Prologue 3: Two Demon Lords Awake on Gaia

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“We understand that you both must be confused, and we are here-…”


The slam of both of their bodies against the stone wall cut off whatever they were trying to say. I noticed when the hoods of their robes came off that these two weren’t human, one was green with elongated ears and orange markings that reminded me of tribal designs running across his face the other was just a mass of what looked like face shaped purple goo. They were both being pressed into the wall by giant hands made of what looked like sand while spikes made of that same material were hovering dangerously close to their faces, the green skinned one looked to be unconscious or maybe even dead and had some blood leaking from his mouth and nose.


“Who are you and why were you waiting here for us? Answer quickly or you will die, if I think you are lying you will also die.” The horned girl spoke in a clear crisp voice as she shakily stood up with the aid of sand that seemed to be coming from the floor supporting her.


It was seeing this that reality started to dawn on me, this was obviously my new life and judging by the fantasy monster people and the magic sand stuff this world was far different from the earth I was used to. It was a shock but I quelled that shock and started to think of what should be done now.


I can assume that the sand stuff is some sort of magic or power of the horned girl, and judging on what little those two robed monster people said and how she suddenly lashed out she’s probably scared and confused… That’ll make her dangerous, but still I need information and she’s rendering the only two people here that have that unable or at least unwilling to offer it… I’ll have to step in and see if I can settle things down a bit, maybe calm this girl down.


As I moved to take a step forward and begin my attempt at defusing this situation, I heard something that made me stop and revaluate what I was planning.


“Be careful brother, one of them may be demonkin but the other clearly has monster blood running in its veins…” the horned girl said real concern coloring her voice.


I didn’t understand why she said what she did until I looked closer at her, the girl had tanned skin and seemed to be either 14 or 15 years old. Her hair was like long golden silk and she was dressed in loose flowing silks that seemed to wrap around her body. She was incredibly beautiful with defined noble features and the charm of a girl blossoming into womanhood, and whenever I looked at her closely I had the feeling she was a sister to me. It didn’t feel like we were related but that there was some deeper tie between us that was best described with the word sister, it was strange but it wasn’t unwelcome. In fact based on my own feelings I could guess at her own, and that alone was enough for me to be reassured of my safety.


If I feel like this just from seeing her, and she called me brother… Yeah, I’m probably safe around her. I don’t think I could bring myself to kill her or even attack her so she probably feels the same about me… That means I can take more risks, play this in an entirely new way… Should be much easier this way compared to what I was considering before anyway…


I nodded at the girl before walking towards her and placing a hand on her shoulder.


“I will be careful, but sister we need these two alive so that they can give us information. Unless you can tell me where we are and why we are here, if you can explain that for me than feel free to kill them if you want…” I was surprised at the melodious quality of my voice as I spoke, it was a rich and full voice that was seething to hear even to me.


The girl looked at me for a while before glancing down for a moment, when she looked up she seemed more in control of herself.


“Fine brother, I won’t kill them until they have a chance to talk to us. If they don’t tell us what we need to know though, I’ll kill them and we can just search for the answers on our own.” Her voice hard a certain sharpness to them that made it seem beautiful but deadly at the same time.


I looked at her in the eyes to make sure that she wasn’t just telling me what she thought I wanted to hear, and actually meant that she wouldn’t kill the only source of readily available information on this situation I knew of. When I was satisfied I patted her shoulder and gave her a nod.


“Thank you sister. I’ll talk to them now…”


I turned and walked towards the two robed people held up against the wall, it seemed that they weren’t being crushed and the spikes had moved a bit away but it still didn’t change their situation all that much. I approached the green skinned man and confirmed he was still breathing, though it was labored and faint. After I knew he was at least alive I moved over to observe the goo person, I couldn’t see anything wrong with it but then again I had no idea what could be an indicator of harm on something like this. I decided to just assume it was alright due to how it seemed to shift its internal goo and try talking to it normally, I controlled myself and quelled the disturbed and unnerved feelings in me at facing this things and forced myself into a normal and calm state.


