Chapter 5: A mite’s might, And a journey through hell

Originally released 04-06-16

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 Mite Leader (Waynor’s personal team 8)

We had been given a task by the master. We were to guard the opining of our home, to let none escape and none enter. I would lead my battle-kin in this, I would bring honor to my hive mother and to my kin who would not join us in this quest.

My kind and I were creatures of battle. We understood what we were, and we accepted this with the highest gratitude to our master, creator, and the great dungeon that was our home. We would fight and kill others of our kind from different hives because it was what needed to be done, we needed the food and the other hive mothers were all a threat to each other. Though we were creatures constantly at war, my kind also shared one common interest that united us all. We all wished to protect and serve our master Waynor in any way we could.

This simple fact was why neither I nor any of my battle-kin were surprised by the truce scents of all the twelve hives mixing throughout the dungeon. There was also a scent for a meeting council of hives, something that had only occurred once since our kind was created by the master.

I turned to my battle-kin.

“The scent for council….” (Leader)

“Yes. You should go, the hive mother would want you there.” (Male mite 1)

“We will continue on to carry out the will of the great dungeon.” (Female mite 1)

“Leader, it is your duty. Worry not this is not defying our master, we shall go ahead to guard the opining.” (Male mite 2)

“Yes, one more mite would not make much of a difference. Go to the council.” (Male mite 3)

“Leader go, you can return to us when the council has ended.” (Female mite 2)

“Thank you…. I shall return, hold fast and fight well until then. You must honor our master and fulfill his will.” (leader)

“Yes leader!!!” (Entire mite team)

I followed the scent for the meeting of the council. It was my duty to assist my hive mother as a leader of my own team of battle-kin and I would see that duty done just as I would see my duty to the master done.

Though if the day ever came when the master ordered me to raise my jaws in battle against my hive mother, I would not hesitate to do so…… Just as I am sure all of my kind would not hesitate to do…..

Tero Bloody-Fist

If this dungeon thought that it could tell ME what to do, I would have to show it who it was dealing with.

I had my men move into the room and start to unload our gear, we would use this room as our camp and safe zone. If this dungeon was larger than we assumed it would be good to have a campsite already set up to return to. We should have more than enough supplies to last us until Vera and the reinforcements I sent for arrived.

When we had the place set up to my liking, and the boys had been given some time to rest I decided it was time to start scouting. We had made a plan to make small pushes into the dungeon being sure to map the way as we went, we weren’t by any means explorers so this sort of dungeon raiding wasn’t something my crew and I were experienced with. Then again how much training could the explorer guild really give on dealing with dungeons and frontiers anyway? My crew could fight like soldiers, so I was sure that as long as we were careful to avoid a few traps and were ready to take on some corrupted animals or some weakass green goblins we would be fine.

I readied the guys to move out as I took my place near the front of the band.

“Alright men, you know what to do. Skiener you’re up front, scout for any dangerous corrupted animals or gobbies.” (Tero)

“Right’o boss, but if we find a good skin or two on those corrupted animals I’m call’n dibs on them here and now.” (Skiener)

Skiener moved into the hallway, but came to a stop almost immediately. All I heard was a clicking noise when he stopped and then there was a sound of flesh tearing and bones crunching, then Skiener started screaming. Some of the men and I moved so that we could get a better view of what was happening, and that’s when I saw that Skiener had tripped a sort of spike trap.


One of my men ran up to help Skiener, it was Thos I think. Once Thos was a few feet from Skiener there was another clicking sound, the next thing I knew Thos had a long metal spike through his chest and he was letting out his last death rattles.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?!?!?!?!? This should only be a level 1 or lower dungeon right? So how are there traps on the first fucking floor!?!?!

The men were already pretty spooked by what happened to Skiener, but now I was hearing comments that sounded a lot like deserting the noble shits that were going to be our rightful reward for this job and just leaving this dungeon. I wouldn’t have that, we were not going to just let good money slip from our fingers just because of some fucking dungeon.

“LISTEN UP!!! AND SKIENER SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR THE GODS’ SAKE!!!!! ……..Good, now here is what we’re gonna do. Regg, you are going to go help Skiener, CAREFULLY. Be mindful of any more traps, but I doubt some level one dungeon would have much more than this on its first floor….” (Tero)

A man stepped forward, I didn’t recall his name, but I did recognize his face. He was good with a sword, but better with a tankard.

