Chapter 1: The Ebony Tome, and Nixyartial

soooo……… this is chapter 1….. that i totally finished before going to sleep which i am now regretting…..


now here’s what you need to know, 1) Ark and the Arkieal of last chapter are VERY different people….. 2) Ark really has no idea what he is doing with anything magic related right now… oh and he is also only like 7 years old mentally and physical so cut the kid a break for making a few mistakes with stuff even if he was a powerful and knowledgeable arch-magus in his past life…..


that’s about it….. here be the chapter which i’ll probably edit later on some time this week….    now edited and readables……..



There was black everywhere, the continuous black was only broken by streaks and dots of the purest and brightest silver. It was both beautiful and absolutely terrifying to see, and I had absolutely no idea why I was seeing it like this.


…What is this? Where am I?


Suddenly the blackness opened up and I fell into a brightness that blinded me. I wiped at my eyes and tried to blink away the spots clouding my vision, everything was so bright it actually hurt a lot even when my eyes were closed. I had no idea why my eyes were so sensitive, and now that I thought about it I didn’t have any idea about myself at all.


Wait… Who am I? I should at least know who I am right? At the very least I should know my own name right?


I sat down leaning against something that was cool and hard, covered my eyes with my arm, and tried to think hard on who I was and why I was here. I stayed like that until my eyes stopped hurting and I took my arm away, I still kept my eyelids shut and I decided that I would keep my eyes closed until the sting from the light no longer bothered me through my eyelids.


I sat there for what felt like hours trying to think of even the smallest clue as to who I might be, I didn’t come up with any though. I didn’t have any memories other than what had happened since I came from the blackness, and even though I seemed to know some things none of that knowledge helped to tell me anything about myself. I knew that I needed to eat food and I knew how to strip and cook an animal so that none of its parts were wasted, then I know a few things about etiquette and what was polite and what was not. There was also a bit of common sense knowledge on being careful around things that could be dangerous like fire, sharp objects, and people with ill intent.


I knew nothing about myself as a person, and that scared me.


Maybe if I look around something will look familiar and I can figure out who I am… that’s all I can think of that might help right now at least…


I opened my eyes and immediately squinted in pain at the sting from the brightness. I was in what looked like a cave, and in front of me was… well… something. It was like a giant box of blackness speckled with silver, and in front of it was a book and a black sphere.


Well… I guess I know where I was when I saw that blackness now… Not that knowing that tells me anything, but maybe there’ll be something in that book…


I got up and walked closer to the items and the huge box thing. Grabbing the book I moved back to where I was before, I sat down against the wall again and eyed the box with some worry. I didn’t feel like it was dangerous for some reason, but it was really suspicious and it seemed sort of out of place in this cave.


I guess as long as I’m careful around it and don’t touch it, I’ll be fine… It doesn’t seem to be doing anything anyway and it hasn’t hurt me yet so it might be safe… I guess I’ll just check out this book now…


I looked at the book, it was a fairly large and heavy thing that was such a dark black that it almost didn’t look like it could be real. The only thing that was different was the brilliant silver letters on its front that read: [The Ebony Tome] in elegant and sloping penmanship that was both soothing to the eye and easy to read. Now that I looked at it closely it reminded me a lot of the box thing since they both shared the same colors.


Well at least I know that I can read now, so this book has already been useful in that way…


I opened the book up to its first page and was shocked by what I found there, it was something that seemed like it was written specifically for me to read.


[ You are probably either very scared or very confused right now, perhaps even a mix of both. That is only to be expected though given what you just went through, and your lack of any real memories.

Allow me to fill you in on a few important details you are probably wondering about right now. Your name is Arkieal Ebon, and I used to be you. Well more specifically I was you’re past life when you were known as arch-magus Arkieal Ebon, and since you are reading this I am now dead and you are the new Arkieal Ebon. ]


I stopped reading as I let that sink in. It seemed ridiculous to even think about, but for some reason it rang true to me. Plus there was that name that was supposedly mine, it felt so familiar and right to me I couldn’t just dismiss it.


