Discord, F.L., and adding stuff/Art

Ok so i set up discord servers for each of the stories so that people can go there and chat and whatnot, links in the project pages….. Why did i do this? Dunno, maybe i was bored yesterday waiting for class to start and i didnt want to start writing anything when i’d have to shut it all down in a few minutes…. So yeah that’s something to do now, i’ll probably pop by periodically between life classes and writing so if you want to scream at me to hurry up with a chapter you can do it there….


I also finally have time to work on F.I. some today and much more tomorrow so i’m going to be able to start and hopefully finish prologue 4…. then it’ll just be one chapter more of prologue and i go back to finishing ark 2 of D.I. (This ark was sooooooo long… both in chapter number and time taken to write…. *sigh*…). then i’ll probably story hop randomly until i get into the “ZONE” with one of them….


oh i’ll also be moving over L.Z:I and A.N.G this week sometime when i have a spare hour or two….. man moving the chapters over is SUCH a tedious process, why cant Word, WordPress, and RRL all just share the same formating so that when i copy and paste between them it doesnt absolutely screw up tons of shit…. at least Word works as a sort of intermidary between RRL and WordPress, but that still means a lot of copy and pasting plus going back through the chapter and fixing the spacing and centering….. FML…. Anyway enough ranting for now (There will probably be more of that when i start moving over all the D.I. chapters….. THAT’S going to be so much FUN…. FML…)


I’ll Probably have the D.I. chapter out by this time next week at the latest, but until then imma go pretty dark here on the site with my Den-Life-Info-Updates…. just assume i’m working on chapters and life stuff until i update you guys again…. if i go too long (Like months…) without updating anything, then well, Yeah that probably means i died or am in a coma or something….


Oh and i just got some art for Volume 2 of D.I….

I’ll be adding this soon to the side of the site along with all the other stuff Credit and Thanks to FluffyFlower for the art!!!

AaronDragon Out…..

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