“But boss, this explorer buddy of mine said that level 1 dungeons usually didn’t have many traps at all, and they never had any on the first floor…..” (Middle aged merc man)

“Well this one did, maybe it added them when it picked up our noble friends…… Either way it doesn’t matter, we’re still moving forward with this, we’re still getting those two noble brats back, and I WILL be taking this dungeons core for all the trouble it has caused us! Now Regg hurry up and help Skiener!” (Tero)

“Umm……. Yeah sure boss….” (Regg)

Regg moved around to the front of Skiener and began to lift his leg of the spike it was impaled with. Skiener started to scream again, but he was free soon enough. As Skiener fell back into the room with us, Regg fell backwards probably losing his balance when Skiener came free.

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes as more clicking noises sounded and Regg became the pin cushion of three more spikes. The men all started to make a commotion when they saw that, but I didn’t let it grow or devolve into something more than that. I would NOT have dissention in my men.

“SHUT UP!!! Ok, so this wasn’t the greatest of starts, but now we know what we are dealing with men. We continue forward, but watch for spike traps and any pressure plates. Test the ground where you walk with your fucking sword if you have to, but be careful for the gods’ sake.” (Tero)

The youngest boy in my band, the one who was friends with Skiener and was currently helping the man stand looked towards me. I think the boy’s name was Garret.

“Boss, I don’t think Skiener can go on like he is right now and none of our mages can heal something like this fast enough for him to keep up with the rest of us. I’d like permission to stay back at the camp and to help treat him.” (Garret)

Clever kid……. He’s clearly scared but he knows I would never allow his cowardice, so he came up with a reason to stay behind….. And it’s a rather good one too…..

“Fine, we should be back in a few hours. The rest of you, we’re moving forward, and for fuck’s sake be CAREFUL WHERE YOU STEP!!!!” (Tero)

I began to walk down the hall way careful to avoid the tiles that sunk slightly when I tapped them with the end of my blade. The rest of my men followed suit, and I didn’t hear another clicking sound as we advanced.

This dungeon is going to pay me back for all it has cost me today, I swear it will……………

Mite leader (Waynor’s personal team 8)

I stood before my Hive mother a mite whose abdomen alone was three times my size, the council had just ended and I dipped my head out of respect to the leader who to me was second only after the master.

“Hive mother.” (Leader)

“So you came after all, even when our lord personally gave you a separate task…” (Hive mother)

I felt my abdomen twitch ever so slightly in shame.

“Yes, I felt it was my duty. My battle-kin have gone ahead and guard the opening even as we speak hive mother, fear not the masters will has been carried out.” (Leader)

“Very well….. As you heard, the council has decreed that there will be a truce between all hives whenever invaders threaten our lord. We mites will not fight amongst ourselves when outsider defilers threaten our lord and home.” (Hive mother)

“Yes I understand hive mother.”

“Good. I want you to work with the other team leaders from the other hives to end these threats quickly. Our lord may find them useful for testing his traps, but he also wishes to see how we mites fare against them as well.” (Hive mother)

My legs began to skitter slightly in anticipation, I could feel my desire to do battle against these invaders that would dare to oppose the master rise up.

“You are saying that I should lead my battle-kin against these invaders? But what of my mission to guard the opening?” (Leader)

The hive mother’s antennae twitched in amusement.

“That task has already been taken care of, a team from each hive has been sent there to guard the opening already. The lord and his aid approved of this change already as well. All you must do is rejoin your team of battle-kin and begin to hunt the invaders. Our hive was able to receive much honor by being the ones chosen for this task, do not fail us or dishonor our kin.” (Hive mother)

I felt my own antennae twitch with joy.

“I will not fail Hive mother! I will bring honor and pride to our kin, our hive, and our master!” (Leader)

“Then go.” (Hive mother)

I turned around and began to rush towards my battle-kin. We would spill the blood of our master’s enemies this day!

………. I will prove myself worthy of the faith that the master and the hive mother placed in me…..

