ask or I would end up regretting it latter on when she used my not asking against me.


“In fact there is something now that I think about it. There is a woman who is leading a band of mercenaries I believe go by Bloody Fist, your guild master should have more details on who I’m speaking of. I’m quite certain my lord would like to see her visit his dungeon once again, and so I want the same. If you can arrange for such a thing to happen I’m sure it would help you gain some favor from Lord Waynor as well…” (Loria)


I just nodded and turned to leave.


“I understand, we’ll be leaving then…” (Feris)


“Yes, I hope to see you both again soon, Feris, Nora. You are quite interesting to me after all…” (Loria)


I just kept walking.


Yeah, Loria and I will never get along… But it’s worth it for Nora, anything is worth it for giving her a second chance at life…

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