Arkieal Ebon… Arkieal… Ebon… Arkieal Ebon. Ark. Yeah, that feels like my name… I’m Arkieal Ebon, or Ark for short…


“Ark, that’s who I am. Arkieal Ebon is the name of the person who wrote this, and I guess it’s also my full given name but since I don’t like feeling like this person and me are exactly the same I’ll use Ark unless I have to give my full name.” (Ark)


I looked back down at the book and began to read from where I left off.


[ The world you live in now is called Iona, and the world you were from in your past life was called Eserthet. In this new world you’ll be getting a second chance to do all the things I never was able to, and most importantly you’ll get a chance to be a part of this new world instead of just being an outsider to it like I was. You’ll have countless opportunities in this new world, and since Iona is almost identical to Eserthet in many ways you will have an advantage that few others could even dream of.

This is my grimoire, the Ebony Tome, it holds the summation of all my knowledge, wisdom, and experiences as well as being woven with countless spells, charms, enchantments, bewitchments, and wards to protect it and the vast amounts of information it holds. It is also yours now. Use the Ebony Tome as your guide, it will never lead you wrong and I swear to you that none of the information and knowledge contained within it is false. This grimoire will teach you many things, but most importantly it will guide you to the same level of mastery over mana and magecraft that I had attained if you so wish to attain it. To bind it to you simply place some of your blood on it, where you place the blood doesn’t matter as long as it is in fact YOUR blood and it is in contact with the book for a moment. ]


I reread that last line a few times just to understand what it was telling me to do, it seemed insane that just putting blood on a book would make it mine, it should be mine just by my owning and holding it after all, but I decided to trust it. I figured that the worst that could happen was that I cut myself for no real reason.


I closed the book and stared at the cover, then at the index finger of my left hand.


I guess there’s nothing left but to just do it… I’ll just use my teeth instead of trying to find a sharp rock or something…


I raised my hand and bite carefully into my finger, it stung a bit and I think I bit into it a little more than I needed to but I had drawn blood. I placed my finger on the book’s cover, and then I watched in fascination as the red blood was absorbed into the black of the book until it seemed like there had never been any blood on it in the first place. Once I removed my finger from the book and the last of my blood was absorbed into it, the book flashed with black light and then shrunk to a size that seemed perfect for me to hold. I couldn’t even feel its weight any more, and though I was a little concerned about the huge volume of pages it seemed to have lost when I opened it back and began flipping through it there seemed to be no end to the number of pages I saw. The only way I could describe the effect was magical.


But now it’s going to be a lot harder to find things… I wonder how I’m going to do that?


On a whim that felt almost like a reflex I willed the book to bring me back to where I last left of reading and the page I was looking at just changed into the page I left off on. I looked at the book for a while in complete disbelief before I tried to make it do something like that again, I willed it to return to the page that it was before and the page I was looking at changed once again to show what I wanted.


Ok that’s useful… I guess I’ll never have to worry about losing my place or spend a long time searching for what I want, the book will just take care of those things for me…


I closed the book and then opened it once more so that I was back at the first page, even with the book’s magical page changing ability I still felt it was best to just read it like this. I found where I had stopped reading and resolved myself to finish reading the rest of this letter from my past life without getting distracted again.


[ Now you should know that your state both physically and mentally are largely unknowns for me, I can only make educated assumptions on your state right now as there are so many unknowns…

What I can tell you for a fact is that your physical age is around seven years old, and that from some of the things I imprinted onto my soul to insure we will always have a basic level of knowledge you will undoubtedly be very mature and clever for your age. Yet you should remember even with that maturity and intelligence you are still a child, you lack the experiences, memories, and cynicism of an adult so don’t attempt to be one. You should enjoy your youth, I never got that chance after all.