When I arrived at the room with the opening I saw that the other teams had arrived and that my battle-kin had already slain one of the intruders. Another was watching us from outside the dungeon, but as long as it stayed outside it wasn’t any concern of ours. We would leave it be as long as it did not invade the master’s dungeon again.

“What are these things near the dead one?” (Leader)

“We think it’s food and nesting stuffs, leader.” (Male mite 1)

………So they were planning to make a nest here? I see……

“Seize what can be used for food, destroy the rest. The master can’t recycle these things while the invaders are on the same floor, but he can get power from there destruction…” (Leader)

“Yes, leader. Brothers and sisters you heard the leader, take the food and destroy the rest!” (Male mite 1)

I walked over to where there were two dead invaders hanging from some of the masters traps, we would have to reset the traps ourselves since the invaders were still on this floor. That was fine, but it also wasn’t a task for my battle-kin. My battle-kin and I had a far more important task.

“My brothers and sisters, we have been given the honor of doing battle with and killing the invaders who dared to oppose our master. We shall track them, we shall find them, we shall hunt them, and we shall kill them down to the last!!!” (Leader)

“For the master/great dungeon/lord/Waynor!!!” (Waynor’s personal mite team 8)

My battle-kin and I left to track the invaders, leaving the other twelve teams to handle the work of guarding and repairing that room.

As I lead my battle-kin towards the scent of the invaders, I had only a single thought.

I hope that you are watching master, and I hope that I can bring you joy with my efforts…….

Tero Bloody-Fist

I was down to only four men, the rest were either dead or lost somewhere in these forsaken maze.

Our scouting had gone well enough at first, the band had only lost one more man to the spike traps, but after the third room that changed. There were pitfall traps, some even had spikes or acid at the bottom of them, two of my swordsmen and a mage fell into a type of those pitfalls and died. Well I guess I can’t say for sure that the second swordsman died, he just fell into a dark pit that we couldn’t see an end to even when a mage cast a fireball down into it.

At that point I decided that it might be time to turn back for now, but when we were retracing our steps we were ambushed by monsters. They weren’t corrupted animals or green goblins either, they were bug monsters that had to be at least rank 3 and there was over fifty of them! We lost seven guys in that ambush and eleven more were injured. We were only able to kill a handful of the things too! It had to be less than ten, and I myself had to kill one of them. Their fucking carapaces were as hard as rock, they spat acid, had stingers with poison, webs that were stronger than any rope I’ve ever seen, and their jaws and claws were as sharp as blades!

I even saw one bite one of my men in half right in front of me, and then it just looked at me with those strangely humanoid and intelligent eyes…. It started to make this clicking noise and its antennae were doing this thing, and I could swear it was mocking me.

We were able to pull away, but only because the monsters let us. They would let us move forward but would always attack us whenever we tried to move back, we would advance and when we found a place without traps we would rest and the mages with healing magic would heal us.

This went on for a day, and we had lost seventeen more people from a mix of fire and arrow traps, a trap that squashed old Richy between two walls because he couldn’t run out of a hallway fast enough, a few surprise attacks from the bug monsters, and lastly the room we thought was safe but actually was full of collapsing ceiling and ascending floor traps that descended and ascended at varied speed and slightly varied times once we were in the middle of it. That last one proved to be especially dangerous as if you went the wrong way or hesitated when trying to escape you would get sealed off and crushed between the heavy moving stone floor and ceiling. We lost five men in that room alone.

That was when we came to the maze. It was a deathtrap worse than that of all the other things combined. We tried marking our way by nicking the walls down the path we went, but when we hit a dead end and began back tracking with the marks we would always come to a point where they just stopped after the third turn. It was like the walls just repaired themselves, but worse than that was the one time when there was a marked path. It lead us through more turns than anyone could remember taking, and then we walked straight into an ambush with the bug monsters waiting for us. The one that I could swear I recognized as the one that kept staring at me used its forelimb claw to nick the wall next to it in just the same way we did as marks. That was when I knew they were toying with us, and that was when my remaining men and I turned tail and ran. Some of the men got separated as we tried to escape the bug monsters, and I was down to only four of my men. Four men whose names I didn’t even know.

