Dungeon Instinct’s cover and an official introdution

Everybody don’t freak out the Lord and Master of this place hasn’t disappeared yet. I just took over to rule this place aka to update everything (Cuz somebody couldn’t update their own site….)

Also, I can finally introduce myself as an official member of Dark Palace Productions. But before that I proudly present the new cover of Dungeon Instinct:


For the RRL addicts, you might remember AaronDragon posted a notice in chapter 6 that I would be working on the cover…..Now almost 100 days (to be more precise 138,480 hours) after Aaron asked me to make this cover, I finally finished it. I will post a behind the cover thing in the near future….

Anyways, I am MadelynBlack, AaronDragon’s artist/slave (he still thinks I haven’t noticed it yet that he just wants to use me). I am also the one who made the cover for Black Blood.  As an artist, I am quite a noob as I started to draw seriously not even a year ago. However, with every project I do, I am growing more and more. AaronDragon asked me if I wanted to come there to the dark side, so I could promote myself a bit more and to take some commissions.

So, you probably will see me pop up sometimes trying to take over the site. Also, I am reviewing the site and trying to make the site a bit more organised and professional. You can check out the new layout of the individual pages of every project. Dungeon Instinct has been finally updated and all the current chapters are available. Black Blood also needs to get updated but that are 30+ chapters to copy…….I really would like to skip that…..

Furthermore, I also made a concept art of the Oathbreaker from Fallen Lord. Which turned out better than I thought it would….


Anyways that’s it for now…….


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One thought on “Dungeon Instinct’s cover and an official introdution”

  1. Wow …. just wow that cover is gorgeous . You real start drawing seriously not even a year ago (and I’m still here drawing stick man)
    Btw I’m a little disappointed when i saw all this update I thought a new chapter is coming *sniff sniff* . Well I’m still waiting with my finger on “F5”

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