Prologue: Searching for two Lornfangs…

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anyway here’s the chapter:



Maxius Verimond


It had taken many months of searching and years of fear and worry, of regret and mourning. For months I dwelled on what ifs: what if we had stayed longer, if we had insisted they come visit us as well, if I had seen the signs before it was already too late…


“So this is where they took Teriok’s wife and son?” (Ira)


I looked over to see my wife glaring at the hive in front of her with pure hatred, she had known Teriok as well as I did. In fact I think she may have even met him before me, before our school days.


“Yes, at least that’s what we were able to get out of one of the raiders, I doubt she was even able to lie after all that woman did to her. After all, that woman might even be better than the vespians at torture…” (Maxius)


“She deserved worse for what she and her sisters did.” (Ira)


I couldn’t help but agree with my wife, we had both seen the devastation they caused with our own eyes. This Slaver group had raided and pillaged my best friend’s village, kidnaped and enslaved the women and children, and brutally slaughtered those that attempted to fight back. They had killed my best friend leaving nothing but a head and bits of meat for us to find of him. They had taken his family and his people and enslaved them, drugging them and torturing them and selling them like animals. The few we were able to find scattered through slave markets during our first months of searching were not the same proud wolf tribe beastkin we had seen only months prior when we visited Teriok and his family, they were broken and scared creatures who had lost all sense of identity.


When we first heard about the devastation of Teriok’s village, we had held out hope. Teriok was strong, a naturally gifted as a oathbinder and even rarer also one of those few who was magically inclined and able to manipulate mana. He had faced countless dangers and even saved us all from hopeless situations on multiple occasions, we believed that if there was any who could survive the raid on that village, it would be him and his family. Then we learned who caused that devastation, Vespian slavers, and our hope died.


Vespians were ruthless, cruel, and incredibly dangerous. Their entire race was unable to oathbind, but they didn’t have to considering their immense strength, wings, and venoms. They were practically monsters themselves already, so what use would they have for using other monsters to fight for them, especially when they enjoyed the pain they personally caused so much?


I looked back at the force of 100 we brought with us, all of them were elites from our house guard being either talented warriors or gifted oathbinders, two could even use magic. Best of all they were all loyal, trained from birth to devotedly serve my household as their families had for generations before them. They would probably be more than enough to handle a hive like this on their own given enough time, but Ira and I wanted to be here as well and our presence should speed things up considerably.


After all, Teriok was our friend… It’s our right to claim revenge with our own hands, and to rescue his family since he is unable to… We cant leave things like this and wait while they conduct a long siege against this hive…


“Everyone, prepare yourselves! Today we shall show these bugs what the Verimond Household is capable of!” (Maxius)


There were no cheers and no cries for victory, only grim and determined silence as the men and women serving my household readied their weapons and called forth their bound monsters. Many of these people had known Teriok too, they were all eager to see this done.


I turned to look at my wife who had already lifted her longsword and shield, and already cast some sort of magic over herself.


“Be careful Ira these vespians were able to kill Teriok, there may be some who are of stronger sub-races than we have ever seen…” (Maxius)


I watched as my wife put on her half helm and as the runes carefully engraved on her plated armor began to glow.


“Then they shall just suffer longer before they die… You should worry about yourself Maxius, you aren’t nearly as strong as me…” (Ira)


I watched as she and our household’s elite guard began to advance towards the vespian hive, only two men staying behind with me as personal guards.


“Very true my dear Ira, but I don’t have to be strong…” (Maxius)


I clutched at my seven crystilite jeweled amulet and reached out for my most trusted and first partner. As the metallic clicking of my partner’s claws with her footfalls sounded beside me I looked to my side and admired the mighty form of the five foot tall, nine foot long entanium pantheris who I was bonded with. The magical enchanted metal that made up her fur, teeth, and claws made her my most deadly and powerful bound monster by far.