“It seems that my sister has harmed your companion, that’s a rather poor start to things but would you mind telling us a few things anyway? It would mean that your friend there would get to live through this…” I spoke simply and conversationally.


I imagined that it was best to start with a threat to the green skinned man’s life, I had figured that being attacked so suddenly had effectively erased any desire for them to interact with us in that subservient way that they seemed to before. Worst case scenario the green skinned man would serve as an example and perhaps that would convince this goo person to give me some information on what was going on and what this world was like.


Honestly I hadn’t even considered that either of these two would willingly cooperate with either of us after what my “sister” did to them, that’s why I was surprised when the goo person lowered its head as much as it could in its position and spoke with clear tones of respect and willingness to help.


“This one would be honored to inform you of anything you desire Lord Ash’Raga, you need only ask this one what you wish to know and if it is within this one’s ability to answer this one will. This one is also sure that Wasa would be glad to die at the hands of Lady Mesoria, In fact this one is certain it would be the greatest honor of his life to die like such…” the goo person spoke it’s face vibrating with each word.


It took a moment for me to process that, I didn’t think the goo person was lying since it’s tone was sincere and I was an excellent judge at determining when someone meant what they were saying even when that was only based of their voice. I forced myself to myself to not show even a hint of my surprise or confusion, I just nodded and began to think.


…Maybe it has something to do with my status? I am supposedly a Demon Lord, so going off what I remember of those I’m like the ruler of monsters and demons right? So if these two… No wait, my “sister” said one was a demonkin and the other had monster blood… Ok so that would explain their initial behavior, but what’s with this current attitude even after being attacked? It goes beyond loyalty or service when you act like that in a situation like this, it’s almost like fanaticism… well if that’s the attitude here then it’ll make things much easier, might as well just ask a few questions then…


I already assumed that my “sister” the girl apparently called Mesoria was a Demon Lord, or maybe Demon Lady was the more appropriate term, just based on how they called her. I could also infer that there were more of us in the coffin things in the back half of this room, and from a glance I’d say there were around thirty of those in the room not counting the two open ones. It was safe to say that I was far from the only Demon Lord which meant that my authority wasn’t total over all of demon and monster kind, which also meant I should really figure out more about what being a Demon Lord actually meant sooner rather than later. First though there was something curious about what the goo person said that I wanted to confirm.


“Good, then you can start by explaining why dying like this would be an honor for Wasa, and why he would not rather live.”


The goo person responded with all seriousness as soon as it confirmed I was finished speaking.


“This one and Wasa will die anyway, it is only natural since we have witnissed Demon Lords in their most vulnerable and uncertain state after their awakening. It is part of our duties as Initiators chosen by the Order of Demios. What we have seen could potentially defile the grace and stature of Demon Lords corrupting their image as the noble existences they are in the eyes of the demonkin, so we die before what is seen by Initiators can ever be shared with others. Having a death be at the hands of one of the newly awoken Demon Lords is the highest honor this one can think of for those such as us.” The goo person spoke with clear devotion in its voice.


I was right, this is fanaticism… And this Order of Demios sounds like a cult devoted to Demon Lords… Their views probably don’t reflect all of demon and monster kind, but maybe I can probe them a bit more for that…


I nodded in agreement to the goo persons words.


“That does make sense, I seem to be rather confused and can’t seem to remember much of anything… Tell me is this common after an awakening?” I said, making sure to set up a suitable excuse for my lack of knowledge for this world.


“Yes Lord Ash’Raga, when the Demon Lords sealed themselves away the process caused you all to lose much of what you were before at the dawn of the world. Demios has passed down information and teachings for his 71 brothers and sisters to reinitiate themselves to Gaia after they awaken, it has proven very effective in guiding newly awoken Demon Lords to understanding themselves and the many changes that the world has gone through since they were born at the dawn… Though this one must apologize Lord Ash’Raga, the information on you is rather limited as you are one of the 8 who slept without waking even once since the Demon Lords were first born according to what Lord Demios passed down. This may hamper your teachings and reinitiation to Gaia, this is an immense failure of the order and you may kill this one if it would appease you.” The goo person hung its head low and spoke in a somber tone in that last sentence.


