Chapter 8: Crafting a flowery paradise, And an affectionate muse …….

Originally released 07-06-2016

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Now that I had a far larger compendium of scenery my imagination could draw upon, I began to create new floors. Instinct was right about them costing more, it seemed that every new floor would cost 100 more animus and mana, but I still thought I had plenty of power to gain at least one whole level.

Now what should I choose? Oh, this is beautiful! And so is this! And this seems nice too….. Maybe a dash of this….. Oh, and I can use this to separate the floor rooms instead of closed off hallways….

I had found a lot of things I liked in Hanna’s memories, but I really liked the idea of making a vast garden like meadow. I would make it large, every room would be the size of a large hilly plain, but it would be filled with all sorts of flowers, bushes, and a handful of trees here and there. I wanted there to be no walls or ceiling, only open blue sky spotted with fluffy white clouds and a bright sun. I planned for every room to be accessed by a wide and deep river that lead back to nothingness when it was entered, and an elaborate decorated bridge that would be used to cross it and lead to the next room which would have a similar base theme but an entirely new and different layout. I used something that was like a dense and impassible fog to indicate the borders of the room, and I watched as the nothingness took shape based on my desires and imagination.

It cost quite a good deal of power to change the room to match what I wanted, and I had to create all the various plants I wanted it to have myself from the samples that the mites brought back to the dungeon. It took an incredible amount of time, perhaps even days as I seemed to gain ever more samples that were added to my database as I worked on creating the first room of what would be my first real floor. I would lose and gain back power constantly, losing mana when creating the sky, sun, wind, river, bridge, and fog as well as losing animus as I created countless organic things, altered samples from my expanding database, placed what plants I wanted where I liked, and forcible corrupted some of my creations with my power.

When I was finally finished with my new floor’s first room I looked it over, it was truly a beautiful place. It matched nothing in Hanna’s memories, but it had aspects of countless things I had found within them. It was like a beautiful natural garden, a vast meadow plain that I could happily look at for days. Now all it needed was inhabitants that could guard and maintain it, but also weren’t too strong and matched the feel of the room. I already had an idea from my many alterations and creations of plants, and I thought it would be the perfect first level creation to inhabit this floor.

I opened my database and took all the flowers and herbs that I liked the look of, and I began to alter them ever more into a sort of monster.

………..that was another thing Hanna’s memories gave me, a term to give to my creations that were organic but were neither plants nor regular unaltered animals: monsters or creatures…. I’m not sure if I like that, it seems rather negative in the connotations Hanna recognizes them in, but for now it will serve until I can find replacement terms that are better……. I also appreciate the input about the human desire of greed and the expectation to collect and gain things from dungeons…… I created some herbs and other plants that should be rather valuable for humans, nothing TOO impressive as that is apparently for deeper floors and levels, but there are some here….. Now I think corrupting some into being toxic and poisonous isn’t quite challenging enough, maybe if a made some of them into…………

I had created something new, I called it flower soldier. It was a creature that looked exactly like one of a vast verity of flowers or herbs present, but it could move, it had petals and leaves hard and sharp enough to cut wood, it had thermal senses as well as a rudimentary level of intelligence and team work skills, and I also made it desire to fertilize itself with the blood of anything that had warm blood and wasn’t recognized as one of my own. I thought that with some pretending to be the plants they appeared to be and some roaming the room on their roots they would prove to be an excellent first floor and first level creature, neither very strong nor utterly useless. The flower soldiers would also reproduce by spreading a slightly noxious cloud of pollen, and killing them would cause them to release all the pollen they had inside of them at once instead of just in controlled bursts every month. They could live for about a year and matured within a day of their pollen finding open ground. I expected that they would naturally have a large sustained population like this, and even killing them by the hundreds one day would have no real effect on the population except to perhaps increase it. They were perfect, and as an added bonus they were as beautiful as the plants they looked like and matched the theme I was going with perfectly.

The flower soldiers were also very cheap to create, costing me less than 5 animus if I created them directly. Once I had made a few thousand of them, I felt I was done with this room and began to work on the next one for this floor. This new room took far less time to create as I already had all the things I needed to make it in my database, I only had to change the room’s layout to my liking and add more flower soldiers once I had created the room.