“…Since Nila is strong enough for the both of us…” (Maxius)


With my hand resting against my partner’s side we began walking towards the hive, the two guards following in our wake. Those two probably wouldn’t see any chance to actually guard me in there though, Nila tended to be a bit overprotective of me after all…



I looked past the corpses littering the room and focused on the vespian drone in front of me, the one that was being held lightly in Nila’s jaws and trying desperately not to move and meet the same fate as her sisters did scattered around the room like so many bloody broken dolls.


Vespians were a race of highly aggressive entirely female insectoid humanoids, and unfortunately for all the other races of people they could only reproduce with males that were either human, beastkin, or elven. Some would call their race beautiful once you disregarded how their legs bent in the reverse, they had venomous claws on each of their fingers that were sharper and stronger than iron blades, their strange antennae on their heads and large thoraxes coming out of their lower back, and the chiton covering parts of their body like their legs and arms. None of that excused their tendency to rape men to breed however, especially since they seemed to all inherently despise the other races and only traded with other races out of necessity as they attempted to wage war against everything not a vespian from their hive. In short they were a despicable race, and the only possible redeeming features their race had were their natural gifts for combat and slavery.


That same gift for enslaving and training other races that so many admired is what lead them to killing my friend and enslaving his family and people, and obviously it was a feature of this race I was finding it hard to not fundamentally hate due to that fact. I had never been very fond of vespians and had never purchased vespian trained slaves since I didn’t agree with their training methods or how they treated slaves like less than livestock, but now I truly hated their entire race with a passion. I had a reason to now.


“You know what will happen if you don’t speak?” (Maxius)


“Yes Human…” (Vespian drone)


“Good, then I’ll offer you the same thing I did your sisters. Tell me where your slave sale records and unique beastkin slaves are kept and I’ll let you die painlessly, if not you can suffer until you die from blood loss…” (Maxius)


“I shall tell human filth like you nothing! Your people are weak and break oh so very easily, your whole race’s ideas of torture are laughable! You truly are useless beasts fit only for breeding slaves or bloody entertainment!” (Vespian drone)


I nodded to Nila and watched as the shoulder of the drone was crushed in her jaws and it merely winced and glared at me. This was another problem with vespians, they were all so sadistic that whatever forms of traditional torture most could think of were less than useless on them. Sure they felt pain and torturing them did hurt them as much as it should, but that didn’t matter when most adult drones had already suffered through much worse forms of torture than merely inflicting pain. They were a race that was cruel even to their own young, caring only that the strongest to reach adulthood so that they could continue their endless war on the rest of the world and subjecting their offspring to countless horrors from their birth onwards for that purpose.


That very point was made clear as this drone began laughing just as many of the others had, even as Nila destroyed her body piece by piece.


Disturbed… That’s the only way to describe them, their whole race is twisted and disturbed. Thank the twelve they aren’t united as a race, if they were I doubt even the combined might of the other five races would be able to stand against them…


As the life drained from this drone’s eyes much like her sisters before her, I realized the unfortunate truth that I would actually have to read the journal in my hands if I wanted any real information. I had been avoiding it since I had opened it to the first page and read what sick shit was contained inside of it.


I let out a sigh as Nila looked at me questioningly and her frame began to shift in unnatural ways. When a woman in full entanium armor stood where there was once an adult pantheris, I heard her speak the words I had been dreading.


“Maxius, this has been the sixth room where we interrogated all the vespians inside only to have none of them give us any of the information we wanted at all. You’re going to have to read the blood scented book you found in that cage place, it’s the only lead we have…” (Nila)


I looked at my bound monster and knew that she was right, we were out of options and vespian hives this large always had all sorts of hidden rooms that no one other than the vespians of that hive would ever be able to locate on their own. This journal might be the only clue we had to finding where the Lornfangs were being held, and since Nila assured me she could pick up their scent throughout this hive I was fairly sure they were still being held here.


I opened the book ignoring Nila’s over affectionate actions and purring, she was always a handful when Ira wasn’t around to remind her that I was spoken for and kept on very short reins. I’m sure my lovely wife would kill me if I ever even attempted to pursue another romantic relationship, let alone consider taking another wife or attempting to pursue any oathbond to the logical conclusion Evras intended. Ira was very much against sharing in those regards, no matter how much it was encouraged by the kingdom, the empire, and the temple of Evras.