We had spent days wandering this maze, and the only reason we hadn’t died yet was there apparently weren’t any traps this far in. I had already given up hope of leaving this place alive, we had run out of food yesterday after all, but the thing that kept me going was my desire to kill this dungeon. I didn’t even care about the money or the job anymore, I just wanted this evil fucking thing that killed so many of my people to die. That was all.

That was the desire that drove me to killing my last four men in their sleep and using their bodies to keep up my strength. Their sacrifices gave me the sustenance I needed to go on.

I traveled the maze for who knows how long, I might have even gone insane from this, but I didn’t care. I just had one goal, and I would do anything to see it done.

The worst part of this evil place is it’s so damn pretty….. It’s like it wasn’t a deathtrap designed by the abyss itself, but a carefully maintained piece of art….. If I had seen this place before I knew what it was, I might have even said it was a beautiful paradise made for the highest of kings. All it was missing was the food, furniture, and staff….. But all those pretty walls and colorful decorations hide what this place really is…. It’s hell, this place is just hell…. It might even be a level of the abyss, in fact I bet that’s it!!! I’ve died and I’m just wondering in one of the deeper levels of the abyss!!!

“Hek….. Hek-hek….. HekhahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!” (Tero)

I was laughing, but I was also crying. I could feel the tears as they streamed down my face. I was an insane man that laughed as he cried wearing clothes that had long ago been soiled by his own filth. I didn’t even have my prided sword anymore, it had been lost somewhere in this evil maze along with everything else that mattered to me.

Who am I trying to fool? I can’t kill this place, I never could…… I should’ve just swallowed my pride, cut my losses, and left when it offered……. It…… Offered….? That’s right, it warned me to leave didn’t it? I was the one who decided to push onward, I was the one who ignored all the signs that this wasn’t some level 1 dungeon……. I was the one who caused my men to die……. And then, I even…… ate………. Oh fuck!!! Oh gods!!! What have I? But I had to!!! I had to because………….

I had forgotten why I even bothered to carry on, why I still fought. I had forgotten why I even bothered to continue living.

That was when it came, that one bug monster who had so haunted me all this time. I was sure it was the same one, and it was alone. It just looked at me and made a squeak as it flexed its jaws.

“So this is what you wanted, huh? To face me alone….. Is it because I killed one of your friends? Yeah, that’s right I killed one of your kind right in front of you didn’t I? Well I guess that’s just justice for all of my people you killed you fucking MONSTER!!! SO COME ON!!! COME FIGHT ME, IF I CAN’T KILL THIS PLACE THAN AT LEAST I CAN KILL YOU!!!!!” (Tero)

As I ran at the creature and it at me, I was able to remember the last person I cared anything about. The little girl that I took in off the streets on a whim and raised like a daughter. The little girl who grew up and became my trusted second in command and earned the respect of the Bloody-Fist crew with her sheer determination and cleverness. The girl that I would probably never see again.

I’m sorry Vera, but it looks like you surpassed this warhorse again…… Taking over and leading your own crew at 16? You beat me out by four years little girl…………….

Mite Leader (Waynor’s personal team 8)

We had proven ourselves against the invaders many times, and brought much honor to our hive, our kin, and even all others of our kind. We had shown the invaders the might of the mites that master created, and we were driving them deeper into the dungeon so that they could further test it for our master.

First we proved ourselves as superior in battle when we first clashed with the invaders as they attempted to return to their nesting area, I even wet my jaws with the blood of one of them as I sliced it in half at its middle even through its shiny carapace like armor. I also found the leader of the invaders, one who earned my hatred and respect by killing one of my sister battle-kin in front of me. She was not the only one of my battle-kin to die as seven others fell to the invaders as well.

I vowed to myself and my battle-kin that I would kill that invader leader myself for this loss.

When the invaders fled further into the dungeon I let them go without pursuit, the master still needed them to test the dungeon with after all.

I lead my battle-kin and we stalked and hunted the invaders as they advanced. Whenever they tried to turn back, we were there to stop and push them forward once again. We were herding the invaders through the dungeon so that they went through every room and meet every type of trap.

We watched in amusement as the invaders fell one by one to our masters traps, and whenever they stopped too long for rest I would lead the charge to battle with them once again.

