Side Story, Ralt: Waynor’s personal mite team 8’s first sample collection mission…

Originally released 05-06-16

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Day 1

The master assigned my kin and I a very important mission. While he begins to restructure and remodel his dungeon, my master desired more samples he could add to his database without having to waste power to initially purchase them with. To this end he tasked me and my team of battle kin to temporarily depart his dungeon and secure as many samples from the outside world as we can within a week.

I was of course honored by the trust the master placed in me by giving me this mission, and this feeling was echoed by my battle-kin. I felt that this mission could also serve to help strengthen our bonds as a team seeing as we had new mites join team 8 just recently. It would also provide an opportunity for the six other mites amongst my battle-kin that had evolved to get accustomed to their new warrior mite forms.

I lead my kin proudly out of the dungeon’s entrance full of confidence and assurance in our success, utterly uncaring of the slight weakness that seemed to grow in me since I had left my master’s territory. Within only a few moments however we had mites collapsing from exhaustion and I was forced to organize a retreat back to the dungeon.

The retreat quickly devolved into the seven warrior mites myself included shuttling our downed brothers and sisters on our backs as we made trips back and forth between the master’s dungeon and the field were they collapsed.

After my battle-kin were returned to the inside of the dungeon they quickly regained their strength. It was a small consultation to us though, because if they were unable to remain outside for more than a few mere moments without losing all their strength we would not be able to accomplish our mission honorably in the timeframe we had.

I returned in shame to consult with the master on what we should do now…..

Day 2

It turns out that without soul stones anything master created would die outside of his dungeon, they would slowly lose power and strength when they were outside of his territory until they eventually died.

Luckily the master was able to grant all 99 of my battle kin and I soul stones, making us stronger and better able to collect, store, and process power. With these new soul stones I lead my battle-kin into the outside world, this time without having to shamefully withdraw.

I lead my battle-kin in a march into a nearby forest area, master said he wanted plants, animals, and other organic life samples more than he wanted inorganic samples. This area seemed the most likely to have a large variety of organic life, and it was close enough to the dungeon that it would only take a few hours march to return.

When we arrived I split my battle-kin up in ten teams of ten making sure no team had more than one warrior mite, and had two teams begin to set up a temporary nesting hive. While mission team 1 and 2 were working I explained the plan to my battle-kin.
Mission team 3 would search for and collect inorganic samples.

Mission teams 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 would search for, hunt, and collect organic samples. Live organic samples as corpses would not be useful for the master.

Mission teams 1 and 2 would manage the nesting hive, sort and contain the samples, and handle the hand off of samples with mission team 9.

Mission team 9 would handle the transportation of samples back to the dungeon, thus allowing master to begin working with them that much faster.

Mission team 10 and I would oversee this operation and act as reserve support for the other mission teams.

After I had told my battle-kin the duties they all had, I dismissed them to begin their work.

I spent most of that day aiding team 1 and 2 set up the nesting hive with the rest of team 10.

Day 3
Using my intelligence that increased when I evolved, the knowledge I gained when I was named, and the information that aid Instinct gifted to me for this mission I was helping to sort and catalog the samples that were brought in. It seemed that I had underestimated the amount that my battle-kin would be able to bring in, the entirety of mission team 10 had to assist mission team 1 and 2 to keep the supply chain with mission team 10 running smoothly.

“Wild cat.

Bigger wild cat.


Wild dog.


Wolf with a different color.

Wolf with two heads that breaths fire.

Wolf again, you can kill or release this one we already have a wolf sample of the same type….” (Ralt)

I passed the squirming webbing wrapped wolf to my sister who was assisting me, I was careful to keep its head away from her antennae though. This wolf seemed to unbind its mouth and jaws somehow and it was snapping wildly at the air and anything it could reach.

“Yes leader Ralt. Sample 465 is marked for kill or release.” (Mission team 10 female)

I went back to the shrinking pile of captured warm blooded samples. It would be my last for the day before team 10 and I went to aid mission team 6 in capturing something that was too big and strong for them to get on their own.

“Bird of prey.

Song bird.

Different Song bird

Fox with two tails.

Fox that’s on fire.

Fox, we got another one for kill or release here!

Another song bird.

Deer with steel antlers, that’s new……

Different Bird of prey.

Giant spider…………………. Wait, how did this get into the warm blooded pile? Take this over to the bug pile would you sister?” (Ralt)

I handed the wrapped up giant spider to my sister, and watched as she carried it over to the huge pile of various sized wrapped insects, archniods, and other such bug like things. The sizes varied from a single small strand of webbing to something that was fifteen times my size and kept screeching loudly and shaking in its bindings, I think it was some sort of spider too. I had no clue how my battle-kin captured that thing, uninjured nonetheless….

“Leader Ralt! I need help with identifying this tree!” (Team 1 male)

“I’m coming, I’ll help you once I finish this pile for the warm blooded samples!” (Ralt)

I pulled out a bundle that looked to hold a small winged human with sharp needle like teeth and long pointed ears.

