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So i’ve started the new semester and DAMN did that slow me down… i had like no time at all to write yesterday after class…. and now i cant sleep in late anymore…..

Anyway releases are going to be pretty random from now on, and if i promise that something will come out on a certain date then i’m probably lying since to me School comes before writing and assignments will eat into my time heavily…. I’ll try to put out a couple chapters a week, but no promises….

and since i checked the fan compendium of all things D.I. and am impressed with everything you guys have done with it, i decided to drop some more background info on you all…. It’s just the basic stuff that carries through all my multiverse stories but hey, still kinda important and good to know. here you go:

Metals of the multiverse (in order of rarity…)-

Normal metals……..:









Magical metals……..:

Crystilite (Used most commonly for magical tools and crystal technology… basically just solid mana, can be found anywhere there is mana (or some other compatible form of power) and is fairly common and prevalent…)

Emonite (incredibly heavy and durable metal usually used for construction of defensive walls and battlements… also a common metal used for manor construction for the wealthy {for extra security….} largely unusable otherwise due to its immense weight.)

Fel-ores (normal metals corrupted by mana, usually used for research or cursed weaponry and armor… can cause illness and corruptions from prolonged contact…)

Irisial (basically just naturally enchanted iron… can have multiple effects depending on the type of mana contained in it… usually used for weapons and armor…)

Entanium (a crystalline metal that is formed from sediment and mana, it is a tough and usually naturally enchanted material that can only form in specific locations. Once a vine of Entanium is found, it is usually heavily mined since Entanium is naturally continuously produced at a relatively fast rate…)

Resalite (a metal that is formed from elemental energies itself in places where said element is prevalent and there is vast amounts of mana of said element present. The effects of this metal depend on what element it is formed from, and is heavily desired by many adventurers and warriors. Heavily expensive commercially {costing anywhere from goldettes to platettes…..}, it takes no less than master level smiths to work this metal.)

Mentrialite (a metal that has been altered and blessed by the power of the gods or beings of similar power, there are countless types of Mentrialite all with unique effects that are usually incredible and miraculous. This metal is usually considered a national treasure and used for the armor of national heroes and rulers… considered priceless….)

Salarinite (a substance made up of pure mana of the strongest type and formed from an unknown natural process, it is the strongest, lightest, rarest, and most magical natural substance on most worlds. it is every smith’s dream to be able to work with this strange magical metal, every mages dream to research it, and every rulers dream to possess it…)

Divinitite (Metal of the Divines, basically beyond mortal comprehension and use… only found on a world in the forms of one of holy weapons gifted from Higher Beings….)


Currency of the Multiverse-

Half peices: any coin split in half and worth half that coins origanal value

Coperette: 10 suits…. 

Silverette: 100 suits…. A few silverettes can allow a commoner to live for a half-year somewhat comfortably, or a year frugally…

Goldette: 1,000 suits…. A few of these are enough to buy most small houses….

Platette: 10,000 suits…. Bassically only used by nobles, wealthy merchants, nations as commoners can only dream of owning a single platette in their entire lives if they are extremely lucky. Explorer/Mercenary/Assassin/Etc… commissions of the highest order have rewards payed in platettes at times…

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