My battle-kin and I kept the invaders scared, tired, and later starving as we drove them to the maze. The invaders had the audacity to mar our master’s prided beautiful maze walls, something that brought our master great joy. We repaired the damage of course, however we soon discovered the reason they did this act. They were attempting to keep track of where they had come from, when I learned that I decided to use it against them.

After swearing to repair the walls later, I mimicked the mars they made with one of my claws and lead them back to where my battle-kin lay in wait for them. When they arrived I saw the leader of the invaders and was sure he saw me to, so I made another mar on the wall next to me to mock its foolishness.

The invaders ran and we pursued them, but not seriously. There were not many of the invaders left and they had even separated now. I had my battle-kin hunt those that went off in different directions while I and a mere five of my brothers and sisters tracked the invader’s leader and those few with him.

After a few days of following them we saw the invader leader kill and eat the other invaders. The leader abandoned its long claw weapon and carried the arm of one of the dead invaders instead. After the invader had moved farther on I picked up the long claw weapon and gave it to my brother, it would serve as my trophy for this mission.

I told my battle-kin to find the other battle-kin of our team and to return with them to the opening. I said that I would handle the leader of the invaders myself.

When I came across the leader of the invaders he was walking unsteadily and had a scent of foulness around him. It was almost shameful to look upon one who had once defeated one of my battle-kin in this state. It was like the invader had no honor, even if my entire hive were to be wiped out I would still hold my head high and offer the strength of my jaws to the master.

…….Perhaps the invaders just know nothing of honor….. Very well then, I will end this now and go meet the new invaders with my battle-kin…. The warning scent says that they are within view from the opening now, perhaps if I can end this quickly I can arrive at the opening before they do…..

I looked at the invader.

“Let us end this.” (Leader)

The invader began to make the sounds I now knew as invader speak, and when it began to charge towards me I responded in kind.

We clashed and the invader held my jaws apart to keep them from closing. I had to respect this invaders strength, but it was not enough as I turned my head and removed one of its arms with my jaws. The invader made a loud scream and used the arm it had left to claw at my left eye. I screeched from the pain but I would not dishonor myself by letting it cow me. Raising my abdomen up under my body I stabbed the invader with my stinger and clawed at its body with my claws.

It screamed and I screeched, but I was the stronger one of the two of us even if I was smaller. I forced my way up the invaders body enduring the strikes that seemed to lose strength by the moment, it seemed my poison was already at work. When I reached the invaders neck I wrapped my jaws around it and closed them.

The invader’s head fell to the ground and I leapt of its collapsing body, supporting myself on my five god legs. I looked at the dead body of the invader and let out a victory chirp.

And so it is done…….. I hope my victory brought you some measure of joy master…….. I must sleep now to heal my wounds, a pity I could not meet these other new invaders alongside my battle-kin…….

As I prepared to rest and heal I heard the voice of my master.

“Wow….. That was fun to watch, and oh look! I can do something new now! You can evolve into something new I create based of your currant body and the power it has collected….. I didn’t even think my creations could collect and store power…. Oh well, this should be fun and I might even be able to finish before the other humans arrive. That’s good, Instinct wants you to do something, she said it should help keep anyone from entering my dungeon for a while. Will you do that for me when I’m done evolving you?” (Master)

I looked up and saw my master’s silver and blue orb-like non-body hovering above me. He had watched my battle, he had enjoyed it and said it was fun. I was glad, but I didn’t understand what my master meant by “evolving”. That said if it brought him happiness I was glad to do it, I would also do whatever it was that the aid had master ask of me.

“Yes master. I am honored to do so.” (Leader)

“Oh, that’s good. Hmmmm…. I should have an enough animus for just one mite….. Hey how about I give you a name too? You did really impress me, and the way you handled the humans was really fun to watch……. Although Hanna didn’t seem to like it all that much after she…. What did Instinct call it again? ‘Regained her sanity and identity as a human being again’ or something like that? Oh well, I liked it and I’m sure Hanna will come around in time. So how about it, do you want a name?” (Master)

I felt my whole body tremble with gratitude. My master had offered to name me. This was an honor beyond words.