……………….Maybe I should have put more mites on managing the nesting hive rather than collection? I just hope we can sort and send along enough samples to make master Waynor happy……….. And that I can leave the sorting duty to someone else soon………….

“I have something for the unclassified pile! Could someone take it for me?………….” (Ralt)

Day 4

I was looking at the thing that had given team 6 such pause, a big lizard that was at least ten times my size and seemed to have a penchant to roar at everything and break rocks for no apparent reason. It also seemed to have acid for drool, since the stream that constantly fell from its mouth was melting the rock face in front of the cave it apparently lived in.

“Leader Ralt, how are we supposed to catch and secure this sample?” (Mission team 6 male)

I looked at the big lizard that was currently banging its head against the cliff side its cave was on.

“……We’ll try trapping it like the spiders we caught seem to do. Mission team 6, you go to the edge of the ledge its standing on and start making strong sticky webbing and tie them together tightly. Mission team 10, you’ll go above the lizard and do the same, I’ll draw it into place and you drop the webbing on it. It should fall and land on the webbing of Mission team 6, and then we’ll just wrap it up tightly many times to make sure it’s drool doesn’t melt through the webbing. As long as we are car-…………” (Ralt)

My battle kin and I watched with shock and disbelief as an even bigger lizard that had wings and breathed fire landed on, killed, and flew away with the other lizard.

……………..That thing just took one of the potential samples for our master! And it robbed us of the honor of a glorious battle!!! Damn flying coward!!! If you were on the ground I would show you how a real warrior makes battle and I would make you into a replacement sample for my master!!!!

We watched as the winged lizard faded into the distant sky until not even our eyes could see it anymore.

“Leader Ralt, there was this other thing we needed help with too. It was like those “bears” you talked about before, only it had spikes instead of fur…..” (Mission team 6 warrior female)

“Lead the way to this bear sample, I suddenly have the desire to stab something repeatedly with my stinger and it should be tough enough to survive it as a living sample……..” (Ralt)

Day 5

I was looking at the huge amount of plant piles we had at the nesting hive.

Forget the animal piles, we wouldn’t even finish sorting these in two days’ time………. Alright, we should have collected enough samples for master Waynor, I’ll just have my battle-kin all start sorting instead of collecting….. Though I guess mission team 9 can keep doing as they are, those mites are already behind schedule as it is now……….

I looked at all the mites in front of me who made up most of our battle-kin, we were only missing mission team 3, but no one had seen them since yesterday. It would be a true shame if they were dead, my battle-kin had done well not to lose even one of our number on this mission so far. I could only hope that they would return or that their deaths were honorable and brought glory and honor to our kin.

“Alright, we will no longer go out to collect, all mission teams are now to help sort and prepare the samples for transport or disposal. You may break up your mission teams now at your own discretion, let us begin!” (Ralt)

I walked to a nearby plant pile and began to sort it.

“Pointy bush.

Bush with thorns.

Yellow flower.

Red flower.

White flower.

Bush with purple flowers.

Purple flowers.

………… Big tree… How did they even wrap up this entire thing in one day?

Red flower with thorns.

Plant that bites.


Vine that moves.

Vine that bites and moves.

Vine that bites, moves, and has berries.


Different tree.” (Ralt)

“Leader Ralt we found a lot of inorganic sample stuff!” (???)

“Blue flower.

Blue flower with thorns.

Plant that shoots seeds that grow inside flesh.

Yellow flower with thorns

Thorny tree.

Tree that looks kind of like a human and moves.

Another tree.

Tree again.

Green grass that is sharper and harder than rock.

Another bush……….. Hey, this doesn’t have any roots! Aid Instinct said plants need their roots to live, and only trees could live through periods without them. How is a bush supposed to live if it doesn’t have its roots!?!?!? Not every plant is as sturdy as trees are! One for disposal here….” (Ralt)

I felt something tap the ground next to me, I looked up to see the mites from mission team 3 standing around me.

“Leader Ralt we found a LOT of inorganic stuff! We’re gonna need some help carrying it all to the nesting hive though…..” (Mission team 3 warrior male)

I just looked at the pile of plants in front of me, and then back to the mites from mission team 3. I had made my decision.

“I need 15 mites to accompany me and mission team 3 to retrieve the in organic samples they have found! Whoever wants to come we shall leave at nightfall, until then everyone keep sorting! That includes you to mission team 3………” (Ralt)

Day 6

I was looking out on what looked like a cave with what looked like the beginnings of a massive hive framework supporting it and lots of dead long and pointy eared humans littering the ground around it. Elves I think, going off the description I received fromaid Instinct.

There were also piles of wrapped up stones, gems, and metals of all sorts, but what really caught my attention was something that moved and looked like a human but had no scent besides earth.

I looked at the mites that were a part of mission team 3.