Other than those points I can only assume at your current state, but even then I am confident that these assumptions will at least be close to the truth. Firstly your physical body, mana pool, and animus pool were all probably effected by the seal I placed the vessel that is your body in. how they were effected I wouldn’t know, but it likely has something to do with the powers of darkness and/or light with a stronger likelihood of the effect being of darkness than it being of light. Whatever the effects of this are I’m sure they are beneficial as the seal was made from only pure mana, there should be no way for pure mana of any type to effect someone in solely negative ways. Secondly I have increased your emotional and illusional protections towards magical influence to an immense degree, I once fell under the effects of charm and bewitchment magics and I do not wish for such a thing to ever happen to you. Unfortunately I am unsure of whether those protections will have effects on other forms of mental magics including those that would be beneficial to you, I hope they wont but even if they do I don’t regret placing those protections on your body. And lastly I can’t be sure of the state your soul is in, because I myself have damaged it in many ways to ensure that you could come to be in the right way. I suggest you not practice any soulmancy until you can confirm the condition of your own soul, if you accidentally destroy your soul then everything I have worked toward would be meaningless. ]


…Oh, I guess even the past life me doesn’t know everything about me… And that last bit doesn’t sound good at all, I guess I’m going to be avoiding this soulmancy stuff for a while…


I shook my head to clear it of wondering thoughts and went back to reading.


[ Of course I didn’t just send you to this new world with no memories and a mere grimoire to guide you, I doubt a child no matter how intelligent would survive very long out in the wild like you are without shelter. If you look around I’m sure you will find a clear crystal sphere, that’s a dungeon core, something I suggest you begin to research immediately after you secure yourself in this world. The dungeon core is dormant right now, but you can awaken it by binding it to you. Binding the dungeon core will be a bit different than binding this grimoire, it requires a delicate ritual, immense amounts of mana and animus, and careful execution. I, of course, can’t reasonably expect these things of you when you likely didn’t even know about magic until you began reading this grimoire, and as such I have already made a rune scroll that you can use as a substitute to the original ritual. This rune scroll should be a simple matter to find after binding the Ebony Tome to you as your grimoire, after that you need only place the scroll on the seal {a large black block of largely pure darkness mana that should be nearby}, touch the sphere, and say the words “I name you Nixyartial, and with this name I bind you” while giving the sphere either blood or a mix of animus and mana. After that the scroll will take care of the rest, and you should have a new companion who will help you survive and create a home for you to live in.

Oh and I should tell you that the dungeon core is literally the heart and soul of the dungeon so you should do all you can to keep it safe, after all Nixyartial will be a loyal… partner… for you for as long as you may need her. ]


I looked up to see if I could find this clear crystal sphere that was mentioned, but the only sphere I saw was so smooth and black it was actually reflective. I got up and looked all around this small cave, even going so far as to check around the black box thing that I figured must be the seal. The only sphere that was here was the black one, and I finally decided that this black sphere must be the dungeon core thingy that the letter was talking about. I stood next to both the black sphere and the seal and began to read the very last part of the letter.


[ There is one other thing I should mention, I imprinted a desire to teach others into your soul. Who you decided to actually teach is up to you, and this desire itself won’t be much more than a nagging feeling when you find someone that meets the standards I used to choose my own students but it will be there. I would encourage you to act on this desire when you have learned enough from this grimoire to actually be considered a competent mage and scholar, there are few things that can compare to the joy one feels when teaching another and sharing knowledge.

And lastly I wish you luck in your new life, may you find happiness many times greater than I was able to in my own life. Forge your own path Arkieal Ebon, and may your life become a legend that far outshines even my own.

Arkieal Ebon (your past life) ]


I looked down at what was written in the letter and reread its contents a few times to let all the information sink in. there were many things I didn’t really get, but there was one thing I was sure of.


…This man, Arkieal Ebon, he sure was really selfish… it seems like he did all sorts of things to and for me without any regard to how I might feel… I didn’t even get a choice in any of this…


I felt my shoulders slump and shook them a bit to try and shake off this feeling of disappointment.


I guess I should be grateful though… This book, no, this grimoire seems really important. Plus this dungeon core thing is supposed to make me a home somehow, so now I’ll have a place to live too… And then there is magic… I’m going to enjoy learning about magic, I can tell that much about myself already…


I nodded and then looked down at the black sphere that was resting on the floor of the cave, if I didn’t know better I would have thought it was some sort of jewel.


