copyright, D.I. publishing update, and a competition announcement…

Ok so i’ve put a copyright page up that puts in words all those fun copyright details for creating original story content….. you can find that under About DPP in the menu….

also i’ve started making those publishing moves for D.I.’s volume 1…. All that’s left of it is the rest of ark 2 and a few extras that’ll be E-book exclusive (Except for one i’ll put up on the site for you all to enjoy for free… which one will be decided by poll later on….), and that means i’ll be looking for a few PR’s and soft Editors willing and able to work in google docs and follow my rather demanding/obssesive nature… those that are chosen will be reseving free PDF or Doc files of the full E-book and have their name’s added as contributers….. If your interested comment below AND PM me on RRL so i can kinda screen you and decide if you fit, it’ll be first come first serve and i’m only looking for four people so….. yeah…. I’ll be considering applications until i find the final four i decide on.

D.I.’s Volume 1: Birth of a Dungeon will probably be out in late spring 2017 since i want to have it be nice and edited, and want to have some time to get into volume 2 a decent amount…. oh and school, that delays stuff too….

now on to the competition!

basically this is a chance at scoring a PDF/Doc version of the complete e-book of D.I. volume 1 without paying anything for it. There will be Nine winners, four for an art competition, four for other competitions i’ll be holding every month or so, and one for the best RRL (by upvote) for D.I…

want to know more? well here you go!!!

Art competition:

For the art competition you need to make character art for one of these established characters: Hanna, Ralt, Loria, Johana, Feris, Darek, Cecilia, Erica, Yula and/or Tula, and . you can send in as many as you want if you want to try increasing your chance to win, but i will only select one piece of art for each artist as a winner discounting the other submissions (no winning multiple copies people, no matter HOW good every one of your submissions may be…). The top four (I.E: the winners) will be announced in January 2017, and the deadline for submissions is December 3oth 2016. there is no style restriction, but i will say that i am more fond of Anime or fantasy type art styles and i am the judge who picks the winners so….

all submissions should be made by PM to RRL and should include a link to the picture if not the picture itself. honorable mentions might be found in the back of the E-book so check there even if you dont win but want to see if i liked what you sent in….


Review competition:

this one is simpler and a lot easier to judge, from now until December 1st You can review and vote for reviews on D.I.’s RRL main page. the one with the most upvotes and thus the fan favorite on December 1st will win and that person will be contacted by PM through RRL about their reward PDF/Doc copy of D.I.’s volume 1. the only rules for this are: Hate (Bashing without facts or proof, or bashing just because you dislike me for whatever reason) will not be considered by me even if it is at the top, downvotes are a recognized (though fairly nasty…) means of competitive play in this competition, and if the 1st place top reviewer turns down the reward for whatever reason it goes to the 2nd placer….

I encorage everyon to participate (I’ll be voting too…) even if you write nothing… oh and lets try to keep the review i wrote at net-0 ok people? would be weird if i somehow won….

Oh and you might want to change or refresh your review now if you have already written one, or not if your confident about it i guess…

the other competitions as i said will pop up in time, and i may end up holding another review competition after the first one is over, but if you are a patron of mine and have been a patron for over a month before the e-book comes out you will receive a copy of the e-book (PDF/Doc file) by email so you dont have to compete unless you want too…

And i guess that’s it for the news… comment if you are unclear on something and i’ll probably get back to you and clear up that confusion….

And NOW i’m really going MIA for a while here with Den-Life-Update-Posts…. for real this time….

AaronDragon Out….

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