“Yes my master, I would very much like to have a name……..” (Leader)

Ralt: (Warrior Mite), leader of Waynor’s personal mite team 8, “First of his kind”, “Warrior of honor”

As I walked into the new entrance room of my master’s dungeon, I drew the attention of the humans outside and my own kin. It wasn’t surprising really, since I had evolved I had more than doubled in size, grown jagged edges to my carapace that I could sharpen at will, and my carapace, jaws, and claws had all been hardened and sharpened by infusing my new evolution with the sword I took as a trophy, and just like the edges of my carapace I could now also soften them at will. My glossy black body was now as hard as good steel when I wanted it to be, but could also be almost as soft and giving as human skin, the only thing close to its softness I currently knew of that I could compare it to. The green streaks I once had were now a bright icy blue that showed to all that I was of a different caliber compared to the rest of my kin. I was the first of my kind, a warrior mite master called me, but soon those of my kind who met the conditions to evolve would take on this new form naturally, though they would be slightly smaller and their streaks would remain green as they were not named.

I was also carefully carrying the severed head of the human that lead the other humans in their invasion of my master’s dungeon. I was careful that I didn’t damage the head or even break its skin with my jaws.

I walked right up to the entrance of my master’s dungeon and looked into the eyes of the human female that was clearly the leader of these 100 or so humans.

I dropped the head onto the ground outside of my master’s dungeon and stepped back just as I was told to do.
The human woman stepped forward and picked up the head, her expression changed and took on something I now recognized as sadness. The woman stood and turned around.

“We are leaving, there is nothing for us here anymore……” (Woman)

One of the other humans stepped forward and began to speak in a language I could now understand.

“But Vera, that was the boss’s-…..” (Male human)

The woman began to speak in a tone I now understood as hostile and threatening.

“I said we were leaving and that there was nothing for us here, was that not clear enough for you Barry?” (Woman)

The human man was cowed and stepped back into place amongst the other humans.

The woman walked away but stopped after she had taken a few steps and turned her head back towards my kin and I.

“I was told you can speak like in the legends, dungeon. Know this, I thank you for returning my father to me, but that only makes us even as you were the one to kill him. I won’t hold it against you, that’s just the way of the world after all, but I won’t help you by keeping your existence here a secret. I will be informing the explorers guild of your location, and for your own sake I suggest you play nicer with them than you did my father and his men.” (Woman)

The woman began to walk forward again after she finished speaking, and the other humans followed along behind her.

As I watched the large group of humans leave, I lost myself in my thoughts.

Let them come, my master will have prepared and changed the dungeon to his liking by then…. If this “explorers guild” comes in peace than my master will welcome them, but if they should mean him harm then they shall find out the true terror of my master……. and they shall have to face me………………………..

Name: Waynor Titles: “Icon of Patience”, “Self-Named Dungeon”, “The One Who Endures” Rank: 0
Dominion Level: 0 Territory: N/A Dungeon Views: {invaders (threat)} {[overview}
Power: { Mana: 592} { Animus: 780 } Class: ??? State: flawless core

[Floors: 1            Rooms: 47 (sub rooms: 183)        Inhabitants (slaves/livestock/pets/etc… included): {???: 1} {humans: 1} {Mites: 1,000,000+ (Hive Mothers: 12) (Warrior Mites:1)}    Traps (magical/physical/other…): {spike: 596} {pitfall: 421} {arrow: 327} {wall: 382} {ceiling: 106} {fire: 239} {poison: 135} {acid: 23} {maze: 1} ]


[Creation Options: {Mana: expansion, building, decoration, design, trap creation, core growth} {Animus: dungeon lord creation, inhabitant creation, soul stone creation/granting, name bestowal,  mutation/evolution/etc…, core growth} ]


[Destruction Options: {Mana: magic, deconstruction, siphoning, absorption, portation (in-dungeon), Teleportation, item/magic recycling (automatic)} {Animus: siphoning, absorption, remodification/recreation, life recycling (automatic)}]


[ Stored/Owned Creations (organic): {Dungeon lord: 1}{Mites: 1,000,000+}      Stored/Owned Creations (inorganic)      Possible/Purchasable Creations: {∞} ]


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