“Well, nothing left to do about you but try doing what the letter told me to, little black sphere. Now let’s see, it said this rune scroll thing would be easy to find…” (Ark)


I opened the Ebony Tome to a new page and I found a scroll that had all sorts of strange symbols and things on it in a very tiny version of that same amazing handwriting. The only word I recognized was the same one that I was supposed to name this sphere thing with: Nixyartial. I assumed that this must be the rune scroll I needed, and when I was wondering how I was supposed to get it out of the grimoire without ripping it the page just fell out. Once the page was out of the grimoire it grew into a large parchment that was four times the size of the current Ebony Tome. I reached out and grabbed hold of the paper as it slowly fluttered towards the ground and once again thought about how amazing magic must be to be able to do things like this.


I walked up to the seal and held the rune scroll up against it, after a moment the scroll seemed to just stick in place so I let it go and watched in fascination as the parchment turned into lots of little black orbs and sunk into the seal while the symbols and stuff now shone on the seal in a brilliant golden color.


…Yes, I’m really going to enjoy learning about stuff like this… Magic seems like it’s really cool…


After taking some time to just look at the amazing sight in front of me, I finally pulled myself away so that I could finish the rest of what I was supposed to do to make this work. I walked over to the sphere, picked it up, and once again stopped as I tried to understand what mana and animus were and how I could give them to the sphere. I really didn’t want to have to bite one of my fingers again to draw blood, my index finger still stung from that, though the pain was almost gone and it looked like it had almost healed up completely.


I guess I really don’t have any choice, I don’t have any idea what this mana or animus stuff is and I don’t think I have the time to look them up in the Ebony Tome either… I guess I’ll just have to use blood again…


I put down the grimoire in my left hand and once again raised the hand so that I could bite into my index finger, I was more careful this time and made sure not to bite to deep. As the first beads of blood began to well up I pressed my finger on the smooth and cool surface of the sphere. At my touch the sphere seemed to vibrate a little and it began to grow warmer, I took this as I sign that I should say what the book told me to and hoped that I could pronounce that strange name correctly.


“I name you Nixyartial, and with this name I bind you…” (Ark)


Lots of things started happening all at once. There where flashes of bright silver light and flashes of dark black light, I felt the cut I made on my finger rip painfully open and grow larger accompanied by a sucking sensation pulling more blood from my body, and there was something that was making my head hurt really bad. I didn’t understand anything that was happening and on instinct I lashed out with something I understood even less, a vague feeling that I could sense all around me but also inside of me somehow.


Suddenly blackness whipped about violently all around me and I felt something else begin to be drained from me. I tried to get more of that something back and the shadows inside the cave all flowed towards me entering my body and becoming a part of me before they too were drained away.


I thought I could her a voice telling me to stop, that this was too much power, and that I was distorting the bond. I didn’t listen to it, It was to indistinct and I was too afraid of the idea that I had messed up the ritual somehow and now it might end up killing me. The only thing I could think of doing to make it stop was to keep trying to draw in more of the blackness and sending it at the sphere to keep the it from draining me of those important things I could now feel swirling around inside me. I didn’t know what exactly those things were, but I knew that they were important and irreplaceable and that if they went away completely I would die.


…I don’t want to die, I just started living! Why won’t this stop!?!? I don’t like this!!! Please!!!


I just kept taking in the blackness, and even some other thing that seemed similar but very different to the blackness now, and sending it into the sphere. Weird symbols were starting to appear on the surface of the sphere burning with blackness so dark it burned the images into my mind hurting my head even more. I didn’t like any of this and I could feel that I was running out of the blackness around me to feed to the sphere, I also felt really light headed now and my left hand really hurt.


Stop… please… Master… Please stop… It’s too much… I’m already your slave… I accepted you as my master… I won’t try to pursue a pact of equals anymore… just please stop… please… I can’t stop absorbing the power on my own… I submit… please stop… please… mercy… (???)


