Stuff and Names…. and Planning…..

So yep i’m here and i’m doing stuff for my stories again…. Basically working on D.I.’s background info, and some world-building stuf and Demon Lord names for F.I….

so here’s a list of D.I. stuff for anyone who feels like adding it to the compendium:

Kalet continent:

    • Metia (Human nation west of Waynor’s dungeon)
      1. Vel’Aria- capital
    • Drugtar (Dwarven Nation south of Waynor’s dungeon)
    • Aldorn (Human nation Northwest of Waynor’s dungeon)
    • Sealiven (Elven Nation east of Waynor’s dungeon)
      1. Sacred grove of Pelissuan
    • Winalfor (Beastkin nation to the far north of Waynor’s dungeon)
    • Ros’Laga (Feltius nation to the far south of Waynor’s dungeon)
    • Mistalheim (Anglian floating kingdom-fortress that moves through the continent following the ley lines) 
    1. Piller of Purity- sacred relic of great power. It seeks out ley-lines and other high sources of pure mana.
    2. Underhiem- under city for the poor and fallen


Races of Eserthet (More Info will be revealed in-story):

  1. Humans 
  2. Elves 
  3. Dwarves
  4. Beastkin
  5. Feltians
  6. Anglian
  7. Reklo

And then there is the Demon Lord List and the locations for F.I. which i’m working on now…. check out the updated list, and please PLEASE for the love of Sally comment with some location names…. Cities, nations, towns, villiges, landmarks like mountan ranges, forests, plains, desserts….

Yeah i’m a bit swamped here… shit i also need swamp names…. It never ends….. FML….

Anyway i’ll be working on a F.L. chapter (the last or second to last part of the prologue….) today (But probably wont finish it today…) and then once the prologue part of F.L. is done i’ll go back and finish ark 2 for D.I….

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AaronDragon Out…..

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4 thoughts on “Stuff and Names…. and Planning…..”

  1. There are a lot of fantasy name generators that can be found on google if you want lists to narrow down your suggestions (ex: google “mountain name generator” and the first 3 of them lead to name generators). Any more specific descriptions would have to depend on the personalities of the races that are naming them (ex: do humans like naming things after themselves? Do elves like simple descriptive names? etc.)

    Also, is there any descriptions of the last three races?

    1. Yeah i know, but i really don’t like using name generators… suggestions are fine but i feel that generators are the lazy “I have no imagination” way out for some reason….

      maybe that’s just a weird writing quirk of mine….

      1. To be honest, unless there’s something to go on (ex: what do the other races generally name their cities and landmarks, what are some of the physical characteristics of the landmarks, etc.), there isn’t too much of a difference between fan-submitted names and auto-generated ones. I guess the only other perk that I can think of is that people get excited if their names were chosen.

        But enough quibbling. If you want to go with the -ia ending for Metia and her cities, something (sister nation, city, etc.) named Aleria? Or if you want to go with heaven/cloud/mist related names for cities, then something like Ourania? It may be a good idea to come up with different types of naming schemes that the races use to keep everything consistent. Of course, that might burn away time so that might not necessarily be a good idea unless you can do it quickly/ask for suggestions.

        Also, do you intend for your landmark names be true names or descriptive ones? To steal an example from LOTR, a descriptive title like the Misty Mountains or something like Hithaeglir

        1. well i do already have a sort of racial naming scheme in place: Elves prefer flowing names with lots of vowels, humans basic fantasy/medieval names, beastkin simple to-the point names, dwarves short strong sounding names, etc…. and for land marks they’ll all be either descriptive names or nammed after important figures of the past like heroes or rulers….

          anyway i’ll probably just make some up myself or breakdown and cave to temptation of using a word generator as i write D.I. and for F.I. think i kinda came up with a system…. mostly….

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