Chapter 6: Discovery, learning, and change, How a dungeon should be …….

Originally released 06-06-2016

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This is really fun! I wonder what they’ll do next! Will they trip another trap, maybe a fire one this time? Or maybe they’ll fight with the mites some more….. Either way this is really fun to watch! Plus the humans give me so much animus when they die, and thus magic ones give me lots of mana each time they do something AND when they die!!! Humans are great!

I was watching the humans move through my dungeon under the guidance of the mites, I was also talking with Hanna and Instinct to learn all the more about humans too. Hanna had stopped acting strangely after I had put Ulisus in a coffin made of something called leystone, that I had altered slightly to make the upper half of the coffin clear so Hanna could still see Ulisus like Instinct suggested. Unfortunately Hanna was also saying things about how my dungeon was weird and how it shouldn’t be like it was. Instinct explained that my dungeon was very different from what a normal dungeon would be like, but I didn’t see how that was a problem….

I spent days both watching the humans and talking with Hanna and Instinct about new ways to improve and change my dungeon, the only breaks we took in that time were for me to feed Hanna since she wouldn’t eat mite and because she needed to sleep every day even when she wasn’t injured. Humans were strange creations after all, they even had to excrete the excess of what they take in and Hanna INSISTED that this had to be done in private. She even convinced Instinct to side with her on my creating a private room just for that purpose, I gave in eventually but Instinct said I should never watch that room or any like it for some reason…..

Other than the many breaks Hanna took, we were able to discuss many things. I was able to adjust thing so that Hanna would be viewed as an ally by my menu as well as the dungeon and its inhabitants at large. That way none of my traps would go off on her accidentally and the things living in the dungeon would see her as a member of the dungeon, an important member at that.

I was also able to gain Hanna’s insight on what humans expected a dungeon to be like and do, that coupled with the insight Instinct gave me on how other dungeons might do things was the final thing that convinced me I really needed to change my dungeon. The only problem was I didn’t know very much about all the things dungeons could do besides build more rooms, floors, traps, and creations.

While the last off the humans were roaming around my maze, I was learning more from Instinct about what other things I could do as a dungeon. I was also learning about what things I should do to attract more humans, and any of the other six races of people.

Instinct taught me about making different floors, and how each new floor was an entirely new dimension separate from the outside world. She said that each floor could be as big as I could comprehend, and that after every ten I would be compelled to make a resting floor that could transport those in it back to my entrance floor. These resting floors and my new entrance floors wouldn’t count as floors in my dungeon menu, or contribute to my floor count in any way, but I could still change and modify them, I could even add hostile living creations to my entrance floor even though I could only add non hostile and non-combative creations to the resting floors.

It was all very complicated and Hanna couldn’t follow the explanations after a while, but once Instinct began explaining something it seemed really obvious and natural to me. Of course every floor is a different dimension, obviously I couldn’t put creations that might attack invaders on a resting floor, of course the size of the floor was limited by only my own comprehension and understanding, obviously each new floor added would cost more power than the last. These were things that seemed so ingrained in and obvious to me now that Instinct had explained them, I almost couldn’t believe I didn’t know them before.
Instinct also explained about dungeon bosses, naming, and creation variants and evolution.

Bosses were creations that controlled the exit of a floor and usually served as the leader for the other creations on that floor, the only way any invaders can proceed to the next floor is by gaining the bosses permission or killing it. I also learned that at a minimum there had to be at least on boss per level to guard the last floor before the resting floor. I liked the idea behind the bosses, but they cost more power than normal to create and they seemed rather inefficient if I had to replace them whenever one died.

That, Instinct explained, was were naming came into play. Naming a creation made it a stronger and more unique creation, it would become an individual instead of just another one of its kind. Named creations were usually always better than there unnamed counterparts, and could also be revived by me when they died for half their original creation power cost. That is of course only when they died inside my dungeon though, I apparently take in the souls of the things that die inside me as well as their power which is the only reason this revival is possible. Instinct told me that although she had never had one herself, Named creations would apparently share parts of my awareness when they died and before I revived them so that they would not have any lapses in up-to-date information on the dungeon.

I thought that naming something might be fun, but then I remembered my own naming and decided not to do it very often. I would have to test it first, Instinct told me that the type of creation and what it had accomplished would affect the power cost of naming it. I decided I would have to test naming on one of my mites, I was thinking the one who was leading the team of mites against the humans, before I did more with the naming Idea. I didn’t want to go through the pain of the last naming I did again after all…..

I also learned a bit about evolution, But Instinct didn’t really know much about it and Hanna just know that it happened sometimes so the amount of information I learned about it was rather small. All I really learned was that sometimes I would be able to change a Creation into something new and better based off the form it originally had. It sounded really neat, but I didn’t see how what I made originally could be bettered, I already made the mites as perfect as they could be with what I have and I planned to do the same with my other creations. After I make the new evolution for a creation, I won’t have to do it to the others as the creations who meet the criteria to evolve into that new evolution will do it naturally from then on. It was a very convenient process, I would have probably not enjoyed personally evolving every individual creation myself after all… this way I only had to evolve the creation’s species by doing it once to one of their kind, that was a much better way than doing it for them all personally myself.