“Nila, down.” (Maxius)


“Oh, you are much less fun than you used to be master… Do you remember when I first attained this form with my fourth evolution? You were much more fun then, so easily flustered too…” (Nila)


“Nila…” (Maxius)


She moved away very reluctantly and leaned against the blood splattered wall to my left. This was the one real downside to the oathbond, the gift of the goddess Evras that allowed those lucky few mortals personally blessed by her the opportunity to tame the monsters of this world, it only worked on those monsters that were the reverse gender of the oathbinder and those monsters always ended up developing some sort of romantic feelings for their masters or mistresses. Evras is the goddess of love after all, that result shouldn’t be all that surprising but still every oathbinder will be shocked the first time one of their first bound monsters take on a humanoid form and begins to openly pursue a deeper relationship. I know I sure was.


“Fine, I’ll be over here then master Maxius…” (Nila)


“Thank you, Nila.” (Maxius)


I had been flipping through the journal trying to find some mention of the ones we were searching for without actually reading through this entire sick recording of the horrors vespians inflicted on others to “train” them as slaves. All of it was the stuff of twisted nightmares, and some of what the slaves were forced to do was beyond disturbing.


Finally I came to the a part of the journal that had what I was looking for, and as I read more I wished I had never found it.


Rith 12, 872: The two dogs that were brought in today are apparently high quality goods, and they were brought to me because they both seem abnormally resistant to the normal training. The only thing I was told was to keep them alive, otherwise I was free to do whatever I pleased to break down their resistance and train them.

The two dogs were a bitch and her male pup, the bitch had wounds from her prior training already but the pup was as heathy looking as if he were never touched in his training at all. I would have to fix that error.

Rith 14, 872: The bitch is strong willed, but she can break and after two days under my care she is close to that point already. I’ve been starving the pup as he watches me work on her, it seems to be the only thing that gets to him with any real depth to it as any wounds he receives seem to heal completely in a remarkably short amount of time no matter how severe they might be. The pup can still feel the pain from his training, but I felt training him will be easier after I break his mother in front of him.

Rith 15, 872: The bitch finally obeyed an order today, her reward is getting to stay in the same pen as her pup and some raw meat. She gave the meat to her pup, but I allowed this by giving her permission to do so before giving her the meat so it shouldn’t negatively affect her training much.

Rith 16, 872: I’ve decided to use the pup for some sexual relief today, it will prove to further both his and the bitches training in the future.

Rith 17, 872: It seems I’ve underestimated the pup, he refused to perform oral service on me. I had to correct him with punishment, but he still did not give in until I had removed all of his fingers and toes. Seeing this upset the bitch as intended, so I’m sure her training will proceed as I anticipated but the pup’s defiance concerns me. He is far too young for such defiance to be natural for his kind.

Carth 3, 872: I have been working on the bitches training for weeks and had her separated from her pup. This neglect worked wonders on the pup as the mere hint of being able to see his mother again will lead to the pup doing whatever is asked of him. The bitch was also far easier to train separated as she was from her pup, it appears that she was attempting to put up a strong front in front of the pup and when they were separated that issue was resolved after only two days.

I have also begun rewarding the bitch with small doses of pleasure venom. It seems to be having minor effects on her in even these low doses, thus leading me to believe that it will be a simple matter to addict the bitch to the venom in the future.

Carth 27, 872: I have begun to train the pup in the arts of providing sexual pleasure and I believe that he would make a wonderful breeding slave for the hive in the future based on his progress. As the pup has not sexually matured yet he can only provide oral relief, however the skill he displays in this and the speed he learns new techniques is impressive to say the least.

The bitch has been eating her own kind’s flesh for the last six days and seems close to collapsing mentally before her training is completed, it may be due to my own overzealousness in dealing with her. I believe some time with her pup will help to resolve this problem and also serve as a reward for the pup’s obedience.

Secst 6, 872: Today I separated the two again, the effects were just as I’d hoped. The pup understands that he must obey commands to see the bitch, and the bitch has regained some mental composure and is no longer in danger of becoming a failed product.