So they know as little about myself as I do, huh? That might actually be for the best, if I had to act and behave according to what they knew of some past Ash’Raga that would lead to all sorts of problems… No, this might just be perfect… I can learn whatever it is they teach the other Demon Lords and my own capabilities and knowledge can remain as secret as I desire…


I casually waved my hand to dismiss the notion of my killing him over something like that.


“So how many of the Demon Lords have awoken so far?”


“Yes how many of our brothers and sisters have awoken monsterkin? Where are Ba’al and Demios?” Mesoria spoke with clear irritation.


The goo person lowered its head and began to speak in a somber tone without raising its head.


“45 of the Demon Lords have awoken including Lord Demios who never sealed himself in order to watch over the others. Of those 45, 29 still live including Lord Ba’al who was the first to awaken. It pains this one to also report that Lord Demios was slain in battle with the elven champion Aligor over three thousand years ago-…” A sickening crunch interrupted the goo person’s words and I saw that the only thing left of the green skinned Wasa was a flattened and bloody mess on the wall.


I was vaguely surprised by how little that bothered me, I expected some sort of horror or disgust to wash over me that I would have to deal with but it never did. I didn’t seem all that bothered by what had happened and the fact someone had just died right next to me, at most I felt some minor unpleasantness but that was it. I was actually more disturbed at the news that 16 Demon Lords had died, but even that was less than I felt was normal for a person to feel.


“Is there anything else important about our brothers and sisters we should know monsterkin? Anything at all that we might find overly upsetting?” Her voice had lost all the warmth it had when she had spoken to me before, it was actually fairly intimidating to hear.


The goo person hadn’t raised its head this whole time, and I think we all knew that it wouldn’t survive this next answer.


“The humans, dwarves, elves, beastkin, and many of the angelium have formed a united front and ceased over half of Gaia. Monsterkin have also been officially recognized and inducted as demonkin for the last six thousand years. The world’s mana is also now unstable and constantly in flux compared to how it was at the dawn, the sealing of 71 pillars merely slowed that process and didn’t halt it. The monsters of the nether have also inhabited Gaia now, with permanent tears to the nether being found in some places and the danger of random portals opening anywhere not on mana infused protected land.


This one is deeply regretful for the failure of the demonkin as you slept Lady Mesoria, Lord Ash’Raga. Please use this one’s life to sate your anger, this one knows it is far from enough to appease you both but it is all this one can offer.”


As soon as the goo person finished speaking it was crushed into the wall by a fist of sand. Then the fist pulled back only to slam back into the wall and the slowly reforming goo person immediately, then it kept doing that for a good while all while Mesoria glared at the spot with hatred and fury. Eventually the wall of solid stone started to become displaced and concave in that spot, and what little was left of the goo person’s goo were a few little puddles of liquid ooze slowly soaking into the sand with each punch.


When Mesoria finally had the sand stop and flow back to her, the hatred and fury had left her eyes and all that was left was loss. I walked over and put my hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her, but I didn’t speak. This was obviously something far more important and meaningful to her than it was to me, and I felt it was best she sorted out her feelings on her own without having me ignorantly try giving her advice or halfhearted words.


“16 of our brothers and sisters dead, the other races uniting against the demonkin and breaking the agreement, the world’s mana not stabilizing even after we sacrificed so much and sealed ourselves away, and then the nether gaining ground on Gaia… Ash’Raga I almost wish I had not awoken from the slumber of the seal, Gaia seems to have changed so much for the worse since the dawn of the world…” Mesoria spoke with a strangely fragile voice that was nothing like what I had heard from her before.


“I wouldn’t know, this is the only Gaia I’ll ever know…” I said truthfully.