By the forth room I realized that I was beginning to lose too much power for my liking and I decided that my plan for there to be 10 rooms on this floor would be over what I could manage if I wanted to have an entire level in any amount of reasonable time.

…Yep, I think instead of adding ten rooms for every new floor on this level would be a bit out of my budget….. Maybe just go by fives? Yes, that way the new floors and rooms as well as all the new creations in them should be able to give me back around the amount I would need to spend to make the next floors after a certain point….. it would be like they pay for themselves after a time…… but for now I should take a break and maybe get Hanna and Instinct’s opinions on what I have so far….

I finished the fifth and final room on this floor and left for my core room. I couldn’t wait to see Hanna’s expression when she saw my new floor, maybe she would even make a face I had never seen before…

“…………. By the gods Waynor………. This place is amazing…….. It’s like I’m dreaming, even the walking flower things seem sort of pretty and cute……. You made THIS with my memories?” (Hanna)

“Yes. I think I did a very good job, although if I had more memories to pull references from, I might have done better….. Although, for now I am more than happy with just what I can get from your memories.” (Waynor)

Hanna was making a new face that looked like a smile but she was also blushing and clutching her hands together against her chest. It was interesting and I think it might mean she was fascinated or perhaps captivated by what she saw. I was proud that my dungeon was so beautiful it caused her to be like this, I only wondered if I could get more joy by showing off even better floor and level themes to her.

“And with more memories…… you could make more places like this? More paradises?” (Hanna)

“Well yes, but I don’t think I’ll do another theme that is so similar to this one for a while…. Maybe a forest theme for the next level and a mountain theme after that………. Besides, where would I get more memories, Instinct cant share any of hers with me even with my memory-orb and I already have all of yours….” (Waynor)

“And my brother and I will get to live and go to these places without having to worry about our safety or being attacked by your creations?” (Hanna)

“Well yes you can I guess…… but why would you want me to move your room onto a different floor?” (Waynor)

Hanna suddenly tried to wrap her arms around me, but only had them go through my orb like consciousness. She looked confused for a moment before her face began to become even redder from her blushing.

“Oh, right…. Your body is actually a dungeon core miles away from here…… I knew that..… Anyway! Waynor, listen I’ve decided that maybe being one of your “inhabitants” isn’t so bad after all. It has some unexpected perks, and then there is the food…… I swear if you entrust that memory orb to me, I WILL get more memories that you can use!” (Hanna)

……………Wow, maybe Hanna is already as loyal as the mites are? No, I don’t think so, she still doesn’t seem ready to kill her own kind if I asked her to…… maybe about half a mite’s loyalty then? Yes that seems about right…… huh, I guess I can leave the memory-orb in her care…

“Ok, take care of the memory-orb then…..” (Waynor)

“I WILL!!!! ……….Huh, maybe I could ask anyone who comes into the dungeon to touch it as a charge to enter? Or maybe………” (Hanna)

I left Hanna to talk to herself as I began to do what instinct suggested. She said that “You shouldn’t have so many herbs just there on the first floor Waynor, at least spread them out so that the better ones are only on the last few floors of the level. Make those invaders have to work for what they want, also good thinking with the look alike corrupted and creature plants THOSE should make collecting anything from your dungeon quite…… entertaining to watch….”. Instinct also said I should add new creatures besides the flower soldiers, she recommended adding something new on floors 3 and 5.

I had two things in my database that seemed like they could match the theme of this level quite well, one was a sample that the mites brought back the other day and the other was something that just entered my dungeon today and died somehow. I opened my database and looked at the sample that was listed as a type of lesser forest pixie and an elemental called a wisp.