I believe that I shall test the bitch’s resolve today by having her attempt to provide me sexual favors, this will also serve to inform me of how much I must train her in the arts of pleasure. ]


I stopped reading. This was sick, so very sick. My friend’s wife and child being treated like this, reading about it was awful and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I began skipping ahead once more in the hopes that I could found some clue about their whereabouts from this twisted journal.


Deryl 23, 872: The pup is maturing and his skill in the arts of pleasure are improving by the day, I am also pleased that he seems to be developing the features that both males and females of other races find alluring. The pup is sure to sell well when he is fully trained, but it is unfortunate that he cannot serve as a breeding slave for this hive.

The bitch is noticeably becoming addicted to pleasure venom and seems to lose any inhibitions she would normally have under its effects. Her training has progressed well and I believe she is almost ready for the next stages. ]

Asur 12, 873: I told the bitch her pup died today, and I have begun to address her with the shortened name that she will be sold by. She took it as I expected and has turned to pleasure venom for comfort.

The pup is beginning to develop his secondary sexual characteristics, I estimate it will only be a few more weeks before his balls fully descend and I can begin dozing him with pleasure venom as well. ]

Olt 30, 873: The bitch has had her resistance and her prior sense of identity totally broken and is now fully trained. Today I brought her to meet the pup and she did not recognize him, not even hesitating to perform oral services on her own pup at my command something that I understand should be taboo in their culture.

Unfortunately this event has set back the pups training immensely, surprising given how obedient he had become prior. I will have to begin the pup’s training from the beginning once more, and even more unexpectedly none of my venoms seem to be having any lasting effects on him.

I may need to delay approving the bitch for sale as she seems to be the only way to get the pup to obey now. ]

Myuk, 874: The pup has become far more aggressive since last month, not even using the bitch in an attempt to calm him has worked and I now require sisters with the hive-mind abilities to be with me at all times while training him to use their calming and at times controlling mental influences on him.

The bitch was slightly injured in her advanced training, but as we already have a client ready to purchase her this can be overlooked. I need only give her more specialized training to make her more dog like to match her appearance as well as to act as a docile house pet and sexual relief slave. This should only require a month or so of training, but I shall hold off for now in the hope that she can still be used to influence the pup and further his training in her current state. ]

Nyt, 874: The pup is by far the most difficult slave I have ever had to deal with, the longer I work on him the less things seem to be effective on him. Physical pain has already ceased to matter to the pup and his pain tolerance is unnerving. Even after removing the pups genitals and arms as well as branding him multiple times he still refused to preform even a single sexual act on anything, even another non-related female member of his own kind. It now takes more than ten sisters with the hive-mind ability to even subdue him, something that frightens all of us as it is utterly unheard of to require that many even for large battles. Venom of any type seems to have no effect on him at all at this point, and the only thing that is assuring me training him is even still possible is how he responds to being starved, deprived of sleep, cold, or ill. ]

Fofyl, 875: The pup continues to grow and if not for our growing inability to control his training I would say he was a wonderful product that would sell for many goldettes at the very least. The pup’s appearance has been shown to be incredibly attractive to both genders of humans, scalekin, elves, dwarves, and other beastkin, he has been described as cute and adorable multiple times by all the other slaves that have seen him. His technical sexual skills in the arts of providing pleasure are well above expectations, though the pup has only ever engaged in the acts of mating when heavily restrained as for some reason he refuses to do the act by his own will regardless of what is done to him. And the pup has learned to read, write, and speak common as well as ancient elvish and the basics of the written runes used by the scalekin. The pup’s ability to heal from any wound, which has increased and seemingly improved as he has grown, would also factor into further increasing his price as a slave.

The only problem is that we are unable to break his will, the pup looks at everyone he sees with open hostility and hatred. We are slowly running out of ways to control and punish him, the only things that seem to still work on him are starvation and depriving him of sleep.