“I can’t tell if that makes you lucky or unlucky brother…”


I laughed at that and gave her shoulder a soft pat before moving away towards what I thought was the way out of this room.


“Let’s say that it makes me neither… Now I think we should go take the next step to meeting this changed world, it’ll be my first time experiencing Gaia after all. I think we both will have quite a bit to learn…” I said being sure to put some pep into my voice.


I would dedicate myself to learning all I could from whatever teachings this Order of Demios gave, and I would also try learning all I could about myself. Mesoria could use sand like it was an extension of her body and make it appear out of seemingly nowhere, if that was what normal Demon Lords were capable of I had a whole lot of catching up to do…



I stood in the lavish room that was given to me and I was staring at the person reflected in the full length mirror in front of me. He looked to be about 17 or maybe 18 years old and had a body that was lithe with a clearly defined musculature, and more interestingly two large pitch black feathered wings extending from his back. The boy was attractive, equal parts handsome and beautiful with defined noble and sharp features that suited him perfectly, as well as jet black hair that was shaggy and soft looking and always seemed to always settle in a sort of natural ordered messy style. His eyes were a strange purple that shifted shades from near black to light lavender constantly in a way that didn’t seem natural and a pupil that was almost a predatory vertical slit but still retained a bit too much roundness to be called that. He also had a respectable sized member that looked to be about 8 inches when fully erect as it was now, and it seemed that his nails and toenails were a permanent dusky greyish color instead of being clear. This was me, Demon Lord Ash’Raga.


…Yeah, as I thought all Demon Lords really are ridiculously physically attractive… That’s a perk I guess, at least I won’t be eternally ugly… or eternally looking like a small child, Ba’al must have it rough… But then I still have no idea what the rest of this actually means…


I looked away from the mirror and stopped watching my eyes shift color in that interesting way that they did so I could focus once again on the semi-transparent screen.


[Name] Ash’Raga

[Race] Demon Lord         [Subrace] Angelium (Fallen)

[Titles] 33rd Demon Lord

[Abilities] {Eyes of Fascination}, {Mesmer’s Gift}, {Ash’Raga’s Chains}, {Absolution of Self}, {Mastery of Tongues}

[World’s Pillar Status] Active, Awakened


[Strength] 3

[Fortitude] 3

[Mana Adaptation] 9

[Agility] 3

[Dexterity] 9

[Endurance] 5



Mental Resistance: 9

Soul Manipulation Resistance: 9

Mana Resistance: 3

Curse (Negative Enchantment) Resistance: 3

Bodily Alteration Resistance: 3

Mana Corruption Immunity: 1


It really didn’t tell me much size I didn’t know if these stats show had upper limits or what those would be or what the average stats for this world were, but once I knew those things I’m sure this would tell me quite a bit about what I was capable of. For now I focused on the abilities and willed them to expand and explain themselves like I had before on accident, I started to reread what my abilities were in the new screen that appeared in front of me.


[ Eyes of Fascination: Your eyes are unique and hold the power of captivating those who meet your gaze, those who stare into your eyes too deeply will find themselves increasingly unable to look away. Staring into your eyes also has the effect of having weaker willed or willing individuals falling into a trance that shall make them more relaxed, open, and suggestible. Those without eye’s or the sense of sight are unaffected by this ability, those above a certain power threshold or of great will and mentality may also be immune or otherwise have resistance to this ability, and you may limit this ability’s effect consciously by will, but otherwise this ability will always be active and in effect. This ability is as much a blessing as it is a curse, and the sole holder of this ability is the Demon Lord Ash’Raga. ]