Variants were something I already knew a bit about from the mite hive mothers, sometimes through natural breeding a creation will be born that is different and better in some way than the normal creations of its kind. Instinct said I couldn’t really do anything to influence this occurrence, but I could add the variant to my database to make more and alter it myself after it one is born. It was essentially what I did with the mite hive mothers, but it was still nice to know a bit more about it.

After I had learned all that, and Hanna had learned some of the simpler parts, I was informed by the mites that more humans were coming. I wasn’t ready, I hadn’t even started any of the changes I wanted to make yet after all. I asked if Hanna or Instinct knew a way to keep them out of my dungeon for a while, and Hanna suggested I just let them in as is. She just didn’t understand how important and delicate the balancing of difficulty in my dungeon was for me. Luckily Instinct came up with a solution that I could do that Hanna said might work, it would have to wait until after the mite finished fighting the human in the maze though.
I went to where the mite and human fought in the maze, and while I watched I thought about all the things I now wanted because of all I had learned about dungeons, myself, and the outside world.

I discovered that I felt many things about those who would enter my dungeon, to me they were a source of knowledge, entertainment, joy, power, and even possibly companionship as Hanna was now. But Instinct also reminded me that they could also be possible threats and dangers to me as well. I wanted to make my dungeon in a way that catered to both sides of the outside invaders, one that would draw them in and perhaps if they were strong or smart enough let them back out, but also one that would be sure to kill any who would pose a threat to me. I wanted so much, but for now I would have to focus only on the first steps for my dungeon to take when dealing with those that would enter it. I had already learned that If I made it too hard than humans would leave like those few humans did before, but if I made it too easy than they would reach my core and could hurt or kill me. Then I also had to factor in whether or not something I created or added to my dungeon would be fun enough, or if it was beautiful enough and where I would put it.

I had already decided that I should make the earlier floors easier and gradually make my dungeon ascend in difficulty for those who would enter it as they went further down floors and deeper into my dungeon. In the end I would make it so difficult on the floors close to the floor holding my core nothing could get to me, but the all floors leading up to that point would be where the real fun for me was. Whether the invaders would live or die, how they acted, what they chose to do, the sounds they would make, the joy and despair they could find, whether they chose to continue on or turn back, how they would fight, what they could teach me, whether or not I chose to interact with them, all these were things that I sought and I wanted. I desired to make my dungeon in a way that allowed it to show these things to me, and bring me the greatest joy. I wanted my dungeon to be the most beautiful thing in this world, I wanted it to be a place outsiders could come to and test themselves against its many deadly perils, I wanted my dungeon to be able to protect me and bring me more joy than I could ever imagine. I wanted my dungeon to be perfect.

And since I desired this and it would bring me joy, this was also a part of my purpose……

After the mite removed the humans head I noticed something pop up in my menu when I looked at it, this mite could now evolve due to the power it had collected.

I was shocked by the discovery that my creations could collect and store power, but when I thought about it this seemed only right and natural. I talked with the mite and asked if it wanted a name, it did. I asked if it could return a body part of the human it just killed to the ones nearing my dungeon like Instinct suggested, it agreed to do so.

When I began evolving the mite, I was surprised by the sudden thoughts that came to me on how to improve the mite species. I added characteristics of steel from a sword the mite had seized to its body, added sharp edges for more protection, increased its size, and made a few other changes. When I was done and the mite was still asleep from the evolution process I tried naming it, it was male so I named it with a masculine name: Ralt. It took a fair bit of power from me, but from the power I gained  from the deaths of so many humans, mites, and the increased amount I got from absorption now that I had a real entrance the cost didn’t take more than half my power.

When the mite awoke, it carried the head of the human it killed and began moving towards the entrance. I went ahead as the new humans had just arrived.

I looked at the large number of humans, this might have been what Hanna had called an “army militia”. The girl who seemed to be leading them was quite beautiful with tan skin and long dark hair, very different from Hanna’s pale white skin and yellowish hair. This girl was also taller than Hanna, looked to be more muscular though it was hard to tell when she was in the thing Hanna called armor, and had light brown eyes unlike Hanna’s bright green eyes. This girl was beautiful yes, but in a very different way than Hanna was. I was trying to decide which type of beauty I preferred when Ralt arrived, he was still carrying the head and seemed to have not further damaged it too.

Ralt dropped the head outside my dungeon and backed away. The girl picked it up, and then announced that they were leaving. Instinct was right about this working, even when another human seemed to try and enter my dungeon anyway the girl stopped him.

Then just before the girl left she began talking, and I think it was meant to address me. She gave me thanks, told me we were even, and then told me she would tell something called the “explorer’s guild” where I was located. I was excited by the prospect of having new outsiders come to my dungeon, but I hopped that they were more polite, talkative, and helpful than the first humans. The only good one out of that group was Hanna and maybe Ulisus but I won’t be able to tell until he wakes up, the others were only fun to watch die.

As I watched the humans leave without them even entering my dungeon, I had one thought.

I hope this “explorer’s guild” doesn’t arrive for a while, I need time to change my dungeon…… Hmm……. Maybe I could send some mites to the outside to get some samples I could use to improve my dungeon…. I think Ralt should be able to do that without dying, he is my strongest creation right now after all…………

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