I worry about the pup, he is intelligent for a beastkin and he clearly hates me more than any other. I fear one day the pup will grow utterly beyond our control and he will kill me… ]


Carth, 875: We spent the entirety of last month torturing the pup in the worst ways any in the hive could imagine in an attempt to utterly break him and his will, it would decrease his value as a slave to be so broken but not as much as having him be as aggressive as he was before would have decreased his value and discredited our hive’s slave training capabilities. The pup was even unaffected by curses or the crude slave collars that the other races use, he was beginning to concern the entire hive so this measure was truly necessary.

Now the pup is docile and listens to everything I say, I have confirmed that his ability to provide pleasure in the act of mating is at standard for a pleasure slave. In fact it well exceeds the standard and I have taken to using the pup as often as I can before he is processed for sale, it is truly a shame I will not be able to experience him when he is fully sexually mature.

The pup will likely be sold as a high luxury pleasure slave for at least 50 goldettes, well worth the unusually long period it took to train him.

The bitch will also be collected by her owner soon, the human who agreed to purchase her shall be expecting her within the next two months. It is a shame the Bitch who birthed the pup was only worth a few silverettes in the end, but we have fixed her so that we will not lose any potential profit by her producing another offspring like her first pup. So far the pups she produced when we breed her have not lived up to her firstborn’s level of quality, but it is best not to take the chance that we could be undermined by having her be sold secondhand to another slaving group as a breeder of high quality pups. ]


I was sick, but I was getting close to the end of the journal, and thankfully by only reading the summery at the beginning of each entry I could avoid the in depth recounting of what was done to the two Lornfangs. It was the best I could to hold back tears at what had happened to my best friend’s family while we searched for them, I had lost count of the times I had called upon the gods in horror. It was horrible to imagine the kind and beautiful Rekona and the innocent young Noxaltik being treated like this. I had known them both, been almost as close to them as I had been with Teriok himself, I was Noxaltik’s godfather for Evras’ sake! And what they did to them when I was unable to help them…


Damned vespians… Fucking evil damned vespians… It was a woman and a small child! How could they… damn them, damn their whole evil race!!!


“Master? Are you alright, you’re crying…” (Nila)


At her words I wiped my eyes to find that she was right, even so I had to read on if only to find where the two were being held or where they had been sold. It was still early Olt in the 23rd imperial century of Draga’s Hold, so even if they had been sold already they can’t have made it very far in under a month.


“Yes, yes I’m fine Nila…” (Maxius)


As I turned the pages to the next month recorded in the journal I was meet with something that surprised me and gave me hope.

Nyt, 875: The slave called Nox has escaped and killed sister Rasst who was his trainer, he was seen heading toward the north likely headed for the cover of the wilds of the Metelian forest.

The slave called Rek was missing as well, but was soon found only a few miles from the hive dead with signs of being raped by multiple males.

It is thought that Nox attempted to bring Rek with him on his escape out of lingering sentiment that somehow survived his training, only to have Rek attempt to return to the hive by any means as her training dictated she do if she was taken a certain distance away without being given express permission to do so. Nox then likely abandoned his attempt to take Rek with him when she turned hostile towards him, as she would likely have even attempted to kill him if he attempted to continue bringing her farther away. The white hairs we found clenched in Rek’s hands when we found her corpse would seem to confirm this theory, though we cannot be sure.

Either way this is a disaster that has resulted in the loss of both profit and a talented slave trainer for the hive, I hope to be able to live up to the legacy of sister Rasst’s work and aid in the recovery from this loss.

A raiding party has been dispatched in an attempt to recover slave Nox, but we have been told to consider him a lost asset already so there is likely little hope for recovering him. I believe that is for the best as if he was recovered then it would be my duty to train him now that sister Rasst is dead, and after reading her account of training Nox who she referred to in much of her writings as “the pup” cast a less than encouraging light on what that would entail for me… ]


I closed the book and throw it as far away from me as I could, I wanted to be as far from that thing and the evils it recounted as possible. I looked up at Nila and wiped at the tears in my eyes once more, it was too late for Rekona but Noxaltik, that wonderful and talented boy, had escaped. I had to tell Ira, and together we would find him wherever he had fled to in his escape from this evil place. We would make sure that he was safe and could begin to put the horrors of this place behind him, though I knew we could never replace what he had already lost nor would he ever truly forget the horrors he went through here. No one would be able to manage something that miraculous, and I was not so blind as to believe that Ira and I could change that fact with mere positive thinking.