The pixie I altered quite a bit, they already looked something like female humans but their looks were rather unattractive as well as having sharp uneven needle like teeth and no magic. I of course wouldn’t allow such useless and beauty lacking creatures be a part of my dungeon as they were, so I changed them. I made them smarter, capable of speech, reshaped them into more beautiful forms that I used memories from Hanna to create, and I even gave them a desire to clothe themselves as modesty was apparently very important to humans and I could appreciate the beauty behind concealing one’s body from others. Then I added something that took a great deal of mana, I gave them the ability to use magic. They were only able to use moderate illusion magic and simple bewitchments, but that should be more than enough for my first level. As I did not want my first level to be too difficult, I also gave them the natural desire to not kill intruders but place them under a deep trance while the pixies rob their prey of all its possessions. I was fairly proud of the results, a beautiful if small fair-skinned maiden with wings like a dragonfly and who seemed to sparkle, who also would wear clothes made from flowers, use magic, and rob their prey of anything they had. They could reproduce amongst themselves somehow even though all pixies were female, and I shortened their gestation periods to only one weak. They would live for thousands of years and also actively control their own population and birth rate. I decided to place them on the fifth floor and above for this level.

Next was the wisp, an elemental with neutral mana and no elemental alignment. These I changed to also use illusion magic, but would also be able to use simple mental magic as well. The wisps would be able to read the surface thoughts of those near them and use those thoughts to trick them with illusions. The wisps were also able to cast minor mana projectiles and pluses, though I’m sure they were still weak enough to not pose much of a threat, just enough to entertain me and perhaps kill a few of the more useless invaders. I also made them a beautiful silver color not unlike Instinct’s and my own core bodies. The wisps could split into two whenever they had gained enough mana, and since I lowered that amount drastically they would likely soon match the numbers of the flower soldiers or perhaps even exceed them. I decided that they would be on the third floor and up.

“Waynor would it be weird if I asked you to make me a house on a lake beside a meadow like this one that had thousands of friendly and playful fennics roaming in it? Because that’s where I want to live in the future, ok? Oh, and maybe you could even make a-………” (Hanna)

“Ok, but I want my dungeon to have at least five or six levels first….” (Waynor)

“…….Wait, you actually would? Maybe selling myself to a dungeon wasn’t all that bad of an idea after all……… Why does the nicest guy I ever get to know outside of my own family have to be a shiny crystal that kills people and literally owns my soul….” (Hanna)

“Of course I would Hanna, your happiness is important to me-…..” (Waynor)

“……………Why couldn’t he have been some nice noble looking for someone to take as a wife? WHY GODS, WHY!?!?!?!?!?! Hell I’d even settle for a cute looking commoner, but why a rock? Do you hate me so much gods? DO YOU?!?!?!?!?!” (Hanna)

“……Just like Instinct’s happiness is important to me, maybe even more so.” (Waynor)

“…….. And then he says something like that, and suddenly I don’t mind so much……” (Hanna)

It was fun to watch Hanna’s expressions change, almost as fun as dressing her up to make her more beautiful. Unfortunately I had other things I wanted to do more than enjoy Hanna’s emotional changes, I had more floors to make after all.

“Hanna, feel free to explore as you like, I’m going to go grow my dungeon now.” (Waynor)

Hanna smiled at me and nodded her head.

“Sure thing Waynor, I’ll just ask the paperwei-….. Instinct how to get back to my room when I’m ready to leave. Have fun Waynor!” (Hanna)

I left while Hanna waved goodbye to me.

She sure has changed a lot since the first week she was here…… I wonder if all humans can change so much in such a short amount of time……. She has even accepted our plan to slowly corrupt her brother with my power to strip the gods influence over him, even when she made such a fuss about it before…….. I wonder if it’s because she is beginning to be corrupted herself so she just doesn’t mind much anymore? Maybe Instinct would know, I should ask her some time…….

It took days, but I had finally made ten floors, an entire level. I went back and forth between having plenty of power and not nearly enough during this time, but now I was faced with new problem. I had to have a boss, it was an urge that was consuming me and I couldn’t even consider growing another floor until I made one. The urge started when I made my ninth new floor, but I powered through it since I knew that I didn’t want my core floor to count as anything in my dungeon besides being the last floor and where I lived. I made a new tenth floor, but after it was done the urge became unbearable.

I was watching the mites I had sent on a mission for samples return, and I had just told Ralt that making the big spider thing forcibly smaller would be fine as long as it was alive inside my dungeon before it died. Watching the mites work and struggle helped to distract me from my urge to have a boss for my level.