The blackness had disappeared there was none left, but there was still a little of that other stuff left. The silvery white stuff that burned, it was harder to use than the blackness but the sphere was still draining from me. If I didn’t use the silvery white stuff then the only thing left would be those two important things inside of me, I didn’t want the sphere to drain the important things from me so I would send the silvery white stuff to it instead. Hopefully it would stop draining before this stuff ran out too.


Anything… I’ll do ANYTHING… BE anything… GIVE anything… just please… Master… Stop… You’re breaking me… I’ll die… Please… I’m sorry… I know my place now… I won’t resist any more… I‘m your slave… I’ll be obedient… I’ll be loyal… I’ll be whatever you want… I swear I will… I swear it on my name… I swear it on the voids… I swear it on my very existence… Just please stop… Please… (???)


The silvery white stuff was all gone now and all I could do was try to stop the draining with the less important feeling thing inside me. It felt wrong that it was draining from me, but I couldn’t stop. If I stopped feeding the sphere than it would just drain something else until it killed me, all I could do was hope that the sphere would get full and stop draining me soon.


I’ll die… Please master… Please… Anything… Please… It’s too much too fast… I’m cracking… Please… No more… I can’t… Please… (???)


I don’t want to die yet… Why doesn’t it stop? Did the letter trick me? Is this just how I die? I don’t want to die…


Master… I was wrong to ever imagine I was anything other than your humble slave… Please, I see that now… I was wrong to try for a bond of equals… Even the bond of loyalty was too much for one such as me… I understand now, mine is the role of your lowly slave… So please… Please stop punishing me like this… I won’t last much longer… I’ll die… Please… Stop… I beg of you master… (???)


It was gone, the less important thing inside me was all gone now. All that was left was an empty place where more could go and the other important thing. I understood now that the important thing I just lost could be refilled, but I was also certain that if I lost all of this last important thing then I would die. I was already so weak, I couldn’t even tell if I was still standing or not. I don’t think I was.


I felt my eyes begin to close as I could no longer muster the strength to stay awake anymore, nothing hurt now but there I felt a strange sort of tiredness. The last thing I saw was a cracked sphere the size of both my fists closed together that was dark black with silvery white symbols and line marks decorating its surface. I thought it looked very nice, I just wished that it hadn’t killed me.


I felt my eyes close as my thoughts faded away into a new type of soothing blackness…





Everything hurt, I was in so much pain I couldn’t even begin to describe it. It was my punishment, I had underestimated my master and he had been forced to show me my place by flooding me with his power. That was something I understood now, my master had taught it to me well with this first lesson.


I opened my dungeon menu to see the level of damage I had taken from my lesson.


[ Name: Nixyartial               Titles: “Artificial Dungeon”, False Child of Void”, “The Unwavering Dedication”, “Bound Servant of Arkieal Ebon”, “Enslaved Dungeon”                   Rank: N/A                 Dominion Level: 0            Territory: N/A ]


[ Power: { Mana: 4,103,926} { Animus: 2,981,432 }             Class: ???             State: dying (critical condition) core]


[ Name: Nixyartial ]

[ Titles: “Artificial Dungeon”, False Child of Void”, “Unwavering dedication”, “Bound Servant of Arkieal Ebon”, “Enslaved Dungeon” ]

[ Dominion Level: 0 ]      [ Rank: N/A ]

Territory: N/A ]              [ Entrance/Exits: 1 ]

[ Power: { Mana: 4,103,926} { Animus: 2,981,432} ]

[ Class: ??? ]           [ State: Flawless core]

[ Levels: 0 ]         [ Floors: 0 ]

[ Inhabitants: {humans: (Darkling: 1)} ]

[ Traps: (magical/physical/other…): 0 ]

[ Creation Options: {Mana: (Expansion) (Building) (Decoration) (Design) (Trap Creation) (Core Growth) (Core Restoration)       {Animus: (Dungeon Lord Creation) (Inhabitant Creation) (Soulstone Creation/Granting) (Name Bestowal) (Mutation/Evolution Management) (Core Growth) (Core Restoration)} ]