[ Mesmer’s Gift: The ability to alter the perceptions and beliefs of other beings above a certain level of intelligence, this ability requires the target to be in a relaxed, willing, or weak willed state to have a chance of being successful. This ability is conducted through the user’s aura and thus is confined to the range of that aura’s reach, though it is most effective when the user is physically touching the target. This ability allows the user to introduce, remove, increase, decrease, and at rare times alter the beliefs and perceptions of the target or targets it is used on. The limits and successful use of this ability are largely dependent on the will and self-knowledge of the target as well as how convincing and skilled the user is, and while not nearly as powerful as mind-control, bewitchment, or other manipulations of the mind or soul this whatever is successful done using this ability becomes permanent and natural to the target. This ability is as much a blessing as it is a curse, and the sole holder of this ability is the Demon Lord Ash’Raga. ]

[ Ash’Raga’s Chains: The ability to call forth the chains that exist hidden from the physical world within your aura and freely manipulate them as an extension of yourself and your will, as well as summon your soul weapon: Oathbreaker. The strength and durability of the chains you bring into existence will depend on the amount of mana or soul you infuse into them with the weakest being the strength of iron when no mana or soul is infused into them. The number of chains you may create is limited by your ability to control and manifest them, though the use of your soul weapon will increase this number dramatically. The greater the number of chains the weaker these chains will be unless specific chains are selected and expressly enhanced by infusing them with mana or soul. This ability is as much a blessing as it is a curse, and the sole holder of this ability is the Demon Lord Ash’Raga.

Oathbreaker is the scythe of Demon Lord Ash’Raga and is connected to his soul, none other than those Ash’Raga allows may wield it and only Ash’Raga can truly master it and use it to its full potential. Oathbreaker is able to sever truth and void oaths even when said oaths are reinforced with magic or abilities, and its attached bladed chain will move to defend its wielder autonomously when not being directly manipulated by its wielder. Oathbreaker can only be destroyed if Ash’Raga is dead, though it can be broken by weapons or abilities of the same class as itself. This weapon is as much a blessing as it is a curse, and the sole holder of this weapon is the Demon Lord Ash’Raga. ]

[ Absolution of Self: The ability held by those that truly know and accept the totality of themselves, this ability permanently increases your mental resistance and also allows you to view a representation of yourself in a qualitative and quantitative form at will. This ability is limited by higher powers so as not to disturb the sanctity of creations and worlds, and thus will not reveal all of oneself when used. This ability is normally only possessed by those destined for greatness of some sort or by those who possess great power and insight. ]

[ Mastery of Tongues: The ability to speak, understand, write, and read all languages created by beings of the world above a certain level of intelligence. This ability is limited in that languages of a divine level are above are unaffected by this ability. This ability is in constant effect and is only held by beings born of the world itself and designated as world pillars. ]


I looked at the abilities again and sent one of the black chains around me slashing through the screens causing them to fade away into nothing once more. Even with the descriptions my abilities still weren’t entirely clear, I would need to practice and test them before I really understood them. Right now I could only use a single chain without sacrificing my control at moving and manipulating them to bring more out, my eyes did what they did naturally and I couldn’t tell how to lessen their effect or if I was already doing that since they didn’t affect me, Mesmer’s Gift I hadn’t tried using yet and only vaguely comprehended, Absolution of Self I guessed were these screens, and I figured Mastery of Tongues was fairly self-explanatory in its description if not its name. Honestly I thought if I mastered my abilities I would be happy with them, but from what little I had found out so far about the other Demon Lords it was clear that in regards to something like combat ability I was one of the weaker ones.


Well that’s ok too… Combat ability isn’t the only thing that matters after all…


I looked over at the large elaborate and canopied bed where multiple books and my clothes rested, I had already decided that those were better weapons for me than any sword or magic would be. Best of all my abilities complimented them quite nicely, which only made sense considering I had the suspicion that my abilities were based on my talents and how I chose those options in that blurry grey space.


Image… Knowledge… Control… Reputation… These will be my weapons, and as long as I hone them I might not ever even need to enter dangerous combat directly… But just in case I should polish some fighting skills and tactics using these abilities…


I felt a smile slip onto my face and I turned to look back into the only full mirror in the room.


Gaia, I think I’m going to like this world… I think I’m going to like it a lot…

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