Maybe Ralt could be my boss, that would be easy all I would have to do is promote him as a creation and bind him to the passageway between floor ten and the next floor………… No, Instinct said that creatures on the level of the mites shouldn’t be on any floors before 30, otherwise the dungeon would be too hard and it would attract threats instead of regular invaders…… Then maybe a……. no, that wouldn’t match the theme at all……..

The Spider thing died inside my dungeon adding it’s species to my database and giving me 462 animus and 103 mana. I thanked Ralt and the mites, and told them how happy the samples they brought made me all the while thinking of what my boss should be.

……..Maybe I should just make something new? Yes, I should have more than enough power to do that, maybe even enough to name it afterwards too! …….I like that idea, maybe a mix of wisp and pixie? Something that can be a sort of peaceful guardian for the first level, but still able to keep invaders from advancing when it needs to……..

I found myself on the tenth floor in the final room and at the door, not bridge, that lead on to the next floor. I had not even noticed myself come here, I was too distracted thinking about creating my new boss creature. I couldn’t bring myself to care much about this fact though, the need to add a boss to my dungeon was all consuming by this point.

I opened my database and began with pixies as a base for the new creature I was designing. I made the body larger, the size of a human using Hanna and her memories as references, then I removed the wings. I added the wisps abilities and qualities to the creature next, giving it the ability to better use magic, feed of mana, and become intangible at will. I spent an unknown amount of time on the face and features, but in the end what I created was something of immense and captivating beauty. With high cheek bones, perfectly symmetrical features, eyes whose color’s changed with the creatures mood, a nose that was the perfect size and had the perfect amount of curve to it, a mouth that was delicate and pristine , and lastly long pale hair that seemed to shimmer and change its color every time one looked at it. It was a creature with great illusionary, mental, and bewitchment magic, an eternal lifespan, incredible intelligence perhaps beyond even that of the seven races, and minor mana projectile attacks. I made it so that it would be neutral to any invaders that it meet, neither attacking them nor letting them pass without a trial. The trial’s it would give were illusionary situations it would design for these who entered my dungeon, and depending on whether or not it liked the person the trial it gave could help them realize something about themselves and grow or cause them great suffering and anguish. I called this type of female creature a muse, and when I created one I immediately bound it’s being to the door leading to the next floor.

When the muse looked up for the first time, it clothed itself in a remnant of pure magic and bowed to me.

“My lord dungeon, I live to serve you and to fulfill my duty as guardian for this floor’s way into the next. I offer you my humblest thanks for your creation of me, my only hope is to not fail in your expectations of me…..” (Muse)

I was happy with my newest creation, the muse was not only incredibly beautiful but also what I felt was the perfect guardian for what I thought of as my safe floors for those who entered my dungeon. She would be the one to warn and prepare them for the dangers that would lie ahead, as well as the one to turn them back if they were not capable of facing them in a way that couldn’t even at least provide me some amusement. A guardian that would not kill, but had many ways to defend herself from almost anything and everything. The only thing that I could find disappointing about this situation was that it cost practically all my power to create this muse, so I could not name her or do much of anything else.

“Hello, you are the new boss for this floor and this level. I’m Waynor, it’s nice to meet you.” (Waynor)

“As it is you, my lord Waynor. I am at your disposal for anything you may need of me, or me for…..” (Muse)

The muse smiled in a way that I only recognized from two of Hanna’s memories, I didn’t quite understand the meaning behind the smile yet though. I think it had to do with lust, but I couldn’t quite be sure. I would have to ask Hanna or instinct about it later.

“I’m sorry, I wanted to name you but I don’t have enough power to do that now so you’ll have to wait…..” (Waynor)

The muse’s expression changed to one of shock and then sheer joy and happiness. She started to get up, but then just bowed deeper to the point her head was pressed into the ground.

“Y-you would o-offer me a n-name? Even when I have only existed for a mere few moments? This humble servant is unworthy of such great benediction! My lord Waynor, your kindness is as bondless as the great mana flow! I would gladly wait an eon if that was what it took to be named!” (Muse)

I looked at the muse, she sure was taking this very seriously. I don’t remember Ralt being like this when I offered to name him, maybe muses and mites were just different like that?

“You won’t have to wait that long, just a few days, maybe a few weeks just to be safe……” (Waynor)

The muse looked up at me with a serious expression on her face.