[ Destruction Options: {Mana: (Magic) (Deconstruction) (Siphoning) (Absorption) (Portation) (Teleportation) (Automatic Item/Magic Recycling)}          {Animus: (Siphoning) (Absorption) (Remodification/Recreation) (Automatic Life Recycling)} ]

[ Stored/Owned Bosses: {Dungeon lord (Unknown): 1} {Muse: 3} ]

[ Listed Known Creations: {100} ]


I focused in on the new titles I had gained from my master binding me with both the servant and slave pacts, I felt they were rather appropriate titles to have. I also know why I was named what I was now, Nixyartial meant “Unwavering dedication” something I now held towards my master to the greatest degree possible.


I had been given more than enough power to restore my core without having to go dormant, in fact I was sure that I would have enough power left over to see to whatever needs my master may have when he awakens. I looked down to where my master, a boy with hair the darkest shade of black and charming noble features, rested from the ordeal of taming me.


Yes… I’m certain Master Arkieal will wish to have at least clothing available when he awakens. I shall wait before creating anything more though, it wouldn’t be right for me to act without my master’s permission after all…


As I used most of the vast amounts of power master had punished me with to restore my core to a flawless state, I thought on how different my bonding with master was than I had anticipated from the information Carnavolti had left me. For artificial dungeons like we were, how we first bonded with another decided a major part of our personalities and dispositions. For most this would mean that a position of equals would be established and the dungeon will would naturally develop a friendly disposition towards their partner, but my master over turned that norm. He refused to accept a mere bond of equals or anything less than a bond of servitude and then after that pursued another bond, a bond of enslavement, from me, and he forced my acceptance of that with his sheer power. Truly there was no other role for me than that of the loyal and dedicated servant, and I would serve none but my one and only master.


I was of course unsure of what type of person my master was, but to me that didn’t matter. My master was simply my master and it was my role to serve him faithfully as servant and slave. As I affirmed myself of that singular truth of my existence, I used some of my mana to create bedding under my master so that he could rest more comfortably. When that was done, I opened my dungeon menu once again just to confirm that I had properly restored my core.


[ Name: Nixyartial ]

[ Titles: “Artificial Dungeon”, False Child of Void”, “Unwavering dedication”, “Bound Servant of Arkieal Ebon”, “Enslaved Dungeon” ]

[ Dominion Level: 0 ]      [ Rank: N/A ]

Territory: N/A ]              [ Entrance/Exits: 1 ]

[ Power: { Mana: 14,679 } { Animus: 4,324 } ]

[ Class: ??? ]           [ State: Flawless core]

[ Levels: 0 ]         [ Floors: 0 ]

[ Inhabitants: {humans: (Darkling: 1)} ]

[ Traps: (magical/physical/other…): 0 ]

[ Creation Options: {Mana: (Expansion) (Building) (Decoration) (Design) (Trap Creation) (Core Growth) (Core Restoration)       {Animus: (Dungeon Lord Creation) (Inhabitant Creation) (Soulstone Creation/Granting) (Name Bestowal) (Mutation/Evolution Management) (Core Growth) (Core Restoration)} ]

[ Destruction Options: {Mana: (Magic) (Deconstruction) (Siphoning) (Absorption) (Portation) (Teleportation) (Automatic Item/Magic Recycling)}          {Animus: (Siphoning) (Absorption) (Remodification/Recreation) (Automatic Life Recycling)} ]

[ Stored/Owned Bosses: {Dungeon lord (Unknown): 1} {Muse: 3} ]

[ Listed Known Creations: {100} ]


When I confirmed my core’s status had been restored to that of a flawless core I closed my menu and returned my focus back to my master.


…I understand my place now Master Arkieal, please rest for as long as you need. Your servant and slave shall be waiting faithfully for you to awaken and bestow upon her your orders…


so yeah that was the chapter…… no i didn’t make a mistake with the power values in the dungeon menu, it costs quite a bit of power to come back from…. well practically death…. and there was a reason that she gained as much power as she did in the first place….


well that’s it for me today….. imma go sleep now….


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