“Nila, you know Noxaltik’s scent, correct?” (Maxius)


“Of course I do Maxius, I still remember the little one climbing over me in play when I last saw him. And considering what happened after that… Well, I never let myself forget the little ones scent…” (Nila)


I nodded.


“That’s good, he went north. Nila, I need you need to find him, and I need you to find him quickly…” (Maxius)


“Of course Maxius, I’ll leave once we’re safely out of this place.” (Nila)


As Nila shifted noisily back into her original feline Pantheris form, I walked out and met with the two guards who had been waiting outside.


“We have what we needed, spread the word to the others: Save any that can still live normal lives, put the others out of their misery, and then burn this entire hive to the ground with enchanted fire.” (Maxius)


“…But sir, what about you? You would be without guards if we were to-…” (Verimond Guard)


I looked at the man and flashed the confident smile that had been my signature bluff since my school days.


“Nila is the only guard I’ll need for the quick trip back outside, you two have much more important things to be doing now. Go, spread the word, and do try and find the lady Verimond and herd her path of destruction back outside. I believe there are some things we will need to discuss now…” (Maxius)


As the two men saluted and began running off deeper into the hive, I began to retrace my steps so I could leave this place behind forever.


Soon I will be able to put an end to this three year search to an end, perhaps I can even spend some time with my youngest daughter now without being reminded of how Noxaltik was around her age and wondering if he was even still alive at that moment or if they could have grown to be friends if things had turned out differently.


Teriok Lornfang, my friend, I’m sorry that I was unable to save your family from all this pain and suffering… I swore I would protect your son in your stead if you were to pass from this world into the arms of Belfigur before he was of adult age, and I will do everything I can to honor that vow to you now… May you find happiness with your love Rekona in the nether, my friend………….






I had been running north for days, tracking the faint scent of the little one with the beautiful white fur that master had been searching for these last few years.


The scent trail was old, and it likely would have been beyond my ability to track if I was even just one evolution lower than I was. The little one had also been masking his trail using running water and by adding other stronger scents to himself in an attempt to mask his own scent, clever tactics that would fool any lesser hunters.


As I approached the forest that held his fresh scent within it, I wondered if the little one would remember me. His scent was different than it once was as a cub when he knew and played with me, his scent had a wildness to it now that had not been there before. There was something else, there was a sweetness to his scent that was incredibly alluring but also concerning. It was a sweetness that reminded me of the scent of poisons and drugs that master said were dangerous for his kind and those like them.


He is here, the little one has made this place his territory it seems… Perhaps I should approach this carefully, the little one seems to have changed quite a bit since he once climbed on my back to rest as a cub… He seems far more dangerous now, far more ready to kill what he sees as a threat…


I stalked carefully into the trees making sure that my steps were as silent as they could be and softening my fur and claws to lessen the noise they made when I moved.


The one I was bound to, my master Maxius, the one I have desired as my mate for numerous years now and would do anything for, had given me my orders. It was clear what I needed to do, I would find the little white furred one, I would observe him for a time to make sure he was safe here, then I would return to the crystal of mana Maxius offered me as my home all those years ago when I made an oath devoting myself to him as my master. I would lead Maxius to the little one after I had rested there for a time and recovered my strength, then hopefully Maxius would be happy again like he was in the past.


I truly hoped that he could be happy again like he was in the past, it was hard to watch him suffer like he had since he found out that his friend had died. He had changed then, and the once young and naïve cub I had once agreed to bind myself to and serve had become even more of a memory as Maxius mourned his loss.


I truly hoped that finding the little one would help him forgive himself, and that hope was what drove me to track the little one’s scent without stopping to rest at all. After all, I could go without simple luxuries like rest if it would help my Maxius even just a little more ………

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