“What is that thing in the middle there? The one that looks like a human?” (Ralt)

“Dunno, after we started killing the pointy eared humans it came out of the cave. It was making strange noises that sounded like pointy eared human speak, but we couldn’t understand what it was saying so we sealed its mouth shut with acid after a while. The noise was getting annoying while we were collecting all the samples from inside the cave….” (Mission team 3 warrior male)

I looked back at the strange human looking earth thing.

I hope master Wayner likes this…………. He did tell us we didn’t need to get any of the seven races like humans, but this isn’t anything like one of the ones that aid Instinct described……. It’ll probably be fine to bring it just in case, worst case scenario we destroy it in the dungeon and master Waynor gets more power……

I looked back at the mites of my battle-kin that accompanied me on this errand.

“We carry it all back for sorting, and once we are done we go back to sorting whatever is left at the nesting hive!” (Ralt)

“Yes Leader Ralt!” (All mites with Ralt)

I began walking towards the piles, this would probably take half the day at least……

Day 7

We were scrambling to send all the sorted samples back to the dungeon, sort the last few piles of samples, and deconstructing the nesting hive. We were supposed to be done with this mission before nightfall and nightfall was fast approaching.

We had even had a problem when the bear with spines instead of fur broke out of its wrappings and caused a bit of havoc. It took me and two other warrior mites to subdue it again while the rest of my battle-kin continued to work on the sorting, deconstruction, and transport.

I was doing all I could, even making six trips to deliver samples alone, but our mission deadline was fast approaching.

As the sun was just starting to set we had delivered all of the samples besides the giant and heavy spider thing. Acting fast I had all my battle-kin who were present use our acid to crudely but effectively break down the rest of the nesting hive, leaving no trace that my kind where ever here just as the master and his aid had wanted. Together with my battle-kin we carried the last sample back to the dungeon, having more of our battle-kin join us, help to ease our burden, and increasing our speed as we went.

When we returned to the dungeon we faced another problem however, the sample was far bigger than the entrance. We didn’t have the time to carefully remove pieces and limbs like we did for other samples with this problem, the sun was already falling below the horizon.

After quickly consulting with master Waynor, it was decided that it would be fine as long as the sample was alive for even a moment in the dungeon before its death. I had my battle kin dissolve the webbing and the spider thing in it with acid, and we forced it through the entrance even as it screeched from the pain of melting into liquid mush.

Master Waynor had the sample added to his database, and we had completed our mission while the last lights of the sun colored the sky.

Master Waynor told us that he was happy with us and that we had done a wonderful job and brought him some very beautiful samples that made him feel joyful.

My battle-kin had once again brought honor and glory to our hive.

Day 8 (Post-mission)

Almost all of my battle-kin have evolved into warriors, and with the addition of all the new creations master Waynor has made with the samples we brought him the dungeon has grown far stronger.

Though I don’t quite understand master Waynor, aid Instinct, and the lady Hanna’s insistence on lessening the difficulty of the earlier levels for the invaders. When I had left for the mission, Master Waynor seemed to share my confusion on this point as well, I wonder what changed?

Oh well…… It isn’t my place to question the decisions of my master or those other two, although I do think that moving the maze, our hives, and the first rooms the master ever created so many floors down is rather strange…….

Name: Waynor Titles: “Icon of Patience”, “Self-Named Dungeon”, “The One Who Endures” Rank: 1
Dominion Level: 0 Territory: N/A Dungeon Views: {invaders (threat)} {[overview}
Power:  { Mana: 12,423} { Animus: 42,791 } Class: ??? State: flawless core

[ levels: 1            Floors: 13        Inhabitants (slaves/livestock/pets/etc… included): {???: 1} {Wildlife: (Corrupted animals: 23,141)} {humans: 1} {Mites: 1,000,000+ (Hive Mothers: 12) (Warrior Mites: 97)} {Elementals: (Wisps: 123,421)} {Fae: (Pixies: 49,203) (Muse: 1)} {Plants: (Corrupted plants: 1,000,000+)(Carnivious vines: 34) (flower soldiers: 3,422) (parasitic seeders: 123)}  Traps (magical/physical/other…): {spike: 1032} {pitfall: 2304} {arrow: 921} {wall: 531} {ceiling: 323} {fire: 455} {poison: 343} {acid: 146} {maze: 1} {Magic: 41,390} {Other (Original design: 2,133)} ]


[ Creation Options: {Mana: expansion, building, decoration, design, trap creation, core growth} {Animus: dungeon lord creation, inhabitant creation, soul stone creation/granting, name bestowal,  mutation/evolution/etc…, core growth} ]

[ Destruction Options: {Mana: magic, deconstruction, siphoning, absorption, portation (in-dungeon), Teleportation, item/magic recycling (automatic)} {Animus: siphoning, absorption, remodification/recreation, life recycling (automatic)} ]

[ Stored/Owned Dungeon bosses (organic): {Dungeon lord: 1 (unknown)} {level 1: Muse (unnamed)}          Possible/Purchasable Creations: {∞} ]

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