“I hereby swear that I shall serve you and only you loyally and truly for all of time itself if you but ask it of me, and even if you do not I would still do so of my own will. Even should another dungeon lay claim to me, I shall still be yours. Always and forever Lord Waynor, I shall be yours.” (Muse)

I felt really happy at that, but I also felt a little confused. It was nice that she was already so loyal and dedicated and that brought me great joy, but I also didn’t understand what the muse meant by another dungeon claiming her. I created the muse and she would live in my dungeon so she was mine, nothing should be able to take her not even another dungeon. At least I don’t think another dungeon could. It didn’t FEEL like another could, just that the muse belonged to me… Maybe it would be best to ask Instinct just to be sure though.

I thanked the muse and left her to her new duty and as I left I was already thinking of ways to design her a house or home in the room.

……………….Well, I guess this is fine for now, I shall just have to wait until later to name her …….. Next I think I should lay some traps for this level, nothing lethal but traps nonetheless……….. But first I have this new urge to make a new floor that contains a portation door back to the entrance of the dungeon and a door to continue on to the next floor…… Is this the resting floor? For some reason I feel like it won’t cause me to lose any power to make……. Maybe I should just make that now……….. I think I’ll add some tables and chairs for sitting in, a few simple beds, and a few more of those bathrooms the seven races need……….

It had been a month. I had made the resting floor, created a home for the muse on the floor she guarded although she seemed to spend more time in my own core room than there, placed many magical traps throughout the first level as well as traps that used moving plants, increased the numbers of the first level creatures, redesigned and redecorated the entrance floor, and now I was about to name the muse.

I looked at where the muse sat talking with Hanna at the table, and went over to her.

“So, I decided I can name you now. I’m sure I have enough power now, and I have finished adjusting and trapping the first level. I’ve even made a two floor buffer between my the resting floor and core room that the mites are still making into immense mazes, so I think it should be fine to name you now.” (Waynor)

The muse immediately looked up and smiled.

“Really!?!? You’re ready to name me, lord Waynor!?!?” (Muse)

“Yes.” (Waynor)

“Well good for you! See I told you Waynor wouldn’t have forgotten about it, he just tends to lose track of time….. and forgets to make food for entire days….. and says really nice things but then immediately crushes your dreams afterwards…… and does not understand the fragile heart of a maiden…… and makes the perfect beauty and expects you to not to feel inadequate when your around her….… and refuses to make someone a bicorn pegasus even when they beg…… and treats an innocent young woman like a pet sometimes without even seeming to notice…… But he does keep his word, Waynor IS good at that!!! So you had nothing to worry about, and now I can stop calling you ‘hey you, muse girl’ all the time!” (Hanna)

……..Hanna still seems angry about that day or two without food, even though I said I was sorry and humans should be able to last a few days without food…….. and I don’t want to spend power on something as expensive as a bicorn pegasus, I would have to save up power for years to purchase it at this point……..

“So my Lord Waynor, what shall my name be?” (Muse)

The muse looked up at me with expectant and hopeful eyes.

“Muse, from now on you will be named……. Loria.”

“I’m….. Loria” (Loria)

Loria began to glow and when she stopped, there was an intricate marking that looked like five interwoven lines curving with her brow on her forehead that changed colors with her eyes. Somehow, the marking added to and complemented her beauty perfectly and seemed to make her all the more attractive.

“I…… have a name……. I-I have a name! I’m Loria! I’m Loria the muse, servant of lord Waynor the dungeon and boss of the first level of his dungeon! I am more than I ever was before, and now I need not even fear death! Thank you lord Waynor! A thousand thanks be to you my great creator and lord!” (Loria)

I felt joy from how happy receiving a name made Loria, I didn’t even mind that it took so much power. I still had more than my 100 point limit anyway, the rest I could regain in time.

“You’re welcome Loria.” (Waynor)

Loria made a squee type noise and run up to the pedestal that held my core, once she reached it she placed her lips against my core and did the act called “Kissing” which I understood was done mainly to convey great affection. This hadn’t been the first time that Loria had done this, and for some reason Instinct didn’t seem to like it or her when she kissed my core and Hanna would start acting strange by mumbling and talking to herself. I thought it was nice that Loria was so willing to show her affection though, it showed that she liked living here and being a part of my dungeon as well as being my friend. There was nothing wrong with that…

“……the muse. I hate the muse. I hate the muse. I hate the muse. I hate the muse. I hate the muse. I hate……” (Instinct)

“……..always has to do that? ……….I mean I don’t really care, Waynor’s just a shiny rock anyway……….. But maybe a rock is fine too? ……. NO bad Hanna, no thinking like that!!! …….Oh gods, now I’ve started to do it too……. It’s like when I was training those specialty slaves, you treat them like something long enough and they begin to act and think that way themselves………. But I don’t want to be just a pet human to Waynor………… I mean I don’t want to be a pet………. Waynor is just a rock, a shiny, sparkly, glowing silver rock that gives great presents… and has a nice personality….. and is a good cook….. and listens to what I have to say…….. NO, he’s a rock Hanna, a ROCK….. Oh gods I’m losing my mind aren’t I? That must be it, I’m slowly going insane here and my only coping mechanism is developing feelings for-…… Nope, that can’t be it because I don’t think of Waynor like that……” (Hanna)

“Hehehehehe…. I got a name, lord Waynor gave me a name! I wonder what I should do to repay him, though…. Maybe I could polish his core? Or perhaps I might ‘Polish’ his core…. Hehehehe…..” (Loria)

As I watched Hanna start pulling her hair and watching the ceiling again while Loria took on a pose of deep thought that was occasionally broken by fits of giggling, I noticed Ralt come into the room.

“Master Waynor, there is a group of outsiders that can be seen approaching your Dungeon from the entrance.” (Ralt)

………………Oh, is the guild finally here, what Hanna knew about them was fairly interesting…… I cant wait to see what they’ll do when they arrive. Will they be guests or intruders, will they live through my dungeon by staying where they should or die by entering the mite mazes……… this should be really fun either way!!!

“Hanna the guild is here! We need to go greet them, oh and Loria you can go back to your door whenever you like I guess since as a boss your porting there doesn’t cost anything. Just be sure you’re back in time to meet anyone who makes it to the tenth floor’s final room, ok?” (Waynor)

“Of course my lord, now tell me do you prefer spit polish or shinning? I’m fine with either myself….. Both let me rub all over your core after all……” (Loria)

“I seriously hope one of the invaders kills you muse, I honestly and sincerely do……” (Instinct)

……………………I wonder what the guild is going to do!!!!!

Name: Waynor Titles: “Icon of Patience”, “Self-Named Dungeon”, “The One Who Endures” Rank: 1
Dominion Level: 0 Territory: N/A Dungeon Views: {invaders (threat)} {[overview}
Power: { Mana: 12,423} { Animus: 42,791 } Class: ??? State: flawless core
[levels: 1            Floors: 13        Inhabitants (slaves/livestock/pets/etc… included): {???: 1} {humans: 1} {Mites: 1,000,000+ (Hive Mothers: 12) (Warrior Mites: 97)} {Elementals: (Wisps: 123,421)} {Fae: (Pixies: 49,203) (Muse: 1)} {Plants: (Corrupted plants: 1,000,000+)(Carnivious vines: 34) (flower soldiers: 354,422)}  Traps (magical/physical/other…): {spike: 1032} {pitfall: 2304} {arrow: 921} {wall: 531} {ceiling: 323} {fire: 455} {poison: 343} {acid: 146} {maze: 3} {Magic: 41,390} {Other(Original/Unconventional design): 2,133} ]

[ Creation Options: {Mana: expansion, building, decoration, design, trap creation, core growth} {Animus: dungeon lord creation, inhabitant creation, soul stone creation/granting, name bestowal,  mutation/evolution/etc…, core growth} ]

[ Destruction Options: {Mana: magic, deconstruction, siphoning, absorption, portation (in-dungeon), Teleportation, item/magic recycling (automatic)} {Animus: siphoning, absorption, remodification/recreation, life recycling (automatic)} ]

[ Stored/Owned Bosses (organic): {Dungeon lord (Unknown): 1} {Muse: 1}      Possible/Purchasable Creations: {∞} ]

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